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Learn from our coaching experts Christina & Walter how to change your life sustainably with this coaching method.
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You are successful - but stressed? Although you achieve a lot, you have the feeling that you get nowhere... Dieter Lange shows you in about 45 minutes how you can reduce stress, leave your hamster wheel and lead a life full of peace and contentment.

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In this masterclass, you will learn in just 75 minutes how to use the DISG personality model to successfully lead people, hire employees, develop teams, lead seminars and sell products.

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Discover science-based and immediately actionable techniques that will elevate your success to a new level and sustainably advance your business.

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Actually, you have everything you want: success, house, family ... From the outside everything seems perfect - but you have the feeling that something is missing. You want to be happier, feel inner satisfaction and know your purpose?

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How fulfilled are you by what you have achieved so far? Are you proud of yourself and your achievements? Can you enjoy and appreciate your current status? Find out in our Masterclass, what you are still missing for your fulfillment.

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In this masterclass you will learn important strategies, tools and knowledge from Dr. Stefan Frädrich, how to lead your own business to success - whether you are starting from scratch or already self-employed.

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Are you looking for skills that will help you overcome your challenges? Then you first need to find out what type of entrepreneur you actually are and where you stand right now.

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