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and Markus Brand & Sonja Wittig 

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23 Videos

22 Exercises

294 min running time

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1. 16 life motives as the core of your personality
(27 min)
2. motive power
(9 min)
3. motive independence
(22 min)
4. motive curiosity
(6 min)
5. motive recognition
(16 min)
6. motive order
(4 min)
7. motive saving
(8 min)
8. motive honor
(8 min)
9. motive idealism
(16 min)
10. motive relations
(6 min)
11. motive rest
(4 min)
12. motif status
(10 min)
13. motive revenge
(17 min)
14. motive family
(12 min)
15. motif eros/beauty
(6 min)
16. motive food
(6 min)
17. motive physical activity
(14 min)
Are you like Gandhi, Picasso and Obama?
(28 min)
19. how to succeed in your career
(25 min)
20. deal with different people in different ways
(20 min)
21. this is how you judge important fellow human beings
(25 min)
22. what makes management trainers tick
(1 min)
You want some more?
(2 min)

About the course

Know yourself! Learn through the 16 life motives how to align your inner compass correctly and read your inner values and live - both privately and professionally. Super special with 22 videos and numerous self-tests!

Sonja Wittig and Markus Brand are an unmistakable team and complement each other with a witty and open manner with which they effectively break down technically challenging topics. Both work together as owners in the Institute for Personality, which is a modern training, Coaching- and consulting institute specializing in diagnosis-based personality development.

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The Greator Business Journey: Together with experienced and well-known business experts we have developed the Greator Business Journey, which shows you in 5 stages step by step your way to successful self-employment.
Large Business Media Library: With over 55 video courses from TOP experts, there is concentrated knowledge on all important business topics. You can search the media library for specific topics and experts and find exactly the knowledge you need for your business.
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  • Kai, M.
    Greator Business delivers for me the solution I am looking for. It is THE guide for me to digitize my business so far. And for my marketing, with which I have struggled so far. I'm still in the implementation phase, so can't report any successes yet. But I am in good spirits. If Greator Business didn't exist, it would have had to be invented :-) Thank you for this!
  • Erika C.
    Dear Greator Business Team, Words cannot express what you mean to me! Gedankentanken/ Greator has been a part of my life for about 6 years now. I have learned so much about myself, my peers and structures in management. Here I find readily available knowledge on (almost) all topics I need for my personal and business development. Moreover, I am in love with your way of dealing with customers. You center our requirements, identify needs, respond individually and quickly to feedback. Professionally, I am responsible for service excellence in my company - respect for your performance!
  • Simone T.
    Through the insight into the many different topics, I can only now gradually gain clarity as to which topic is at all relevant for me personally or can still be expanded.
  • Axel S.
    The courses so far have made many changes and had a positive effect. I am slowly becoming clearer and can better name my own goals. Through the different contents, barriers could be solved again and again, which had previously held me back.
  • Anne D.
    Through Greator Business I have been able to learn a lot to build up professional and human knowledge to make myself independent as a trainer. Above all, the spirit that you can feel throughout the courses gives me a lot of courage. I come from a household that is completely unfamiliar with entrepreneurship.
  • Olga L.
    I have been working in academic field till now and the courses have shown me a different world. I dive into the world of development for everyday application. Subsequently, I come from Ukraine and the courses are like an integration for me. Thanks for the brainwashing:-) and new reality.
  • Christian J.
    They have helped me bring structure to myself and my business so far.
"The experts here are simply the crème de la crème of the German training world. The special thing is that they meet you at eye level. You learn from people you would probably never have met. That helps me enormously in my self-employment and in my professional life."


"Greator Business has certainly given me a tremendous kick start. A concept, which step by step directs the focus on the essentials ... it starts with YOU! Perfect for founders and entrepreneurs looking for new ideas or just want to get better!"


"The crucial skills I need for my self-employment I have learned here. It is a huge added value, not only for my business, but also for my other life. In addition, I always have the exchange with the other participants here and via social networks."



What is Greator Business and how does it differ from Greator Coach and Greator Speaker?

Greator Business is Germany's largest online platform for founders, self-employed and entrepreneurs.

Unlike Greator Coach or Greator Speaker, the Greator Business Platform is suitable for anyone who wants to start, build and scale a business, regardless of what industry they are in. The platform is therefore suitable for doctors, hairdressers, lawyers, chefs, etc., as well as trainers, coaches and speakers.

For whom is Greator Business suitable?

Greator Business offers a huge added value to all people who want to become professionally and financially independent. The platform helps founders, self-employed and entrepreneurs to get the full potential out of their business. Employees and managers also benefit from Greator Business. They learn on the platform how they can take the step into self-employment, but also how they can better manage employees and make a career in their industry - and many other useful tips about working life.

How much does Greator Business cost?

After your free trial period, you've automatically secured your exclusive annual membership to Greator Business. This gives you full access to the platform, the community and the valuable digital workbooks for your implementation. The investment in your professional self-realization is here for the annual membership at 79 euros per month (net).

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Greator Business was developed to offer you the greatest added value - flexible in terms of time and accessible from anywhere in the world. Immediately after your registration at Greator Business you will receive your access data by mail. Now you just have to log in with the link on the platform and you can directly start your journey into a successful and independent professional life. Whether on your smartphone, tablet or laptop - Greator Business is available for you on any device at any time and any place.

How can I cancel again?

We are convinced that Greator Business will help you enormously. In collaboration with top experts, entrepreneurs and the Greator community, we have developed a platform for you that has only one goal: your professional self-realization. If we have not succeeded, you have the possibility to cancel your membership. To do so, you can either send an informal email to [email protected] or cancel your membership yourself with a click in your account.

How can I give feedback?

One of our Core Values is "Community Success". We at 100% believe that our community decides whether an offer or product really delivers what it promises. As a member of this community, you help decide how we do our work. If you have any suggestions, feedback or wishes regarding Greator Business, we are always happy to receive your feedback. On the platform itself you can easily find the feedback button where you can tell us directly what is on your mind.
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