Discover your potential: How to find your talent

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Discover your potential: How to find your talent

One is an ace at sports, another is insanely good with numbers, and still others are born listeners. Everyone is a fox in his own field. All it takes is one talent to make each of us special. Unique! Talent is an aspect that contributes to a person's special performance in a particular field, as Wikipedia soberly puts it. But we are as curious as little children and want to know more: Is talent actually innate or destiny and - very importantly - how does I discover my potential? We tell you how to find your gift!

"Do you have the potential? Because talent doesn't matter!"

The mystery of giftedness has occupied many scientists for decades: they dissect the brains of geniuses like Albert Einstein, they scan the nerve networks. Just to find out: Why does one rise to become a highly paid executive and the other remain an insurance salesman? The scientists' conviction is revolutionary: "Talent is unimportant! So far, there is no convincing evidence that special abilities are innate," says psychologist Anders Ericsson from Florida State University.

Potential development: practice, practice, practice

He has been working on the topic of giftedness for two decades. "The idea that special skills such as painting, programming or cycling are genetically determined is wrong," the world's leading talent researcher knows and makes it clear: "Practice makes perfect!" In other words, everyone has the potential within them.

"A talent is not born in a man's cradle"

"Talent is a trait that people are not born with, but that anyone can learn if they want to," Werner Siefer also claims in his book "Das Genie in mir" (The Genius in Me). The science journalist has found out: "The will must be there and the perseverance to believe in yourself even in the face of great resistance, to be convinced that you can do it." For Werner Siefer, proof of this comes not only from Charles Darwin, who didn't know what to do with his life for a long time and drove his parents to the brink of despair, but also from sports geniuses like Boris Becker, Steffi Graf and Michael Schuhmacher.

How do I find out what my gift is?

"You have all knowledge within you - use it, for we are the creators of our lives," is a core message of LIFEcoach Laura Malina Seiler. Because there are often undreamed-of, undiscovered or unlived talents slumbering within us. But how do i find outwhat is my gift? Laura Malina Seiler has a tip: "Use the power of visualization for yourself!" Why don't you grab a pen and a piece of paper and answer the following questions for yourself?

  1. What are your 3 affirmations that you shout "YES" to out loud?
  2. What am I particularly good at?
  3. Who do I want to be, where do I see myself?

Especially the last exercise, you may write from the perspective as if you were already in the midst of your dream life. Think big. Keep visualizing your vision and internalizing it, advises the successful podcaster. Embrace every success. No matter how small it may seem to you. Because a success is a success, is a success, is a success!


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