You want to be a coach? Christina and Walter Hommelsheim feed you facts

Become a coach - this is how you can help people to their happiness!

You want to be a coach? And you have so many questions burning under your nails right now? We have our Greator Coach-trainer Christina Grahn-Hommelsheim and Walter Hommelsheim were cross-examined. 

Why did you become coaches? 

"We want to help people to make more of themselves," says Christina. Because sometimes it is only one or two adjusting screws that you can turn to bring about a positive change in your life. "If you have an understanding for what has been, what might still be there and a strong will to change everything - then coaching is the shortcut," Walter is convinced. It goes much faster if you have support in the form of coaching. More and more people are discovering that!

What does it mean to be a coach?

  1. Be ready to look at your own place!
  2. To discover your blind spots and dissolve them!

The moment you get more in touch with yourself, you can convey to the other person much more credibly that it is possible to make a difference. When you've done that with yourself and made it happen, then you know

  1. how to do it
  2. as a coach you can also take your client with you on this trip

A further prerequisite is of course also the interest in the human being and in the connections - which we may not yet understand - why we co-create our lives.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

"Therapy is the treatment of mental illness. This is not the coach's area of responsibility," Walter clarifies. "In coaching, the coach addresses the everyday concerns of a client."

How does coaching work?

"You can come to your coach with any topic. Through the right question techniques we look more closely. Golden rule: "We as coaches do not give the client advice, but ask questions to find out the exact topic and the reason for the visit", Christina informs.

To whom would you recommend coaching?

"Anyone with a theme!" the coaching couple agree. Walter, for example, came to coaching in the first place after a life crisis. A coaching - he and Christina think - can always support you. No matter at what point you are at in your life. It doesn't matter whether you are the head of a company or a mother. 

Become a coach - find out more now!

Even for Christina and Walter, who met each other ten years ago as seminar leaders at work, it was initially a challenge to work together as a couple. Christina remembers: "We asked ourselves the question whether we are really authentic with what we tell and how we give ourselves? In order for this to be given, for example, during a seminar or coaching, we use our own instruments!"

If your curiosity is not yet satiated, you are welcome to watch the interview with Christina and Walter in full length. In the Video the couple also tells you about the coaching methods available and how you can recognise a good coach. Of course the two also answer whether you can live from coaching! 

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