Coaching methods at a glance

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Coaching methods at a glance

You have certainly come across various coaching methods in the context of coaching topics. But what are coaching methods anyway? They are a kind of toolbox that enables coaches as well as clients, to approach and implement behavioural patterns or wishes for major changes in different areas of life in a solution-oriented way. What distinguishes the different approaches and which holistic approaches should not be missing in almost any coaching training, we explain to you in the following overview of proven coaching methods. 

What is coaching and how is it different from consulting?

In order to be able to define the term coaching methods, it is important to understand what coaching in general is all about. Coachings are a good means to increase and train one's own resilience and to better deal with crises and strokes of fate.. Similar to therapies, they can be held in individual or group sessions. The well-being of the client is always the first priority. 

During a coaching session, coach and client, often called coachee, lead, a structured discussion. With the help of targeted - sometimes very unpleasant - questions, a coach steers the conversation interactively. in the direction of individual solutions that make it easier for the coachee to go about his or her life.

In coaching sessions, coach and coachee work closely together. Unlike in a consultation, a coach never just takes on the expert role. As a rule, it is more about, to support coachees during their inner change process. With the right questions, these are steered in a direction, but the inner work towards change is done by each coachee. 

This is where coaching methods come into play. 

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What are coaching methods? 

Once the coach and coachee have jointly identified the coachee's goals and taken stock of the current situation, they usually devote themselves to various coaching methods. With the help of these, the desired goals are to be tackled step by step. Of course, clients don't know right from the start which method is best for them, which is why the beginning is also considered a kind of test phase. 

Coaching methods are a kind of toolbox of the coach. Thus, he has a suitable solution approach for almost all cases, with which he helps clients to do inner work and to dare the step into a positive life. A good coaching method combines current findings from various fields of science. For it to be considered effective, it should combine parts of depth psychology, neurology, quantum physics and modern vision work. The more comprehensive the approach, the better the coaching results

A coach explains the different coaching methods to her client

The difference between methods & tools 

In the area of the Coachings there is always talk of methods and tools. Mistakenly, many people use these terms as synonyms. However, the difference can be explained simply. 

Form Methods the entire toolbox off, are  Coaching tools as the individual tools to understand. So within a method there are several tools and exercises that a coach uses to implement the method, make it effective and successful. For example, self-coaching is a method that is implemented with the help of journaling or Meditations can be implemented.

Areas of application of coaching methods

Coaching and its methods are suitable for many different areas of life. Whether in pure personal development, in relationships with partners or family as well as in career - coaching methods vary depending on the area of life and the problems clients want to face. 

Career: Coaching methods for managers & employees 

At work, there are all kinds of challenges - on the side of managers as well as on the side of employees. While managers are busy constantly promoting their employees and motivating his team, it is up to the employees themselves to find their own Maintain satisfaction and positive cooperation with their colleagues. By Team coaching or organizational constellations, which are anchored in the method of systemic coaching, these problem areas are explored. In principle, it is also about preventive measures and techniques that all participants learn in order to work together in the best possible way

Personal development & goal achievement 

Do you long for Changes in your lifebut you don't know where to start? Coaching and coaching methods that are firmly aligned with it, such as the Self-coaching or transactional analysis start where will and discipline have their limits. They help you to consciously perceive your goals, your self in general, and various relationship constellations. Accordingly, it is easier for you to identify and treat problem areas. This is how you crank up your Personality Development ...very easily by yourself. 

Relationship constellations 

Relationships with family, friends or life partners are not always associated with peace and joy. Often the causes of various behavior patterns and recurring challenges lie here. Visualizations and a view from the outside provide relief. With coaching methods that support these visualizations, you illuminate your so-called systems and the roots of the problems you want to get rid of. These aspects also play into your improved way of living - and that in all areas of life as well as your own effectiveness. 

What coaching methods are there?

There are countless coaching methods that promote one's own development and set change processes in motion. However there are five methods used in find consideration in almost all coaching trainings. We'll give you a little overview of what the best practices are all about. 

Systemic Coaching

The Systemic Coaching Sync and corrections by n17t01 a comprehensive approach, keeping the big picture in mind. Every individual is part of a unique, complex system, which is expressed in the constellations of relationships with other people from their own environment. With the help of Systemic Coaching you get to know your own system better and how you navigate within it. This opens up new possibilities for action. This coaching approach serves as a support in everyday questions and personal life management - both in the professional and private sense. 

By the way, the systemic coaching method goes hand in hand with the partial method of Systemic Constellation here. This is a solution-oriented approach that allows you to actively visualize your constellations.. The constellation work takes place in individual sessions or in group sessions. A distinction is made here between family constellations (relationships with parents, but also partners), organisational constellations (relationship constellations at work) and structural constellations (health aspects).


At NLP Coaching you will learn to communicate more effectively, learn new things faster and develop yourself personally in the process. NLP stands for Neurolinguistic Programming. The definition of the term can be explained as follows: With the help of this coaching method you train your perception ("neuro-"). Unwanted feelings and behavior patterns can be more clearly identified and changed, so that they correspond to your objectives. The linguistic aspect ("linguistics") plays a particularly important role here. The You communicate better both internally and externallyif you learn the methodology and take care of yourself. If you master the techniques of NLP, it is possible for you, optimise different areas of life and to create your longed-for process of change on your own. Whether you want to overcome a physical ailment, an unwanted behavior or other challenges - you will find the right solution for you.

With the right coaching method step by step to success

Transactional Analysis

Transactional analysis comes from psychology, in particular from the framework of psychotherapy, and offers every person the possibility to fathom their personality structure and their own behaviour. This is how solution-oriented concepts are createdthat make life significantly easier. It is about a high level of Self-reflectionbut also about the Working through various traumas and blockageswhich are not visible to the naked eye. The focus is on interpersonal interaction. In detail, however, transactional analysis is very complex, because it is based on several concepts. 

Self Coaching

At Self Coaching you take over the Role of coach and coachee at the same time. Here you learn different skills to help yourself in different situations in life. At the same time you get to know your own values, goals and desires. Self coaching is about a high level of Personal responsibility and perseverance - So it's much more than just self-management. It is certainly not easy to always be honest with yourself, but it is important to work on it. Everyone has the resources for self-coaching within themselves - you too can become a self-coach at any time. 

Hypnosis Coaching 

Hypnosis is a proven method in psychotherapy as well as in coaching in order to Helping people cope with problems. The Hypnosis Coaching helps to To change lives for the betterThis is done by exploring and revealing blockages, fears and possible traumas. For this purpose, the persons are placed in a trance-like state that allows them to access the subconscious. This is a state of complete relaxationwith the help of which every hypnotized person can Fears and problems. The resources you need for hypnocoaching almost everyone carries within themselves.

How do I choose the right method for me?

With all the coaching methods out there, it's not so easy to find the one that's right for you. In general, it can be said that there will never be one right method. Because the choice of the appropriate coaching methods is primarily oriented towards the coaching topic and the individual goals you are aiming for

If you Become a coach you'll learn a lot more methods than just the ones that work for you. You're acquiring a whole Collection of the most diverse approaches to solutions that will allow you to be there for all kinds of clients in the future. The methods that work best for you are potential niches that you can specialize in. You can then design your coaching business around that. 

Which methods do I learn in the Greator Coach Training?

The success of a coach depends to a large extent on his toolbox - i.e. the methods - and thus also the various tools. Whether specialized in only one method or an advocate of different holistic approaches, all coaches learn at the beginning an extensive repertoire of great coaching methods and tools. The Greator Coach Training offers you the perfect opportunity to acquire one. 

Greator Coach
Embark on the unique journey to yourself now!

With the Online training to become a Greator coach you get to know yourself better and find out how you also bring others to their full potential!

Our training follows a holistic approach and gives you the opportunity to get to know yourself better and to develop your full potential.. One method is in focus: the horizontal eight. She combines depth psychological work with modern vision work and findings from brain research. The extraordinary thing about it is that it based on approaches of different successful methods. Christina and Walter Hommelsheim, the founders of the lying eight, developed a unique method with this thought, which contains the best of all worlds. Only at Greator you learn how to use it as a coach to help yourself and others, to release blockades and inhibitions and to use the energy gained from it for their lives. 

In concrete terms, this means that you use this unique method to look into your past and future in order to implement the insights gained from them in the now. You lay down ballast and take care of a present and future that is in line with your goals and desires.

Our training begins with the twelve-week program to Greator Coach Practicioner. During this time you will deal with your own person in a similar way to self-coaching, so that you can better understand and support yourself and later your clients. If you like, this can be followed by additional six months of trainingin which you all important coaching tools and solution strategies'll get to know. Once you have successfully completed your final examination, you can then certified Greator coach name it. With this, you have paved your own way into a promising coaching career. 


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