Meditation for beginners: Woman meditates while sitting

Meditation for beginners - Find your inner peace

It's hectic in the office, your stress level is at level 3000 and you don't really have time to just switch off and relax? Your diary is completely full and in your only free minute you have to go to the city hall or do your tax return? Whew. Who doesn't know the stressful phases in which time runs out and you lose the feeling for yourself, somehow, between the hectic run from appointment to appointment, knowing full well that this stress can't be good. Because deep down inside, you know that, your mind has earned some time out. Meditations can help you get back to yourself. And you don't have to lock yourself in your closet for two hours and burn incense. Whether mindfulness meditation or self-love meditations - with the Meditation Exercises there are incredibly many different variations.

Meditations can change your life

Five minutes can already help you to counteract the stress. Routine is crucial. If you meditate for five minutes a day, every day, your life can change. You don't believe that? Then give it a try. After all, not so much can happen to you. In the worst case, you have spent five minutes with yourself. In this article you will learn how to enter into the meditations.

Meditation: Your journey into your inner self

Meditation means for you to embark on a journey into your inner self. Meditation can help you to release yourself from all the stress and your environment and to get more clarity. In a meditation you can let your thoughts roar in the background like a radio station. Focus completely on yourself.

And this is important. Because multitasking is omnipresent in today's world. Operating your mobile phone and watching a TV show at the same time? Anytime and always reachable? 24/7? Who doesn't hunger for calm and decelerationMediation does not only bring you peace. Mediation can help you:

  • to increase your creativity
  • Reduce stress
  • To let go of problems and conflicts
  • to improve your handling of your emotions
  • to live each moment with depth

And the beautiful thing, meditating is not difficult, costs you nothing but time and is easy to integrate into your everyday life.

Make yourself comfortable

You do not need any special clothing to enter mediation. Choose what you feel comfortable in. As long as it's comfortable. And if you already start the day with a meditation in the morning, your pyjamas will be sufficient.

Where can you meditate best?

First of all: You can meditate everywhere. There are no limits to your choice of place. But as a beginner a quiet place is an advantage. A place where it is quiet and you can concentrate completely on yourself. Without distraction and disturbing background noise. Maybe it's your bedroom in the morning, the park bench or a quiet minute in the kitchen. You will find a good place. Do you feel comfortable? Can you relax here? Great, then put your phone on the side and set it to silent. You are now priority number one.

Your correct attitude

Meditation? Wasn't that a cross-legged thing? I'd have to tie my feet in knots. That's not true. You may choose a position that feels good for you and that you can stand for 15 minutes without pain. Most meditations take place in a sitting position. There are different variations: The lotus, the tailor and the heel seat are only three of them. You can vary - but how far you cross your feet is up to you. As soon as it becomes uncomfortable, change position. You can also meditate on a chair or use a cushion. Your back should be stretched out. Your posture should be upright and your shoulders should drop slightly. Avoid unnecessary movements, even if it is sometimes difficult to sit still.

A little meditation exercise

You picked a nice place? Then make yourself comfortable. Make yourself comfortable. When you're comfortable, breathe deeply and calmly. Feel your breath. Feel your lungs rise and fall. Let your thoughts flow. Don't listen to them. Your concentration is on your breath. You can close your eyes. Five minutes is tops for the start. Feel what the meditation does to you and integrate it into your everyday life.

The right setting

The most important thing about mediation is your attitude. Especially as a beginner, it will probably not be so easy for you to let your mind wander. But that's not bad if it doesn't work right away. Here the saying is true: Practice makes perfect. So don't give up, because every meditation will bring you more peace. This means for you that you should not fall into frustration after the first meditation - according to the motto: "It won't work anyway. Detach yourself from your expectations. It may well be that you fall into the maelstrom of thoughts over and over again and that your Thoughts cannot be set as background noise like a radio. But that's okay. Be happy that you are going on a journey and notice with every further meditation how you find your inner peace. Maybe certain Meditation Music. Search for quiet instrumental music. Some meditation music also includes so-called mantras. Try it out and see what brings you special relaxation.

Stay on the ball

Routine is the be-all and end-all. One-time mediation can of course also free you from stress, but mediations have the right effect when used over a long period of time. Just try it! To integrate five minutes every day into your everyday life, that should work, right? And that is why morning meditations are ideal. You set your alarm five minutes earlier and can start the day fresh and refreshed. And you haven't really "lost" anything, have you?

Entry aid with guided meditations

You feel insecure and do not know yet how to start the whole thing? Your mind keeps wandering? Then look around for guided meditations. During a guided meditation you are not left to yourself and your mind alone, but can meditate with guidance.

So, is all this already old hat for you and you are already meditating regularly or have you just tried one of the meditations for the first time? Leave us feedback there.
We are happy and wish you much fun on your journey to inner peace.

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