How can I become a life coach and what does one do anyway?

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How can I become a life coach and what does one do anyway?

Nowadays there is a suitable coaching offer for almost every area of life. Life coaches are particularly popular. But what exactly does a life coach do? With which topics can he help other people? Would it be an option for you to Life Coach Training to complete? We would like to answer all these questions in the following article

What is a life coach?

As the English name suggests, a life coach is a type of life counselor. Many people find themselves in a proverbial Hamster wheel. They lead a life they never imagined and are at a loss as to how this state of affairs can be changed.

It is not uncommon for people to waste their potential and talents because they are trapped in a joyless daily routine. Often a hated job is pursued in order to keep one's head above water financially. Sometimes people continue in a long-defunct relationship because they believe they have no alternative. As a life coach you start with all these problems.

"Life coaching is a person-centered conversational approach. This means that the coachee is confronted with empathycongruence and authenticity. The Life Coach helps his counterpart to recognize and use his own potential. In this way, positive life changes can be implemented. The focus is on achieving life goals and personal happiness."

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Topics and tasks of a life coach

A life coach deals with all the issues that are crucial for the Life satisfaction of his coachees are. Even in a crisis of meaning, e.g. after job loss or Separation, it can encourage you to look at the situation from a new perspective. There are numerous life situations in which Life Coaching makes sense.

In order to achieve a new perspective on the stressful situation, one can learn to reflect on oneself. For this purpose, a life coach asks targeted questions that stimulate reflection. You gain an unclouded view of your own strengths, weaknesses, desires and goals. After a while, your coachees recognize harmful behavior patterns and learn through you to discard them. A life coach tries to open the access to the personal resources of his counterpart and to make the own strengths usable.

Topics in the context of life coaching:

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What topics does a life coach NOT cover?

If you decide to have Training as a Life Coach you should have realistic expectations. A life coach is not a magician or a miracle worker. He can only help with the concerns of his clients generate stimuli and give them the Direction point to. But your coachees have to walk the path on their own. As a serious life coach you do not give any instructions. You work out a strategy together, which your counterpart can apply on their own.

Important: Don't confuse a life coach with a psychotherapist. When someone serious psychological distress or under traumatic experiences If the person is suffering from a mental illness, he or she should seek therapy. Although the two areas have similarities, mental health conditions require the care of a specially trained professional.

In Life Coaching, successful cooperation is based on mutual trust. Nevertheless, a professional distance is necessary, so that you as a life coach can really help your counterpart. If you become too emotionally entangled in their problems, you will no longer be able to offer constructive advice. In your role you should not imitate the best friend of your coachee.

How do you find a good life coach?

Finding a life coach is no longer a problem in the age of the internet. If you research online, you will come across a variety of life coaching offers. For your future coachees, of course, the challenge is then, distinguish serious from dubious offers. You can recognize a trustworthy life coach by the following characteristics:

  • Cost transparency
  • References
  • plausible answers to all questions asked
  • you are not pressured into signing contracts

Life Coach is no protected professional title. Anyone can and may call themselves that. Certified coaching providers are therefore always a good contact point for potential clients. Therefore, it is also advantageous for you if you strive for a professional training for your future coaching work.

In this way you offer your coachees a qualified and competent consulting service. A professionally experienced coach is the basic prerequisite for Life Coaching to achieve the desired positive effects. Your certification creates at the same time a Basis of trust, which plays an essential role for this form of work.

Life Coaching vs. Psychotherapy

Many techniques that are indigenous to classical psychotherapy are also used in life coaching. The following methods overlap:

  • resource activation
  • Identify and explore problems
  • Support in overcoming problems
  • Role-playing games
  • Cognitive methods
  • Live out your creativity
  • Find motivation

Despite the existing similarities, there is a clear difference between life coaching and psychotherapy. If a person's quality of life is only slightly impaired and they just want a boost to take control of their own life, a life coach is a good choice. He can help to mobilize personal resources.

For all Problems of a more serious nature (e.g. Anxiety disorders(e.g., depression, addiction, etc.), your counterpart should seek the help of an experienced psychotherapist. As a serious life coach, you will always refer a person to a therapist if you find that the problems they describe to you are beyond your competence.

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Life Coaching vs. Business Coaching

While a life coach deals primarily with the private happiness of the coachee, the focus of the business coach the career in the foreground (team building, professional reorientation, career stages). While the setting is different, in some respects the two areas may overlap.

All areas of life are intertwined. When something changes in your professional life, either positively or negatively, it usually has far-reaching effects. It is possible that due to a change in career you suddenly find yourself with Role conflicts confronted or does the personal values in question.

Especially if someone is in a leadership position, the topics of self, time and stress management can be interesting. All these topics are dealt with in the context of life coaching. Simply put: Business coaching helps one to improve the professional Achieving goals. Life coaching helps to cope with this.

Another difference between a business coach and a life coach is the clientele. While a life coach is often used by private individuals and also paid privately, business coaches are usually booked by companies.

Greator Life Coach
Become a certified life coach and change the lives of many people!

With the Online training for Greator Life Coach you get to know yourself better and find out how you also bring others to their full potential!

This is what a life coach earns

A variety of life coach it are self-employed as a sideline. This means that they have a main job and do coaching as a sideline. This is definitely a good option. When you Life Become a coach you certainly also think about the earnings. In the following we want to bring a little light into the darkness.

A life coach can be Session average 145 € the bill. According to the Coaching Report 2017 keep coach it per year about 112 hours You can roughly calculate what this means financially. To live on this income as a full-time life coach would be theoretically possible, but you would have to be very frugal.

The above average is for established coaches. You probably won't get to 112 hours in your first year after graduation. Your earnings may increase the you become better known as a coach.

Now, € 145 means quite a large financial outlay for many an employee. In practice, many coaches therefore accommodate their clients financially. Nevertheless, quality has its price. Coaching offers under 60 € can not be qualified. So you should be sceptical about offers that are too cheap. If you work as a coach yourself one day, then refrain from dumping prices. This quickly gives you a desperate to unserious stamp.

Becoming a Life Coach: These are the requirements

In order to become a life coach, your first step should be to take care of your own personal development. The willingness to do this is an essential prerequisite if you want to work in this field in the future. After all, you want to show your coachees perspectives for a happier life. If you are struggling with your own life, you cannot appear authentic.

It is advisable to first make use of coaching yourself - on the one hand to work on your own issues and on the other hand to be inspired. If you experience how a good coach works with you, this can be very useful for your later work.

You don't have to complete any training or studies to be able to call yourself a life coach. Theoretically, you could start right away. If you already have in-depth knowledge and references in the areas of personal development and psychology, there is nothing to stop you. If the latter is not the case, we would like to offer you a Coaching training to the heart. A completed training with certificate makes you more trustworthy for your coachees. In addition, you will be optimally prepared for the job through training.

The (possible) requirements to become a life coach are summarized once again:

  • Reflect on your personal life situation and ideally be inspired by your own coaching.
  • Experience in psychology, personal development, or other appropriate counseling activities is helpful.
  • You should generally enjoy helping and working with other people.
  • An inspiring and motivating personality can round off your profile perfectly. However, it is not essential that you are an overly extroverted person. Coaching is also a lot about listening attentively to your counterpart.

How do you find the right life coach training?

Just as you will find numerous life coaches online, you will also find various offerings
for an education. Check them carefullybecause there are also many black sheep here.
Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are there any hidden costs?
  • Does the life coach training take place online or as a face-to-face course?
  • What exactly am I learning?
  • Do I have direct contact persons?
  • How long does the training take?
  • What degree will I have afterwards?
  • Will I be supervised beyond the training?

The criteria should be coherent for you before you decide on a Training as a Life Coach sign up. Reputable trainers take care of you. They have an open ear for your questions and show you ways to build your foothold as a life coach after the training. Dubious providers, on the other hand, are hardly accessible to you once you've paid. Save yourself from such a scenario by checking the offers thoroughly. Also, take time to clarify in which area you want to establish yourself as a coach.

Research internet forums to find graduates from various Coaching trainings to find them. Share your experiences with them. Did the training meet their expectations' Were there any unexpected annoyances or problems' Testimonials are often worth their weight in gold.

Get to know the coaching providers. Take a look around the providers' websites. Read their blog posts, watch their YouTube videos, and listen to their podcasts. What impression do you get? Combine gut instinct with common sense before you decide.

This is what training at Greator looks like

If you are enthusiastic about the topic of personality development and attach importance to a solid education, an Greator Life Coach Training could be the right thing for you. The training takes place online, which gives you maximum flexibility in terms of time and location. Once a week you will take a test to make sure that you have really understood the training content.

In a total of 9 months you will complete a comprehensive training program that optimally prepares you for your future coaching work. You learn with the help of various proven methods (work with the inner child, Enneagram, Meditation), how you can make the path to more life satisfaction easier for your future coachees. Learning these methods also continuously strengthens your own personal development.

After completing your training you are certified Greator coach. You benefit from the great Greator Networkto which many established coaches belong. After obtaining the certificate, you will not be left alone. Instead, we show you how your first steps into self-employment can look like. For this you get the "Greator Business Coaching" as a gift. During this coaching you will learn how to build your own business as a coach.

FAQ: The most important questions about life coach training

What is a life coach?
A life coach supports his clients in improving their life satisfaction. The activity is comparable to life counseling, but has its limits with the competencies of classical psychotherapy.

Are there certified life coaches?
Yes, reputable coaches have usually completed a qualified training with subsequent certification. This is an indication for you that it is a high-quality coaching offer.

How can I become a life coach?
In principle, any person can call themselves a life coach; this is not a protected professional title. However, in order to become a professional life coach, training is recommended. If you already have experience in the areas of counseling, personal development or psychology, this is a helpful additional qualification.

How long does the training to become a Life Coach take?
A life coach training can vary in length depending on the provider. From intensive courses on single weekends to courses lasting several months, there is everything to choose from. The Greator coach training lasts 9 months and prepares you extensively for your future job.

What is the salary of a life coach?
According to the Coaching Report 2017, the average salary for a coaching session is €145. In practice, your turnover can fluctuate up or down depending on your personal experience and the financial possibilities of your coachees.

What are the requirements to become a life coach?
There are no formal prerequisites for the life coach training. However, it is an advantage if you are familiar with the areas of psychology, personal development or comparable consulting activities. You should also be comfortable working with and inspiring people. In addition, it is recommended that you take advantage of life coaching yourself beforehand in order to work through your own life situation and to experience the activity in practice.


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