Joie de vivre - How to leave the house with a smile every day

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Joie de vivre - How to leave the house with a smile every day

What is joie de vivre? Why do some people beam with happiness and others pull a face like 3 days of rainy weather? Why do many people find it difficult to lead a free and self-determined life? We would like to take a closer look at the answers to these questions in this article.

In this context you will learn, among other things, the most common reasons why many people lose their zest for life and what you can do about it. Why is this point so important? Here we must become aware of one thing: Every destiny is marked by ups and downs.

The only thing that matters is how we deal with certain experiences. Do our negative experiences cloud our joy of life? Or are we so strong inside that we can overcome all crises with a smile? In this article, you'll learn how to do the latter.

What is joie de vivre?

"The happiness of your life depends on the nature of your thoughts."

Marcus Aurelius

Joy of life refers to a state in which one is happy all around. In the best case, one experiences this happiness in all important areas of life such as love life, family, among friends or at work. A state full of joie de vivre also brings with it other benefits.

For example more Self-confidence, creativity or optimism. A change of wheels for the personality. This is true joy of life. Your charisma changes completely in this way. Of course, joie de vivre does not come out of the blue. Behind it lies continuous work on your own personality. You are allowed to look beneath the surface of your Traits look. Why might you be easily depressed or unmotivated?

Reflect on your behavior. In which situations do you react accordingly? The more you learn about yourself and your behavior or thoughts, the better you learn who you really are. We also learn how our inner programs work. In fact, this is also a process we have to go through.

Furthermore, it is important not to let negative experiences throw you off track in life. This is the only way to win the race for your own zest for life.

Before you finally succeed in this Achieve goal finally and definitivelyYou have to show a lot of discipline. You must believe in yourself with absolute self-confidence. When you fall into a crisis or a very deep hole, you must not give up. You must always believe in yourself and your abilities with absolute determination.

joy of life lost

Lost zest for life - These are the most common reasons

"Nothing will deprive us of happiness more than to go by the talk of the people instead of by our convictions."


What are the most common reasons why most people lose their zest for life? In the following we would like to tell you the 5 most common reasons why people get into an emotional crisis and therefore lose their zest for life.

The 5 most common reasons why people lose their zest for life

A wide variety of factors lead to why we lose our zest for life. We quickly find ourselves in a vicious circle of dissatisfaction. We inevitably radiate this energy and attract more and more negative events or failures into our lives. These are the five most common reasons why people lose their zest for life!

Compare yourself with others

Do any of the following Beliefs look familiar? My neighbor Thomas drives a much bigger car than I do. My colleague Anton earns much more money than I do. ,,I am with my weight simply dissatisfied." Thoughts of this kind are always like little stabs in the heart. They contribute to the fact that our self-confidence suffers and that in turn contributes to the fact that our joy of life becomes smaller and smaller and we can hardly enjoy everyday life.

Being way too hard on yourself

You're good the way you are. Of course you have some weak points. But everyone has them. It's perfectly normal. Therefore, your joy in life should not depend on deficits. Because you can work on deficits. Only the motivation to want to change something about yourself will drive you forward. In the end, it will be this motivation that leads you through life's downturns and opens the door to more joy in life. In other words, let your mistakes be mistakes. It's okay if you're not perfect. Because you're good enough the way you are and you should never forget that.

Social norms

Society gives us values and norms that often do not go hand in hand with our personal ideas of life. How do we proceed in such a situation? Do we bow to values & norms that have been brought to us by the outside world? Or do we create our own value system to live by? If we decide for the first variant, there is a danger that our joy of life will be considerably depressed. With the second variant, we instead get the opportunity to develop freely, which also gives our joie de vivre more scope.

Dependence on other people

Being dependent on other people (your life partner, employer or friends) can cause your own joy in life to suffer noticeably. For this reason, it is important that we uncouple our happiness from other people and instead take responsibility for ourselves. In some cases, this may even mean that we separate ourselves from other people. After all, what do you think your life will look like in the future if you continue to spend time in a toxic relationshipa disastrous working relationship or with the wrong friends? The answer here is obvious. Or?

Egocentric mindset

Those who are too full of themselves are all too likely to overlook their own faults. It is these faults that ultimately contribute to our not achieving the level of joy in life that we have always longed for. For this reason, it is important that we distance ourselves with regard to over-interpreting our importance to the world. It is much more important that we look at our mistake on an objective level and, as a result, take steps that will help us to develop personally and thus attract more joy into our lives, which will make us a happy person in the long run.

How to find your zest for life again

"Rejoice in the sky, in the sun, in the stars, in the grass and trees, in the animals and people."

Leo Tolstoy

How do you go on when you have lost the joy of life? How can you find the joy of life again and live a happy life? Were you happy a few years ago and walked the streets with a big grin on your face? What has changed and why?

Here's the truth: joie de vivre is a state that must be cultivated again and again. What matters most here is how we interact with our environment. For example, if you let your relationship slide and no longer care about your life partner, then the relationship stress will also affect your joie de vivre.

Find the cause of your dissatisfaction

Or: If you're working a job in a company where you're simply unhappy the probability that you will find joy in life is quite unlikely. That is, before you can find joy in life again, you must first find out the factors that prevent you from becoming happy.

Do you know what they are? Just take half an hour, sit down at the kitchen table and find out what could be the reason for the lost joy of life.

How to live a happy life

How to live a happy life

"Turn your face to the sun and you cannot see the shadow."

Helen Keller

You want to radiate more joy in life? To help you achieve this, we have prepared a total of 12 tips that you can use to bring a little more happiness into your life.

12 tips for a happy life

  1. Work on your mindset

With a positive minimum you see the world from a proactive perspective. This promotes your joie de vivre and leaves you every morning with a Smile get out of bed.

2. positive memories

Positive memories evoke positive emotions. These emotions are ultimately the motor that leads you through everyday life and makes you happy.

3. your environment

Surround yourself with people who are good for you. But this also means that at the same time you should renounce people in your life who rob you of energy.

4. play sports

Don't worry. You don't have to become a competitive athlete now. Small exercise sessions are all you need. Why is that so important? Sport releases happiness hormones that increase your zest for life.

5. learn new things

Whether books, lectures or seminars. Further education is part of life. Educate yourself constantly and bring your personality to a new level.

6. take your time

Joy of life does not come into your life overnight. You need time and you should also take this time so that at the end of the day everything will be good.

7. bad Accept

Life is not all sunshine. There will always be moments that are detrimental to your quality of life. Stand firm in such moments.

8. get to know yourself better

Only when we know who we really are, can we feel true joy in life. That's why you have to take a good look at yourself and find out who you really are.

9. laugh more

You know this one? Someone smiles at you in town and you smile right back. Why don't you just stand in front of the mirror for a minute in the morning and laugh?

10. help others

Helping other people is also good for your own zest for life. After all, as humans we are social beings who want to support each other.

11. favorite music

Music makes your heart dance. Therefore, make a list with your Love songsso you can always switch back to happy mode.

12 Magic Moments

A Magic Moment is a special event (jumping out of an airplane) that evokes extreme positive feelings in you. What could it be? Why don't you make a list of them right now?

Conclusion: Every person is responsible for his or her joy of life

"Happiness is a perfume you can't spray on others without getting a few drops yourself."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

In this article, you learned what joie de vivre is, why many people lose it over the course of their lives, and what you can do to be happy again. Now it's time: act proactivelyTake the bull by the horns and show initiative. What small step can you take today to bring more clarity into your life and align it with your heart's desires?

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