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The Greator coach trainers and authors of the inspirational book "Heart Over Head" are experts in vision work, meaning & relationships.

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About Christina and Walter Hommelsheim

Christina and Walter Hommelsheim

For many years, Christina and Walter Hommelsheim have been training coaches with absolute passion. Motivated by their own stories and life crises, the two went through numerous trainings to bring people quickly and sustainably into change and to more ease, confidence and success in life with the right tools and their whole passion. 

As trainers of the Greator Coaches they live and love their vocation to lead people into the unfolding of their full potential - authentic, rousing and their refreshingly humorous way. Based on their concept "Heart over Head" and their book of the same name, they developed the holistic success method of the "lying eight", with which they accompany each individual on the path to a self-determined, conscious and happy life. At the heart of their method are lovingly conceived, profound meditations in which the old is released and the new is focused.

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Courses with Christina and Walter Hommelsheim

Be a confident man

What does it actually mean to be a man? What is masculinity for you? The man, [...]
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Allow femininity

Are you already living your femininity? What is feminine anyway? Femininity has an infinite number of faces. Which [...]
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Visions Challenge

What do you want your life to be? Who do you want to be? And how do you want your life to [...].
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Being single - or not

Being single can be great, many enjoy the absolute freedom and independence. But this course [...]
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Active partnership

A happy, fulfilling partnership is not a matter of chance, luck or bad luck. It has quite decisively [...]
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Free masterclasses with Christina and Walter Hommelsheim

You want to finally live your life self-determined and courageously and make your vision come true? Learn in just one and a half hours how you can improve your self-esteem through a proven coaching method.
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Dive into the world of coaching with our experts. You'll learn not only how to deal with your problems, but also how it feels to pursue your dreams without fear.
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Do you often ask yourself where you want to go in life? Then let the experienced relationship and life coaches Christina and Walter Hommelsheim show you which questions you should ask yourself to find out your true calling.
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What characterizes a fulfilling relationship? Christina and Walter show you the 5 biggest relationship killers - and how to avoid them so you can create a happy partnership at eye level.
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You want to finally change your life and that of many other people and start your career as a coach? Learn from our coaching experts Christina & Walter the most effective methods of successful coaches.
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Do you want a happy relationship, a fulfilling job or financial freedom? But you're afraid to dream big? Then let us show you how to truly attract your dreams into your life through the power of manifesting.

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Christina and Walter Hommelsheim on the Greator stage

3 Tools for Love - How to save your relationship

Relationship coaches Walter Hommelsheim and Christina Grahn show you how to save your relationship. They are a couple themselves and help others to improve their relationship. Back to being in love through communication - so that your relationship doesn't fail.

Dissolving Beliefs: How to Achieve Your Vision Without Fear

"Life is a coaching session!" Christina Grahn-Hommelsheim has already experienced many ups and downs. In her keynote she tells us, "We sit like in a cage of self-made thoughts and beliefs, even though the door is open." How you manage to leave your cage and finally live the life that fulfills you completely, you will learn now in the video! "I have to make it on my own. I can't accept help. No one is really there for me." Negative beliefs like these plagued Christina Grahn-Hommelsheim for many years. She experienced a disturbing childhood and found herself in the same situation over and over again: abandoned and left to fend for herself. She suffered from a fear of failure and her mental health became increasingly worse. But one day Christina Grahn-Hommelsheim decided, "I need to become self-confident and start over." Find out what specifically triggered this and why she also wants to inspire you to boost your self-confidence and get a fresh start in her moving keynote.

Become a certified life coach and change the lives of many people!

Unleash your full potential and become an inspiring life coach! Christina and Walter Hommelsheim will accompany you in the Greator Life Coach Training, where you will learn valuable and proven coaching methods. You will bring not only yourself, but others into their full power. Let go of fears, follow your vision, and plunge into an adventure that will change the changed the lives of many people in the long term.

Become part of a strong community of ambitious life coaches who inspire and support each other. Start your training to become a Greator Life Coach now!

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