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The speaker, YouTuber, podcaster & bestselling author shows you how to go through life carefree at any age.

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Greta Silver

Life is precious, and it's great to be old! Greta Silver, born in 1948, discovered old age as an exciting phase of life and encourages others to fully enjoy and use every moment of life - regardless of age. Youth mania was yesterday! The successful entrepreneur and author of several bestselling books from Hamburg bubbles with Joie de vivre. She shares her incredible life skills and inspires thousands on her YouTube channel and popular podcast. Through practical advice and methods, Greta teaches you how easy it is to feel young and the exciting possibilities each new stage of life holds. 

Expect the best from life - because it is yours. You have the choice which life you want to lead. From Greta you will receive small toolboxes for more intensity and lightness, courage and curiosity in your life. Live the full version of your life!

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Taking life easy

Getting older is great! Join successful YouTuber, podcaster and speaker Greta Silver as she dives into the [...]
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Greta Silver on the Greator stage

Realize your dreams: How to overcome crises & live without fear

Greta Silver is a real power woman and a role model for many strong women and best agers. The 71-year-old proves that a new start in old age works wonderfully. She herself turned her life around completely at the age of 48 and says today: "I'm in the prime of my life." The YouTuber, podcaster, author and keynote speaker firmly believes that each of us can overcome crises and conquer our fear. After all, 95 percent of the worries we have exist only in our heads, not in reality. With this information, life is much more relaxed, isn't it?

Too young for old age: How to live anxiety-free

Greta Silver has confidence in life - and is "too young for old age". The YouTuber is full of joie de vivre and wants to age happily. In today's interview with Greta Silver, you can find out how you can live with ease and use the power of your thoughts. Greta Silver's YouTube channel is called "Too Young for Old Age." The author is certain: age is just a number. And that's why, without further ado, she decided to start a YouTube channel at the age of 66. Her perseverance was rewarded - today she shows her viewers how valuable it is to live carefree. Greta also reminds herself every day that thinking positively and living into the day are pure happiness. Happiness and unhappiness can depend on the stages of a person's life, factors such as family time, consciousness and how you feel about life also play an important role here. You are your own best teacher to live liberated! Greta was at a low point in her marriage some time ago and now had to learn to overcome the marriage crisis in order to live free of fear, gain new self-confidence and ask herself the question: What is happiness? Today she knows: Happiness is a decision, the enthusiasm of which some people might have to find again, but here Greta supports with all her energy and motivates: Just do it! No matter how old you are. Because: aging is great.

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