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Markus Hofmann

Markus Hofmann is one of the most successful memory trainers in Europe and has already helped more than 350,000 people improve their memory in his lectures. The author, keynote speaker and trainer is not only the winner of the German Continuing Education Award, but has also been named Speaker of the Year several times.

As a trainer of the Learning coach training he lives his vocation of showing people with the right tools that learning can be really fun.

He not only knows the various memory techniques, but also simple and effective ways to convey these methods optimally. Whether for children, teenagers or adults: Markus Hofmann knows what is important in learning and how the learned knowledge remains in the head for a long time.

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Free masterclasses with Markus Hofmann

Learning expert Markus Hofmann tells you how you can motivate your child to do schoolwork all by themselves, how they can even have fun doing it and how they can personally outgrow themselves!
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Are you tired of yawning students who are secretly on their cell phones during class? Learning expert Markus Hofmann tells you how children like to come to your lessons, have fun learning and personally outgrow themselves!
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With the tricks of the memory world champions you will effortlessly remember everything, so that you can better master every learning, work and everyday situation.

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Free Learning Coaching Masterclass for Parents and Teachers: With our new free masterclass, you'll learn how to help your child or student master learning independently and with joy.

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Markus Hofmann on the Greator stage

Learning with fun: the right way to motivate children

Learning becomes easy! Markus Hofmann works as a memory trainer and knows how to give children more motivation and joy for learning. In this interview with Alexander Müller, he tells you what is important when learning with children and what challenges there are in learning training.

Memory training: remembering names made easy

Let's be honest: How embarrassed are you when you're standing in front of a person and you can't remember their name? Very unpleasant? We know the feeling! How would it be if you could remember all the names of other people at the drop of a hat? Sounds pretty ingenious, doesn't it? In this keynote Markus Hofmann will tell you exactly how to do that and how to never forget a name again!

How to access your knowledge EVERY TIME

Why are more and more people working on their personality? Where does all the hype about self-confidence, mindset, vision, etc. come from? The answer is simple: If you have a stable personality and are aware of the direction in which you (really) want to develop, then you are at peace with yourself. But for this, your basis must first be right. This means: You have to get to know yourself better. What distinguishes your character? What talents, wishes and dreams do you have? What are your goals, strengths, weaknesses, fears and hopes?

Give children a chance to develop to the best of their abilities!

In the training as a learning coach, memory expert Markus Hofmann shows you how to convey learning material to children in a playful and exciting way - regardless of the content.

As a learning coach you create the necessary conditions for successful learning, that even correctly Fun makes: To the children and you!

But learning coaching is much more than that: you support children in their personal development. Because you show them, for example. Set own goals, reach them without pressure, with deal with test anxiety or failures and confidently stand up for their wishes.

After the Training as a certified learning coach you not only show children how to learn in a self-determined way, but also bring about a positive difference in the education system.

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Markus Hofmann is probably the most inspiring and effective memory expert in Europe and winner of the German Prize for Continuing Education.

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