John Strelecky

Is an American bestselling author and the inventor of the concept of Big Five for Life.

About John Strelecky

John Strelecky

At the age of 32, John Strelecky realized that his job as a successful strategy consultant no longer fulfilled him. He then decided to quit and spend a year traveling the world with his backpack. There he learned to listen to his inner voice and follow his intuition. After his return, he wrote his book: "The Café at the Edge of the World" in only 3 weeks.

Within a year, the book had spread worldwide through the word of mouth of readers and made it onto the first place on the bestseller list. It was used in over 40 languages translated.

In the meantime John written more books (a.o. "The Big Five for Life"), whose messages encourage millions of people to shape their lives according to their dreams - not only privately, but also professionally. In total, more than 8 million of his books have already been sold.

Due to his work, he was honored alongside personalities such as Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra as one of the 100 most inspiring people distinguished in the field of leadership and personal development. All this still touches and amazes him.

At the moment he lives with his family in Orlando, Florida. Who knows where it will take him next ...

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Wondering what you want to have seen or experienced in your life to feel deep satisfaction and fulfillment? Bestselling author John Strelecky shows you how to live your Big Five for Life with concrete tips and exercises.

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John Strelecky on the Greator stage

Personality development: How to find the right path

In the brand-new interview, John Strelecky reveals how you can find the right path with personality development!

Do you know "The Why Cafe" or "The Café at the Edge of the World"? Bestselling author John Strelecky shows you why the universe sometimes has other plans for you. So listen to your intuition, trust yourself, open up and find the right path! Find out how in this interview. Have fun!

You have YOUR life in your hands - experience your AHA moment

"The universe rewards you for following your heart." This is the view of best-selling author John Strelecky. In an interview with Alexander Müller, he reveals how he managed to live more consciously, follow his heart and thus started a happier life. Because at the age of 32 he decided to finally follow his dream: To travel the world. That year changed his entire life and way of thinking forever. Today, John Strelecky knows that every person is in control of their own life and is their own decision maker. Learn more about his views on life and his new book in the interview.

What really matters in your life?

In the Big Five for Life Coach training, John Strelecky shows you, how to live a fulfilled life - independent of the expectations of others!

It supports you in 5 great life goals to find and discover the purpose of your existence. During the training, John will teach you techniques to really achieve these goals. You'll also learn how to coach others to live the life of their dreams.

Thus, in Future every day to the best day of your life - or in John's words, "to a real museum day."

The "Big Five for Life Coach" Training

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Not only do you get clarity about your desires and goals, but you also learn how you can really achieve them and integrate them into your everyday life.

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John Strelecky is not only a world-renowned bestselling author, coach and speaker - but also a person who was once at the same point in life as you. Find out together with him what is really important to you in life.

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