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Superlearning expert, international speaker & best-selling author.

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Tobias Beck

Tobias Beck is one of the most successful and sought-after German-speaking speakers. As a passionate expert for human performance, he empowers people to bring out the best in themselves. More than 250,000 participants in his seminars and courses have already experienced what Tobias Beck lives more than almost anyone else: transferring enthusiasm to people. Together with his team he trains speakers, trainers, coaches and consultants and helps people to achieve sustainable professional and personal growth. Especially popular is his personality test based on specially developed types of people, which helps to better understand and assess each individual and themselves.

In his bestsellers Unbox your life and Unbox your relationship Tobias Beck reveals his secret for success in life and in relationships and humorously shows how the best principles of motivational psychology work. No less than 5 million listeners also enthusiastically follow his BEWOHNERFREI podcast with inspiring interviews and impulses to take control of your own life, make dreams come true and live sustainable change. 

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Unbox your life

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Unbox your relationship

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The secret of success

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Who are the superstars of life?

Even the little bees and flowers that many parents told us about helped us to make abstract things explainable. Tobias Beck is only too happy to draw on the animal kingdom for a pictorial analysis of the different characters that come together in every office biotope. Or he draws a comparison to crystal mining: How do you as a manager not only get hold of the rough diamonds, but also exploit the full potential of your employees over a long period of time? The "people whisperer", speaker, young entrepreneur and consultant Tobias Beck will explain vividly during this evening how you too can navigate the "shark tank" of the working world safely and successfully with a few behavioural psychological tricks.

Leading healthy relationships - starting with yourself

There's pretty much everything in this talk: the love between a man and a woman, how to have a successful partnership, an emotional dream journey through your own childhood and what parallels relationships and businesses have. There are feelings, tears and a definition of what love is. Why you have to care for children and show feelings. A lecture full of emotions!

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