Andreas Woltemath: "Find your life fuel in crises".

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Andreas Woltemath: "Find your life fuel in crises".

Have you ever assembled anything in your life? You know how it is: You work for hours, read instructions and tinker until it fits. And then late at night you look at the finished piece of furniture with pride. "Hand on heart, you'll remember the great feeling you get when you've finally done it," says Andreas Woltemath, who knows only too well from his own experience.

 "We are actually specialists in putting things together that also belong together," claims Andreas Woltemath. In October, the speaker was a guest at the Speaker Night at the Volksbühne am Rudolfplatz in Cologne. "Only in our world, we far too often take components to construct theaters or airplanes. But in the Coaching I realize again and again that we ourselves too seldom or not at all put together the elements that can create something beautiful in ourselves."

Andreas Woltemath: "Find your source of strength in life crises

By this "wonderful" Andreas means a motivation, something we absolutely need when we set out on the path to our goals or dreams. "Many of us just stop along the way, too. Some don't go any further at all. That's when you need a motivation, a force. I mean a pull that can pull you out of life crises. A deep strength that comes completely from within ourselves - that makes it possible to overcome illness," the speaker clarifies.

DISCCollect your moments of happiness"

Andreas Woltemath explains exactly what he means by this with the help of a story: There was a farmer. He lived in a village. Today he would be called an ass, because he let everyone feel his displeasure. But one day he was one of the happiest people. His secret? "Every morning when I get up, I take a handful of white beans and put them in my pocket. In the beginning, I didn't even notice the beautiful moments in my life. So I collected the happy bean moments first. Like the bird singing on the roof or the kind word from the neighbor. The dear smile of my children I carry in my heart and the nice look of my wife, that carries me through the day - if I ever get it. And at the end of the day, just before I go to sleep, I take all the beans out of my right pants pocket, count them, remind myself so that I can feel the happiness and joy. With that happiness, I go to sleep and I wake up."

Andreas Woltemath: 3 steps to your personal happiness

You too can soon hold your personal happiness in your hands, feel it in your whole body. Andreas explains how in 3 steps.

  1. Step: Who knows his goal, knows his way. Define your goal mindfully. Determine your position. Ask yourself which skills you still have to acquire to reach your goal. Achieve goal.
  2. Step: Pay attention to your thoughts: We absolutely need our thoughts, formed cleanly and mindfully. From these we let our goal emerge. Pay attention to the words you use to form your goal: I will achieve something.
  3. Step: Add to your goal an appropriate feeling of happiness that you remember several times a day, and that you can feel all over your body. We need our feeling to be able to succeed.

Andreas Woltemath: "What's your goal?

"Last year, I accompanied a woman who was suffering from cancer. She is the best example of what each of us can do with this new mindset can achieve," Andreas finds. In addition to the disease, she also had a genetic defect that prevented chemotherapy from working properly. "Right now, the doctors are at a loss as to how to even help me without killing me right away," his client told me. "And I'm desperate and hopeless." Andreas asked her about her goal.

Lucky beans for more strength, hope and confidence

The woman replies that she wants to make the time she has left as beautiful as possible. "No, that's a crappy goal," Andreas replies honestly. "Who are you going to allow to decide when your life is over? Why don't you determine that for yourself?" She looks at Andreas questioningly at first. With a Smile on the face comes the answer. "I will live to see my twins' 18th birthday. That's five more years!" Together they looked for happy bean moments from which she can draw strength, hope and confidence. And find diverse ones.

Let new paths emerge from the most difficult situations in life

A short time later, Andreas Woltemath's client was already feeling much better. Not physically. But mentally. Hope and strength returned. Unfortunately, she did not manage to celebrate her children's birthday. Nevertheless, she experienced the time she had left full of strength, Hope and confidence. She passed away in October 2019. "I'm just grateful that I was able to work with her and have this experience. I want to share with you the experience that you can make even the most difficult situations in life so that hopelessness becomes hope. That powerlessness becomes strength. And out of hopelessness new ways arise. You always have something with you that will help you: That is your feeling - your life fuel. Our gasoline. Just remember the time when you were really freshly in love. Did anyone have to sleep then? No!"

Meditation journey to your happiness

Andreas Woltemath knows a great meditation with which you can not only feel your moments of happiness but also use them as a "reserve canister" for bad times.

Sit down quietly for this. Take a moment and pay attention to your breathing. Breathe in and out deeply and calmly. Slowly close your eyes. Close your right hand into a fist. And now go on a journey of thought: Recall a moment of happiness. Slowly raise one little finger. When the little finger is up: Are you alone or are there dear people around you? Take a look. While doing this, slowly straighten your ring finger. When it is up, look at the colors of your memory. Are they bright? Slowly raise your middle finger. Look at the light at this moment. Is the sun shining, is it bright? Now slowly raise your index finger. What can you hear? The sound of the sea? The wind in your ears, a beautiful song? Raise your thumb slowly.

When you are completely in this moment, feel inside yourself: What is this feeling? Where do you feel it? Flood your body with this beautiful feeling! And now imagine that you are embracing this feeling. Hold it tight. And take it with you. This is your life fuel. Take that feeling with you and slowly open your eyes again! Think of it as your spare canister to get you out of trouble!

It's a really great exercise, isn't it? You can use it whenever you feel like you're running out of life fuel. What exercises and Meditations do you know to recharge energy? We look forward to your feedback!


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