Smile - a friendly miracle cure for your well-being

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Smile - a friendly miracle cure for your well-being

You've dropped your cup, your favorite pen has disappeared and your colleagues are constantly bothering you: It's only normal that you're grumpy. Then you also have to hear that you should smile. Can't you change your face? Yes, you can, and it even helps. Because a slight smile boosts your mood and also puts the people around you in a better mood. 

We'll give you tips on how to find the cause of why you might be having a hard time smiling. 

What exactly is smiling?

Smiling is a certain facial expression. You tense the muscles around the corners of your mouth. A real smile also uses the small muscles around the eyes.

The human smile is meant to express friendliness and joy. It is a part of communication and emphasizes feelings such as politeness and Gratitude. Depending on the situation, you sometimes smile uncontrollably, for example out of nervousness.

All people can smile naturally, regardless of the culture in which they grow up. The smiling face is considered a normal reaction to various impressions and stimulations. This reaction cannot be learned, but you can train yourself to have a friendly facial expression.

The advantages of smiling

A smiling face has an effect not only on the outside. This particular interaction of facial muscles also affects the activities of the brain. Genuine smiling triggers the production of endorphins. These hormones provide a better sense of well-being and even reduce pain.

Another important advantage is the good Mood, which spreads quickly. Try it out: When you smile at other people, you infect them with it. This works not only with acquaintances, but also with strangers.

Other benefits of smiling include:

  1. Your charisma is more positive. This is directly reflected: Others are friendlier to you,
  2. you can achieve more,
  3. the stress level drops,
  4. you overcome short-term problems more easily,
  5. your Satisfaction rises.
mischievous smile

Types smile

How do you smile - contented like a lush cat, happy like a child, polite and reserved, or perhaps arrogant? And how do other people smile? There are exciting Findings.

  • An honest Smiling seems to come from within. You can tell because not only are the corners of the mouth lifted, but the eyes are laughing along with it. Often the lips are slightly parted. Depending on how great the joy is, this honest smile can appear a little more discreet, really shine.
  • A fake smile looks unnatural. Here, the slightly raised corners of the mouth go more outward and the lips remain closed. There is little or no twitching around the eyes. Such a fake smile doesn't have to be ill-intentioned. Sometimes it appears in polite or shy people.
  • A sly smile looks mischievous. Narrowed eyes, tightly closed mouth - look at the movie villains and you know what is meant.
  • Those who smile dominantly want to express superiority. Typically, such people raise only one corner of their mouth.
  • A sly smile indicates that someone is probably plotting something. One corner of the mouth goes up slightly, perhaps a wink is added - a poker face looks different.
  • If you smile nervously, you want to show your Uncertainty overact. In certain situations, however, this only makes it more difficult.
  • In rare cases, it is pathological smiling. It may indicate Angelman syndrome or extreme emotional problems.
  • The meaning of the smiling expression depends on the situation. With time you will be able to judge quite well how the look is meant - sincere or posed.

Body language and the power of the smile

A smiling face is an important element of the Body language and has a special power. It starts with the social smile that blind people also show. This indicates that this type of smile is innate. The preliminary form of it is the pre-smile, which can be seen in babies - but this is a reflex.

Later on, there are other side effects. You smile and wave at someone - signaling that you're happy to see them again. In another situation, you notice how your smiling gaze freezes: Then you are anything but enthusiastic, but force yourself to remain calm. This can look unbelievable, so it's better not to put on a smiling mask.

Realize the power of a smiling face. Body language has an immediate effect on your emotions. When you smile, you can't stay angry for long. The smiling expression often includes an upright posture - this helps against dejection. Thus, the power of smiling makes you more attractive.

If you smile, you are not only considered a friendly person, but also relatively successful. You'll get away with it better - whether you're apologizing, asking for something, or settling a dispute.

What can a smile do?

Your smiling look should convey a good mood and signal openness. Unlike the fake smiling mask, you mean it honestly. Other people recognize this and are happy to respond to you.

Friendliness will win you more friends - not only because you look more attractive, but also because of your sociability. In photos, you can easily tell who's smiling sincerely and who's facial expression is fake.

A good morning smile motivates you, even if you only smile at yourself in the mirror. An enchanting smile from your child gets you through the day happily.

Interestingly, it is the brain indifferentwhether the smile has a reason or not. According to the Facial Feedback Hypothesis you'll be happier just by the fact that your facial muscles are contorted. So all you have to do is smile to yourself to boost your happy hormones.

What does a beautiful smile mean?

If you smile sincerely, you radiate with happiness - and that has a powerful effect. You feel attracted to it and like to smile back.

This kind of smile doesn't come on its own or from one moment to the next. It arises within you and grows slowly. It means that you feel a deep joy. You can't force it or determine in advance how long it will last. In fact, the smiling face lasts longer, because the joy does not disappear from now on.

The smiling mouth is not necessarily particularly large or symmetrical. That's because you're not making an effort to smile "beautifully". You just beam - without asking yourself what that looks like. That's what makes a free smiling face so attractive.

How to smile properly?

Can smiling be learned? Actually, it is an innate talent, but you can still train it. The following Tips and exercises will help you.

  • Don't pretend, but stay natural. When you smile for a photo, it always looks a bit forced.
  • Try to relax your facial muscles. Open your mouth a little and think about something that makes you happy.
  • Smile at your reflection. Do a few exercises: Does your smiling face look real or fake? How wide do you usually smile? Do you open your lips when you do? Which muscles are active?
  • Train your facial muscles: this is how accustomed you remember to smile more often. Pull up the corners of your mouth and hold them for ten seconds before relaxing the muscles again.
  • The eyes can also join in: You can see it in the little smile lines. They make your face light up happily.
  • You don't necessarily have to look in the mirror when you smile. Think of something funny or beautiful - you'll notice if your facial muscles twitch.
  • Smile just to cheer yourself up. Smile when you talk to other people. This way you will increase eye contact and it will be easier for you to understand yourself even with strangers.

These things can prevent you from smiling

The so-called seriousness of life makes it difficult to face everyday life with a smile. Good moods suffer especially under stress and time pressure. So many professional obligations are coming your way, and there are also the private problems. Sometimes you have the feeling that you have completely forgotten how to smile.

Instead, you allow yourself to be influenced by the negative attitude that prevails around you. It is all the more important that you positive thinking learn and reflect on the power of smiles. Rejoice more often, counter stress and setbacks with laughter!

You may worry that your smiling face will look artificial. Others may think that you don't take your job seriously when you smile. But if you trust your inner smile, it will find its true expression in your facial expressions.


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