Hope lost - there is a way out of the depressive phase

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Hope lost - there is a way out of the depressive phase

You hope for a good exam grade - and are disappointed when you mess up. Your hopes for an adventurous vacation are dashed when it doesn't work out. And your relationship isn't going as you'd hoped either. No wonder you give up. Your great expectations obviously don't stand a chance.

You have lost hope! Is it worth thinking about this topic? It's no use now, you think at first. But hope and confidence are vital. A good message: You can do something yourself for your positive attitude. Being hopeful can be learned. So don't always expect the worst, but rather think optimistically. You may fall flat on your face sometimes, but most of the time hope works just like pessimism: what you expect happens. Moreover, hope is a basic prerequisite for change.

What does hope actually mean? Here you can find out some interesting background information on the topic of "hope lost" - and tips for everyday life. These will get you out of the depressive mood out.

What is hope?

There is still hope I hope lost - these two opposites seem to alternate in the different phases of life. But what does that mean anyway: hope?

The word hope comes from Middle Low German. The original term "Hopen" is clearly recognizable in the English translation (Hope). Hoping, jumping - and with restless expectation, that's the meaning behind it. So when you hope, you have an expectant, positive attitude. Children hop nervously when it's time to unwrap Christmas presents. You feel that hopeful nervousness inside, too. Something desirable is about to happen.

The sober Definition of hope focuses on the emotional, human orientation toward future events or things. Whether it's financial security, a certain gift, an upcoming partnership, or an improvement in health, hopeful people are optimistic about the future. Often the positive mood also triggers an action. This is how you recognize that hope is a driving force.

Hope - the feelings that come with it are sometimes Uncertainty and worry. Perhaps what was hoped for will not come to pass. Then follows the Disappointment on the foot. Also despair, Fear and depression can set in. Hopelessness overwhelms you.

In many people, hope awakens again and again, like a stand-up man. The hope process is based on one's own assessments and experiences. Probabilities and scales relevant to needs play a role. So it comes as no surprise to you that hope is one of the three great Christian values: the other two are Faith and love.

hope lost

8 reasons why hope is important

You have a certain hope I hope lost - depending on what situation you are in, you feel strong or rather weak. The problem with hope is that you have no certainty. You're basically positive, but you can't put your finger on why.

Hope I lost hope, if you look more closely at the special accompanying symptoms, you will recognize the special power in the positive and hopeful attitude. 

The following reasons show how important this is:

  • With confidence you are in a better mood and can enjoy your life more.
  • Hope is a virtue that gives people a secure footing.
  • You look for a solution or a way out even in difficult situations and don't give up.
  • You have a strong drive and are motivated to look to the future.
  • You like to put a lot of energy into your projects, even if the success is waiting in the wings.
  • You are determined and disciplined.
  • With the necessary hope, it will be easy for you to overcome obstacles.
  • A certain confidence strengthens your Resilience and helps you to better health.

Hope, your individual attitude, actually affects your body's own healing powers and your quality of life. That's why it pays to increase your own optimism - for physical health and also for a strong psyche.

Sometimes you can only marvel: Some people have experienced a lot of misfortune and yet they still keep their hope. In some cases, this may seem naïve, but often these positive-minded people are anything but naïve. They see the world realistically - and still maintain their hopeful attitude. This accompanies them like a stabilizing philosophy. So it works: Your own optimism gives you energy.

Hope lost: what you can do

Whichever side you are on, it is not a static state. Your outlook on life changes with your experiences. Even a strong, hopeful faith can diminish with setbacks. Instead of hope, worries and fears come to the fore.

If the hopelessness lasts longer, you should become active. Otherwise you will lose your faith in the good and possibly become depressed. Then you will literally feel crushed by the difficulties.

Lost hope, what to do? How can you fight the growing despair? Depending on the situation, a few wise sayings about hope can get you back on track. Here are a few helpful aphorisms and sayings:

  • "It is hope that causes the shipwrecked sailor in the middle of the sea to row his arms, though there is no land in sight." (Ovid)
  • "Everything that has been accomplished in the world has been done out of hope." (Martin Luther)
  • "It is better to light a single small light than to curse the darkness." (Confucius)
  • "The greatest people are those who can give hope to others." (Jean Jaurès)
  • "The second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience." (Samuel Johnson)

6 tips for more hope in everyday life

"I've lost hope," you sigh, wishing for comfort and perhaps pity. For a little while, it's okay to let yourself down. But your attitude about hope affects your life too much to do nothing. Instead, orient yourself to the following tips that will show you how to get out of this situation.

  1. Consider your current negative situation and accept them. Is it the job that's getting on your nerves? Is the Relationship bad? Are you sick? If you have identified the problem, you can change it. But the Acceptance is a first step towards change and improvement.
  2. Let out your anger. Sometimes you just need to blow off steam. Talk to a trusted person about your negative beliefs. Write them down or shout your anger into the forest.
  3. Think about what you like. Treat yourself small Moments of happiness and spoil yourself. It doesn't have to be an expensive meal or a fine piece of jewelry.
  4. Attempts to Avoid contact with toxic peopleand rather approach positive people. Shared joy is indeed a strong force. So surround yourself with hopeful friends who encourage you. You can learn a lot from them.
  5. Think back to the good times and the successes in your life. You have already dealt with some crises and difficult situations. Remember your attitude at that time. If the earlier experiences do not relate to the current situation, ask your friends.
  6. Become active and come out of yourself compassionate Victim role out. Often, the victims cannot help it that they are in a hopeless situation. They have become a victim. But you can act yourself and regain control.

Hope lost - typical causes of pessimism

Many experiences can influence the originally positive basic attitude. People who remain hopeful even in the face of major problems are not easily swayed. But sensitive people feel thrown off course as soon as they have negative experiences.

If you have problems in your partnership, you may have lost hope in love. Family and professional crises affect the hopeful view of the future.

Why do men have false hopes? - This thought torments many women, but the supposed false hopes for love are often based on exaggerated, romantic ideas that have nothing to do with reality.

Negative attitude due to bad experience

Often it is bad experiences that lead to a negative attitude. A Trauma can trigger mistrust. A lack of success weakens future prospects and thus also hope.

The loss of a loved one has particularly serious consequences. Here, all hope seems to be in vain. Looking at the many wars in the world can also cause hopelessness. It is no wonder that hope is lost to humanity - but there are still strong, hopeful people who do something.

The positive effect on body and soul

Hope has enormous power. This means that as a hopeful person, you have great opportunities. On the other hand, it also means: hope lost, everything lost - because without this Positive energy you feel down.

You also notice how important your inner attitude is when you are ill. An unfavorable diagnosis from the doctor may dash your hopes - but right now you need strength and stamina. A positive attitude strengthens your self-healing powers and promotes recovery. By the way, this is how the placebo effect works: If you believe that the medication will help, it will. The hope of health strengthens your immune system and makes you bear the pain better. At the same time, it reduces the fear that the disease will get worse.

The so-called "self-fulfilling prophecy" plays a major role in healing, as numerous studies show. If you expect to get well, you will. Sounds simple - and is scientifically proven.

On the other hand, if you lose hope, it has a negative effect on healing. In the worst case, you become depressed. That is why you must not give up on yourself.

Hope - the positive way

You are far from having lost hope. This universal power will help you overcome frustrations and overcome crises. Work on your attitude and find your own way to deal with it.

With a positive attitude you win more Self-confidence. Learn and learn more about the topic Personality Development. So you find a good, hopeful way into the future.


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