Good relationship: Detach yourself from old beliefs

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Good relationship: Detach yourself from old beliefs

There are success inhibitors. And there are also the relationship impediments. Both of which are entirely your responsibility. You are. Yes, with your flood of thoughts that you swim through life with every day, you get stranded where they take you. Because it all starts with a thought. And you can change a thought. Ingenious, isn't it? We want to take you by the hand to clean up the thoughts in your head around relationships. And focus your energy on only good relationships! This can be very liberating. Do you feel like it?

(Are you) living good relationships?

What do you think about relationships? Complicated, exhausting or beautiful and unique? Do you know any good relationships? Feel free to ask yourself, "What image do you have in mind when you think of partnership?" It doesn't have to be your own, either. It has to be the one we have with our co-workers, friends, or family.

Is there perhaps always a special type of person within these relationships who totally triggers you? We don't want to give too much away at this point, but: what hits you, affects you. That's right: The feeling that's triggered in you has something to do with you....

Reflect on your relationships

We want harmony and think that constant compromise is the price we have to pay. Already at home or at school we experience to adapt. Were you also raised to be good? We'd rather put our own needs second than put others before our heads. "If I don't do what the other person wants, he or she won't like me anymore," you may think.

Now it gets exciting: What event (possibly from your early childhood) contributed to the fact that you Beliefs how these have developed about you, blocking you?

Our tip: Grab a piece of paper and a pen. Take the next 20 minutes and write down what you think about relationships in general. The following questions can give you more insight into why things aren't always going well for you in this area of your life:

  1. How did you experience your parents' marriage/relationship?
  2. How is your relationship with work colleagues?
  3. How is your relationship with friends?
  4. What is your relationship with yourself?
  5. What values do you associate with a good relationship (like trust, openness, devotion, honesty) and what values do you live by or not?

How do I get back into good relationships?

By not only becoming aware of your beliefs, but also dissolving them. Decide for a new way! If relationships have been linked with annoying compromises for you so far, then now you could Lightness be the key to a peaceful partnership. Meditating or a coaching session can be a way to create good Relationships in your life to integrate.

How do I invite love into my life?

Use the power of your thoughts. Direct them in a positive direction. With what intention - a kind of declaration of intent in the form of a positively formulated sentence - do you want to live and experience relationships?

Use intention as a compass for your energy. You use it to determine where your attention and energy should flow to support you on the path to realizing your vision. Think of your intention as magic powder that you blow out into the world and that magically allows things to come into your life that you couldn't have imagined more beautifully in your wildest dreams. And then you get to let go and trust that you are on the sunny side of life!

If you want to learn more about this, if you are burning to get clarity in your life, then we have something great for you: You have your Change in your own hands. You decide how you want to live your life, in which direction you develop - and which opportunities you tackle! Apply now and become Greator Coach. As a Greator coach you come into your full power and are ready to make a lasting difference in the lives of many people. Maybe your first thought is: "But I don't want to be a coach! Become a coach!" - You don't have to. Use the following months for yourself. For more perspective. For more clarity. For more inner peace. Embark on the most intense adventure, a journey to yourself, to more growth, now.


Is your relationship healthy?

Find out, Whether your relationship is toxic! Our free relationship quiz will help you see if you're in a harmful relationship - or if everything is in the green.
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