Change can help you achieve personal growth

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Change can help you achieve personal growth

"Life means change." Well, how many times have you heard this phrase? Things change, that's an unwritten law of life. Nothing stays the way it was in the beginning forever and we have to come to terms with that. After all, it would be boring if everything always stayed the same, wouldn't it?

But changes are not always easy; after all, we humans are creatures of habit. They often present us with a challenge. But they are precisely the ones that make us and our personality grow.

What exactly does change actually mean?

To put it quite simply, we always talk about a change when something first exhibits very specific features, but these are no longer characteristic later on. There are countless different philosophical approaches to what change really is. However, it is clear that if things are no longer the same today as they were yesterday, a change has clearly taken place. The extent of the change is irrelevant.

If you dropped a coffee cup this morning and it broke, it clearly changed. On a personal level, it can look quite different again. If you don't care whether the cup is broken or not, nothing will change for you. But if it was your favorite mug or even an heirloom, you may be sad for a long time and reminisce about the person who bequeathed it to you. So your state of mind will change as well.

Your life, on the other hand, stays the same. Typical changes would be, for example, when you take a new job, move to another city or have a child. All this presents you with challenges, because you can never know 100 % what to expect. And that's a good thing! Why? We'll explain it to you now.

Why is change so important?

Are you completely satisfied with your life as it is now? happyyou're probably wondering why on earth you should change anything now. But hand on heart: there is certainly something that does not fully satisfy you. It can be something in your professional life or in your Relationship but also concern your personality and your abilities.

Maybe you want to be braver, be able to speak a foreign language, or get fitter. All these are occasions for change and that is good! If you don't pursue your desires, which inevitably go hand in hand with change, your Dissatisfaction spread further and further. So you have to intervene in time and dare something new. In this way, you maintain your mental balance and don't sink into the daily grind.

changes in life

5 positive aspects of change

Change can be intimidating, especially if you're stuck in your daily routine. But be brave and dare to try new ways, because you can only benefit from it!

1. changes bring you forward

Imagine that every day runs exactly the same. Where is the joy of life then? Where are the challenges that make life worth living? Without change, you will always stand still. But you want to reach high! Only if you face up to these challenges will you make progress in life.

2. changes increase your self-confidence

Often changes are not easy and that's why we like to avoid them. Yet they offer great opportunities to grow! In order to master the tasks that changes present us with, we have to rise above ourselves, dare to take a chance and perhaps even learn new things.

Once we have mastered them, we can be incredibly proud of ourselves. That is balm for our own Self-confidence. You will first become aware of what you are actually capable of and you can pat yourself on the back for that.

3. change gets you out of your comfort zone

Who does not like to hole up in his Comfort zone and sticks to the things he knows and is good at? We all feel perfectly comfortable up to a certain limit, but as soon as things suddenly change and this limit is exceeded, we become nervous. Something new and unknown comes our way and we don't really know yet how best to behave.

However - if we don't face this change, we will never learn. But if we have dared to take the step and learned how best to master the situation, it too becomes part of our comfort zone. In this way, you will succeed in enlarging this zone more and more. And then nothing will be able to upset you so quickly.

4. changes enable you to live the life you have always wished for

Close your eyes and think about what a perfect life would look like for you. Do you have a picture in your mind? Then ask yourself why you are not living that life.

Often the answer is because it involves changes you don't feel up to or are simply too uncomfortable for you. So the fact is, Change is the key to lifethat you secretly wish for. So be brave and face them!

5. changes make you resilient

Changes are challenges. Once you've faced them and mastered all the tasks they set before you with flying colors, you can not only be incredibly proud of yourself. You will also notice that you are becoming more and more resilient. With every change you allow into your life that doesn't throw you off track, you'll realize how strong you are. You'll see that nothing will faze you in a hurry, and you'll become more and more resilient.

Why is change so difficult for us?

We've already mentioned it: we humans are creatures of habit. We like to be comfortable and stick to the things we know. So why should we get involved in changes that would only bring unrest into our lives? You would have to change your inner bastard and between you and me: it's not that easy. But if you gather all your sense of discipline and overcome yourself again and again to integrate new impulses, these will eventually become Habit.

We want to be honest: It takes a while. On average, it takes about three weeks for something to become a habit. Until it gets that far, your mind will keep longing for security and comfort. The reason for this is simply that every living thing craves security. It is in our nature to avoid risks and dangers. However, you must distinguish between real dangers and mere inconveniences.

5 tips for better change management

Facing change is usually easier said than done. We have put together a few tips for you so that it finally works!

1. be clear about what is in front of you

Yes, you can also prepare for changes. But that only works if you first identify them precisely. What challenges will they bring? What opportunities do they offer you?

Often result Fear and stress from uncertainty. So first state the facts clearly. Then recognize and accept your emotional reaction to them. How do you feel and which aspects trigger this feeling? This is exactly where you start to deal with the problem.

2. take control yourself

You are not always helpless in the face of change. In most situations, you can even take the reins yourself, you just have to grab them! In these cases, focus on taking control yourself instead of continuing to vehemently resist the change.

It will come to you, you can't change that. But you can very well contribute something so that it goes pleasantly for you. So go from a passive to an active attitude.

3. accept what you cannot stop

Of course, you can't always influence how a change happens. If you get a new supervisor, for example, you can't choose who that will be, but are presented with a fait accompli. Then you simply have to find your peace with it. Accept the things you can't influence and try to make the best of the situation.

Just because you have a new boss doesn't mean your job is on the line. Maybe he/she even offers you completely new opportunities, because he/she has a lot of Potential sees in you! So don't immediately paint the devil on the wall when something changes.

4. find the positive behind the change

Who says that change always has to bring disadvantages? They can give you great opportunities to expand your horizons and learn new things! You're being transferred to another department? Great, then you have the opportunity to experience exciting things and learn new skills!

You're moving to another city? Great, then you find new friends and get to know the regional peculiarities! Behind every change there is something positive. You must only open yourself and your eyes to it. Accept what is! 

5. do not forget yourself

Change often means work. That is quite normal, after all, you first have to come to terms with the new circumstances. But be sure to take care of your own well-being as well.

If changes frighten you or make you feel insecure, don't just carelessly push these thoughts aside. Consciously allow them and think about how you can make yourself feel better in such situations. Only if you succeed in facing changes with confidence will you one day be completely unaffected by them.

Finally, no more fear of change!

We always feel most comfortable in situations that we have already experienced hundreds of times. We master them safely because we know exactly what to do and no one forces us to leave our comfort zone. But why is it so difficult for us to step out of this zone? It is our inner desire for security, which is inherent in our evolution. But change is in no way comparable to danger, where our lives hang by a thread. So get out of the comfort zone!

Sure, it can be scary. But don't worry, we won't leave you out in the cold with that. In our mini-course, we'll show you how to get your Fear before change. This way, you'll finally be able to go through life with confidence, without worrying that a sudden change might throw you off course.

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