Podcast marketing catches your ear: why you should rely on it

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Podcast marketing catches your ear: why you should rely on it

Marketing has many facets and the more effectively you use them, the better your business will work. But the marketing world is evolving rapidly. This means that new, innovative possibilities are constantly being added, with which you can promote your brand, your service or your product even better than before. Now it's time to check whether the trend is worthwhile for your business or not. One of the biggest current innovations is podcast marketing.

Admittedly, podcasts, i.e. retrievable audio or video files, have already existed for many years. At the moment, however, they are experiencing extreme hype and are becoming increasingly popular, especially among the younger generation. And while social media marketing and search engine marketing are now part of the repertoire of many self-employed and entrepreneurs, podcast marketing is still in its infancy.

5 reasons for podcast marketing

But what is the trend good for? Is it effective, does it lead to the goal and does it bring your business forward in the long term? With podcasts, there are two ways to promote your business: either you publish your own podcast or you become part of another one. This works, for example, by appearing as an interview guest or by publishing a paid audio advertisement in this podcast.

Basically, we think: The potential of podcasts is great. Because podcasts offer numerous advantages with which you can win new customers or turn your existing customers into real fans. Especially if you launch your own podcast and regularly publish high-quality episodes with added value. Here's what's behind it and why podcast marketing could be the next big catalyst for your business:

Image & Expert Status

Audio and video files offer you a wonderful opportunity to position yourself as an expert and positively stand out from other entrepreneurs. While almost every self-employed person is present on various social media channels, having your own podcast is still something very special. It gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge, provide the listener with added value and, at best, address exactly the topics that interest them.

Accordingly, the secret to good podcast marketing is:

  1. Know the interests of your target audience.
  2. Design content that adds value.
  3. Solve a problem of your target group and prove your expert status!

Podcast Marketing: Building Trust

Your voice, your face and your movements allow others to get to know you. And knowing you builds trust. So what better way to present yourself than through a podcast or video? And let's face it, recording a video requires a certain amount of desire to present yourself on camera. Not everyone has that. With an audio recording, it's a whole different story. You don't have to be in front of the camera - just use your voice. Microphone on, let's go!

Your voice has a recognition value and remains in the memory of your listeners. If you add exciting storytelling elements to your episodes, the chance of not being forgotten is even higher. Your pleasant voice creates additional trust and is therefore a good instrument for customer retention. Another plus point: podcasts are usually listened to in private everyday situations, i.e. while driving, doing sports or before going to bed. This creates additional closeness, which in turn is elementarily important for long-term customer loyalty. Trust build up.

Emotions & Branding

Podcasts are great for engaging your audience on an emotional level. This makes them extremely effective. After all, advertising works best when it arouses emotions. Of course, you shouldn't use your podcast as a constant commercial. But just by being present, establishing yourself as an expert and building trust, you're operating effectively. Branding. In combination with emotions, this is an extremely effective marketing measure.

Podcast marketing reach

The opportunity to increase your reach and attract potential new customers with a podcast is huge. Once recorded and published, you can share an episode across all social networks. And don't forget the streaming service where you upload your podcast. You can self-promote there, too. Since podcasts are so trendy, it shouldn't be a problem to get your recordings out there. And once you've built up a certain reach, your podcast will quickly become a sure-fire success.

Low costs

Hand on heart: For which self-employed person do costs not play a role? Probably for no one who acts economically. That's why it's important to keep an eye on costs. With a podcast, that's no problem! All you need is a microphone, a recording device (such as your computer or smartphone) and an editing program. Since you don't need an expensive camera or other equipment, high-quality podcasts are much cheaper than comparable high-quality videos. The time required is also lower.

Podcast Marketing Conclusion

Whether podcast marketing is a fast trend or will still be around in twenty years is certainly not something anyone can predict in fast-paced times like these. But that is also not necessary. Because the willingness to adapt and reinvent yourself again and again is part of the profession of self-employment. That's why you shouldn't focus on whether podcast marketing will still exist tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, but on whether it can advance your business today.

We think: Yes, it can. But only if you create high-quality, value-added content that's informative and entertaining in equal measure and fits your target audience exactly. When combined with other marketing efforts, your podcast can help you gain expert status, build trust, generate reach, and attract new customers. Because what catches your ear stays in your head. With this in mind: Get in the studio, turn on the microphone and let's go!

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