Marketing problems: This is how proper online marketing works

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Marketing problems: This is how proper online marketing works

For future-oriented companies, there is no way around online marketing. If you want to continue to hold your own in the market, it is imperative that you deal with the topic of digitalization. In this article, we would like to tell you what you absolutely have to pay attention to and how you can overcome your biggest marketing problems. In this context, we would like to introduce you to 5 disciplines that form the foundation for successful online marketing.

The 5 most important disciplines in online marketing

  • Find target group: Where exactly can I find my target group on the Internet?
  • Traffic: How do I get my target audience to my website?
  • Conversion: How do I turn website visitors into paying customers?
  • Funnel: How do I increase sales per head through online marketing?
  • Technical implementation: How do I prepare everything technically clean?

The 5 biggest marketing problems in online marketing and how to overcome them

1. how to find the right target group on the internet

Before you can find your target audience on the Internet, you must first work on your Positioning work. The following applies: The more pointed your positioning, the better!

Why is this so important?

As a rule, your target group always has a concrete problem. And for this problem your target group wants a solution.

This means: If you don't offer a concrete solution on your website that is immediately understandable, then your offer will also be vague and therefore meaningless.

Many entrepreneurs pay little attention to this important point. As a result, many entrepreneurs do not stand out from the crowd on the Internet.

Marketing problems: the more differentiated you are, the more visible you are

To cut to the chase: Don't do a little bit of everything, but do something specific right. Because the more differentiated you are, the more visible you are.

In this context, we would like to present you with two short examples that we would like to use to give you an understanding of the topic of positioning.

1. : My name is Dr. Max Mustermann, a general practitioner, and I help people with physical complaints".

2. : "My name is Dr. Max Mustermann and I have a proven track record of helping people with migraine attacks."

Which example do you think is better?

Correct, example 2 is clearly better. The reason: Here it is immediately clear what the doctor specializes in and what help he offers for those affected. It is therefore immediately clear to a website visitor what it is all about.

Now that you know what visitors to your website expect, namely clarity, we'd like to tell you how to get the right prospects to your site and avoid marketing problems.

These 5 advantages bring you a clear positioning on the Internet:

  • Stand out from the competition
  • Communicate your offer clearly
  • Develop a unique selling proposition
  • You become more attractive for search engines
  • You are sure to reach the desired target group

2. traffic: marketing problems - how to get the right visitors to your site

By now, it's common knowledge that ads can be placed through Google and social networks like Facebook.

But how do you have to proceed? What needs to be taken into account? And how expensive is advertising on the Internet?

Before we get to that, there is a rumor that is still persistent. Often one gets to hear: "My target group is not even on Google or Facebook."

This claim could not be more wrong. Almost every Internet user in Germany uses Google as a search engine. In addition, social networks like Facebook have billions of visitors per month.

On all of these platforms, you can run ads that are usually in the low cents range.

Internet advertising is attractive for every market

In addition, we would like to clear up another rumor at this point. No, social media is not just for the average person who wants to watch a cat video.

Entrepreneurs, executives, managers and other decision makers are also on social media.

Internet advertising is therefore attractive not only for the B2C but also for the B2B market.

Advantages of paid advertising

  • Generating e-mail addresses
  • Long-term customer loyalty
  • Visibility for target group
  • Increasing the range
  • customer acquisition

Online advertising is therefore systematized marketing. This means that online marketing can be evaluated down to the last decimal place.

This is a big advantage compared to offline advertising, where it is not possible to clearly say how the target group interacts with the advertisement.

However, placing online ads is only the first step. It is important to turn prospects into customers. Because if you don't follow some important steps in this context, you can quickly burn your money.

In the next point, we would like to tell you what options you have to turn website visitors into customers. There we will show you the best conversion methods that you can use to turn prospects into paying customers.

3rd Conversion: How to turn prospects into paying customers

In online marketing, the term conversion refers to the conversion of prospects into a certain status. Below we have listed the most important conversion types that are relevant for your online business.

The most important conversion variables in online marketing

  • 1. convert organic website visitors into leads
  • 2. conversion of existing leads into paying customers
  • 3. turn a buyer into a repeat buyer
  • 4. converting content consumers into buyers
  • 5. turn newsletter subscribers into buyers

It is important to always keep an eye on the conversion rate. With this, the success of advertising campaigns can be measured down to the last decimal place. You can use a simple formula to find out how your campaigns are performing.

This is: Conversion rate = Purchases / Visitors

Depending on what you're testing, different benchmarks apply. In email marketing, for example, the click-through rate is crucial.

This refers to the number of clicks measured against the number of openers. With 1000 openers, for example, 150 readers would have to click on one of the links to achieve a click-through rate of 15 %. For an email, for example, this would be a very good value.

increase conversion rate

For a classic sales page on which individual products are sold, a purchase conversion rate of 7 % is already considered above average. However, this statement cannot be generalized, since a different benchmark applies to each industry.

The purchase conversion rate results from the fact that you run a certain advertising campaign over a longer period of time (e.g. 30 days).

If in this period your sales page has 1,000 website visitors and you have sold 70 units of your product, then your conversion rate is 7 %.

After you've evaluated all the relevant numbers, you can think of actions you can take to increase your conversion rate.

To this Achieve goalFor example, you can set up a fully automated funnel. In the next step, we will explain what a funnel is.

4th Funnel: How you automatically increase revenue per head when marketing problems arise

A funnel refers to a sales route that a prospect goes through until they make a purchase.

The goal of a funnel is to increase CLV (customer lifetime value), or revenue per customer.

What can a funnel look like in online marketing? We have prepared a short example for you.

Funnel example for your online business

  • 1. First, a matching ad is played to the prospect on Google, Facebook or Instagram.
  • 2. The prospect then lands on a landing page where they can download a free lead magnet. This can be an ebook, a checklist or an online seminar, for example.
  • 3. In order for the prospect to secure the lead magnet, they must have their
    e-mail address. Subsequently, several e-mails are played out to him, which he can
    to raise awareness of the main product.
  • 4. The prospective customer finally comes from the e-mails to a sales page on which he is offered the core offer (main product).
  • 5. After the purchase, the customer receives another email cascade with the goal of selling a product maximizer. This is usually a high-priced product, which should multiply the profit. This is referred to as an upsell.
  • 6. If the interested party decides against the upsell, you can offer them a downsell. This can be, for example, the same product as in the upsell, but this is now offered at a reduced price.

The advantage of a funnel is that you only have to create it once. Afterwards, it automatically generates new customers. This way, you as an entrepreneur have a lot of time and can dedicate yourself to scaling your business.

The question you're probably asking yourself right now is: "Whew, that sounds like a lot of work. I'm sure I need a deep understanding of IT to do this." We'd like to tell you whether this statement is really the case in the last point.

5. marketing problems: How hard is online marketing really?

The answer is no! To online succeedyou don't have to be an IT nerd.

To understand why online marketing is easy to implement these days, we need to take a look at the past.

Just a few years ago, online marketing was only relevant for larger companies. Only these had sufficient financial resources to invest in online marketing.

Small and medium-sized enterprises, on the other hand, fell by the wayside.

There were two reasons for this. On the one hand, there were hardly any online marketing agencies and those that existed took exorbitant sums for their services.

On the other hand, the only option left for the small entrepreneur was to do everything himself. However, you would have had to actually be an IT nerd back then.

At that time, only a few marketers had the knowledge. And the few who did have the knowledge had another problem. Setting up the pages simply took too long.

There are now software solutions for all important areas of online marketing that help you set up fully automated sales and acquisition processes. Marketing problems should also be a thing of the past here.

How exactly can software solutions help you build an online business?

  • Landing & Sales Pages
  • Email Marketing
  • Webinars
  • Data Analysis
  • Graphic Design

Software solutions save you hundreds of hours of work. Plus, you don't have to spend money on expensive agencies. Instead, you can take your online business into your own hands.

All you need is the right knowledge, which has already been tested several times in practice. The Business Factory team would like to support you on this path.

To help you build a successful online business, we would like to invite you to take a short quiz (only takes 2 minutes).

There we will determine in which areas we can support you. Afterwards, you will receive an evaluation from us (free of charge, of course) as a video that is tailored exactly to you.

Online Marketing Quiz: Find out what your biggest marketing problem is with 7 simple questions and most importantly, how to fix it! Start quiz now!

Conclusion: With the right strategies, you too can be successful in online marketing.

In this article, we've introduced you to the 5 most important disciplines you need to master if you want to build a successful online business.

The 5 most important disciplines in online marketing

  • Find target group: Where exactly can I find my target group on the Internet?
  • Traffic: How do I get my target audience to my website?
  • Conversion: How do I turn website visitors into paying customers?
  • Funnel: How do I increase sales per head through online marketing?
  • Technical implementation: How do I prepare everything technically clean?

In which of the 5 disciplines are you currently struggling with challenges? What exactly is your marketing problem? Are there any other areas where you need help with your online business?

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