Robert Betz, "Become True to Yourself and Your Heart!"

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Welcome to the time of the greatest changes since the last thousands of years. Change scares many people. Robert Betz, successful keynote speaker, seminar leader and author, knows: "The emotions, dissatisfaction, anger, rage and powerlessness that are coming up right now, we've been there before. But this time it will turn out differently. The world and life want to be understood. I say: it can be understood - especially if you look at yourself instead of who might be to blame. I want to share with you how to get through these troubled times with a sure, clear footing. Become true to yourself and your heart again!" Are you excited? Then have fun!

Robert Betz: Be a creator & create

The expert is certain that a powerful force is currently shaking up everything: all relationships, families, companies and organizations. Robert Betz: "This force is uncovering what was previously under the carpet. This has been discovered in the last few years in the many scandals. Almost every month there is a new scandal that uncovers what has been practiced for decades in untruthfulness. But each and every one of us is also affected and rolled up the rug under which we kept so many things hidden."

For Robert Betz it is a long tradition not to look inward and look at what we humans produce as creators. He says, "We are creators who do nothing but create all day long. But most of us don't know what we're doing. Because if we did know, we wouldn't be doing so much nonsense." According to the expert, we all create new things day by day through our thoughts, speech, feelings and actions. And in doing so, we know that much of it is not for the good.

Waking up through crises

That's why Robert Betzt wants to draw attention to our inner life and to what we have learned from childhood: "It's worth looking at what was there. Because these children are still inside us and everything is stored in our inner world. Because we usually swept it under the rug and didn't get any guidance on growing up, we slipped into adulthood with the same thoughts, patterns, and beliefs that we adopted in childhood."

Direct your attention to your inner life.

Robert Betz

Crises, illnesses and conflicts cause us to experience a state of deficiency at some point - and according to Robert Betz, they are there to wake us up. He says: "We as human beings are now reminded of what is essential in our lives - that is, of what we really innately are. And we all innately possess love. Love is usually trivialized as a sweet little romantic thing. But love is the greatest power in heaven and on earth, and you have it within you!"

The truth of your heart

Robert Betz recommends looking at the energy levels that are stored within you: "Your thoughts create your emotional energies - your feelings. These feelings are usually suppressed and repressed. We distract ourselves from them and then physical sensations and symptoms arise. From that, illnesses arise. And then we have a heart in the center of our chest and that heart is the center of your love, your joy, and your inner wisdom. That heart knows everything about you."

Unfortunately, too many people do not listen to their heart, but to their head with its many condemning thoughts. Robert Betz: "Your heart tells you every day what is the truth of love and the truth of your heart. So ask yourself two questions: Does what you are doing feel round, coherent and connected with joy? You don't have to think about that, you have an answer within two seconds. And the second question is, "Are you listening to this heart?"

Robert Betz: "The most important person you are!"

Make the decision to listen to your heart! Decide to create for yourself a truly happy and fulfilled life to create! Robert Betz: "The little child in us used to watch mom and dad. And we got into the habit of copying our parents' lives. Our parents did it as well as they could. They deserve great thanks, appreciation and recognition. But in the time of dependence as a child, we felt powerlessness - we were not free. In order to survive, we needed love, recognition, affirmation, praise and attention. We no longer need that as adults - and yet in this world today we find that we are addicted to attention."

According to Robert Betz, many of us have not yet realized that we can give ourselves the most important attention. He says: "You may realize for yourself that you are the most important person in your life - and that only you are responsible for your happiness. This has nothing to do with egoism, but with Self-love. And he who does not love himself also condemns others." So first come clean with yourself before you judge or condemn others. You alone are responsible for your discord. This is not about guilt, but about responsibility.

Your inner child

You have a creator responsibility for what is within you. Get to know your inner child! Feelings want to be felt and not repressed - otherwise they create illnesses. Robert Betz: "You may open your heart for this child who longed for as much love and attention as you can give him today. When we do that, we unburden our relationships. Again and again you hear in lectures what you have to and should do. You don't have to do anything! You may, can, or will. Don't put pressure on yourself. Follow the voice of your heart and correct what has not been in alignment with your heart. Become true to yourself and your heart!"


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