Brain jogging - with these tricks you become really fit in the head

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Brain jogging - with these tricks you become really fit in the head

Once again you've forgotten an appointment - and with all the work you've done, a lot of things have fallen behind. What's wrong with your memory? With brain jogging, you can train your mind and become more efficient. The various apps and exercises actually help. So it's worth investing some time in your brain training: It strengthens your ability to concentrate and gets you back on track.

Brain jogging: What is it?

The word brain jogging has been popular since 1992. The psychologist Siegfried Lehrl has had a formative influence on the Topic. The meaning of brain jogging focuses on mental training - the fitness exercises for memory.

There is also talk of mental activation training (MAT). Typical methods are memory games, logic puzzles and tests of general knowledge. Mental training aims to improve the ability to think and concentrate.

8 tips for successful brain jogging

In order for you to succeed with brain jogging, there are a few important points to note.

  • It's like sports: Only regular training will bring you sustainable progress. Think of the brain as a muscle that only works properly if you use it again and again.
  • Keep trying different exercises. Habituation can weaken your attention, so variety is important.
  • Be interested in new things even if you don't do brain jogging. Creativity stimulates your cognitive abilities.
  • Don't put too much pressure on yourself. If you can't handle some exercises or brain training apps, that's no problem. Maybe you have problems with numbers, but you're better with language. Perfectionism has no place in brain training. Just keep training.
  • Do you know the loci method? The basic idea comes from antiquity and is suitable for memorization. Choose a certain route and walk along it or walk along it with your eyes. You assign the points of the learning content to this route. This way you can recall the individual points along the way.
  • Go out into nature. When you walk, you discover new things and can breathe more freely. At the same time, walking stimulates brain activity and lifts your mood.
  • Eat a balanced diet: This is how you strengthen your body. It's not for nothing that a healthy mind sits in a healthy body.
  • Getting enough sleep - it sounds simple, but it is a decisive factor for a well-functioning thinking apparatus. Anyone who sleeps irregularly or too little will soon be unable to concentrate properly and will become forgetful.
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Why brain jogging is so important for your cognitive skills

With a targeted training you improve your memory and thinking skills. Concentration and reaction time can also be trained. This means that you remain attentive and do not forget important things.

According to scientific studies, regular brain training improves memory performance and attention. However, there are no clear findings yet on whether brain jogging has an effect on intelligence itself.

Are you afraid of forgetfulness? Memory training is not a panacea, but it can be very useful in everyday life. Above all, it doesn't hurt to keep your mind fit, because you'll improve your memory skills.

5 effective exercises for your daily brain jogging

It's not just older people who try to keep their brains fit with tricky brain exercises. Some forms of memory training are made specifically for seniors, but most brain jogging exercises are suitable for Every age group.

  • Concentration tasks help to avoid distraction. Exercises with numbers or letters train attention and keep the mind alert.
  • Logic puzzles train the ability to combine. How do you arrive at the solution? By trial and error or by logical reasoning? For a particularly intensive learning effect, you can limit the solution time or have a competition with other brain joggers.
  • Writing exercises stimulate the imagination. This is important to keep an open mind. From a few given words you craft a story - or how about a little poem?
  • Draw with movements: Draw a triangle in the air with one hand or move your foot in a square. Does that work at the same time? By drawing the shapes, you train your motor skills and your ability to concentrate at the same time.
  • Typical brain jogging for seniors includes puzzles such as Sudokus or hidden object puzzles. Crossword puzzles are also popular to challenge and stimulate the brain.

How to keep your brain on its toes with simple tricks

The memory training works with many small tricks. The most important thing is to keep going and not let up. Brain jogging prevents forgetfulness - even if it cannot stop the aging process and also dementia.

Brain jogging and games that stimulate thinking keep you on your toes. Puzzles, brainteasers, painting and reading - all these things help you to cope better with everyday life. Often, brain training involves movement, whether it's online gaming or motor skills exercises. Other exercise methods are more about the ability to concentrate.

  • Learning something new, for example a foreign language, awakens interest and fun in learning.
  • Break out of your current habits to surprise those around you - or to see a different side of yourself.
  • Don't type everything into the keyboard, pick up a pen to write something down.
  • Eat healthy and exercise: Both make your body fit and have a positive effect on your mind.

The 6 best brain jogging apps for iOS and Android

There is a wide variety of free and paid Brain jogging appsthat you can use. It's best to set the notification time right away: That way, you'll never miss a training session. Once a day is the minimum, but normally five to ten minutes is enough.

Brain jogging online with the iPhone, smartphone or tablet - the following apps are among the favorites:

  • NeuroNation can be used on mobile devices as well as on the PC. Here you can create your own individual brain training plan and keep improving.
  • Peak offers a variety of exercises and tests. Some tasks and games stimulate not only thinking and memory skills, but also creativity.
  • Lumosity provides various games that will boost your cognitive performance. The difficulty level increases over time, so there are always new challenges.
  • Memorado includes a small test function. The full version also contains various puzzles and tasks as well as info about meditation.
  • Einstein brain trainer is very popular among beginners. The functions and explanations are easy to understand.
  • CogniFit Brain Fitness focuses primarily on concentration and attention. The personalized brain training can be played individually, but also in competition with other players.

Conclusion: Memory training for every phase of life

Brain jogging helps you in the learning phases of your studies, but also in your everyday professional life. You will feel the success in difficult situations at work, for example when you have to give a presentation or an exam is coming up. In your private life you also benefit from a good memory.

You want to optimize your cognitive skills and study more intensively? In the Learning coach training you will learn a lot about memory training and motivation.

Brain training is fun. But that's not the only plus point of brain jogging. Regular training has a positive influence on your cognitive abilities.


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