Business rule: How to appear reliable and professional

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Business rule: How to appear reliable and professional

It's no secret that your work needs to be of high quality so that your clients are enthusiastic about you and happy to recommend you to others. However, to create a fully professional image of yourself, you should not only deliver excellent solutions and outstanding results. You should also make sure that your clients appreciate the "trappings". Because your communication and your work process are just as relevant as your results. In short: You should heed the business rule.

Imagine how your clients feel when they work with you. Do they feel secure, validated and relaxed because they can rely on you one hundred percent? Basically: Work in a structured and transparent way. Be reliable and convince with a smooth process. Then you can be sure that your customers will return the favor and recommend you to others. Now you can find out which business rule will help you look more professional right away.

1st Business Rule: Don't be arrogant

Serious people know exactly what they are doing. They are self-confident, but in no way act arrogantly or even condescendingly. Because if you are really convinced of yourself, you don't need to build a wall of arrogance around you. Therefore always be confidently, friendly, patient and courteous.

And if you ever make a mistake, have the courage to admit it. Because as a professional you should stand by your work and your mistakes and accept justified criticism. Excuses are quickly seen through anyway and rob your counterpart of trust. So be self-confident and reflect on your behaviour. This comes across as authentic and immediately earns you sympathy points.

2. take enough time

If you're constantly pressed for time, stressed out, or convey to your clients that you don't have time for them, it comes across as pretty unprofessional. Because it doesn't automatically mean that you're fully booked and your services seem to be in high demand - it means that you're not in control of your work and that you have a lousy work ethic. Time Management have. Because if you work really professionally, you will succeed in creating a healthy balance and a relaxed working atmosphere.

Instead, show your customers that you take enough time for them. In this way, you show them appreciation and respect - and appreciative cooperation is in turn a clear sign of high professionalism.

Business rule 3: Ask again.

You have not understood the wishes or instructions of your customers one hundred percent? Then ask again. Asking again doesn't look stupid, it proves that you really want to do everything right. But beware: asking multiple times can get annoying. That's why you should write down all the questions the first time, listen and make sure you get all the important answers. This way, you'll quickly establish yourself as a professional who does everything possible to deliver the best possible results to their clients.

4. listen carefully

And while we're on the subject of listening, let's get right to it: As an expert, a good talent for language and rhetorical skills will get you further. But what is much more important is the ability to listen. A very important business rule.

Instead of talking your head off or trying to sell your clients something, listen to them, identify their needs and concerns, and then advise them in the best way possible. Pay attention to what others are saying and arguing and try to understand their position. Listen to your customers. This is the key to more professionalism.

5th business rule: Be reachable

For many customers, there is hardly anything more unprofessional than a service provider who is not available. Of course, this doesn't apply to 5 a.m. or Sundays; after all, you have office hours too and can't be available around the clock. Whenever possible, however, you should ensure smooth communication.

You are on vacation and don't want to be disturbed? Then write an out-of-office message that is automatically sent as soon as you receive an email. Or re-record your answering machine and your mailbox and leave an emergency number for exceptional situations. That way, your clients know that you don't want to be disturbed right now, but that you can still be reached in an extreme emergency. This builds trust and adds to your professionalism.

6. do not sell yourself short

Real professionals know their value. This doesn't mean that you should offer extortionate prices from now on, but that you can be proud of your work and also show this to the outside world. And that brings us back to the first point, which closes the circle. A very important business rule: Be self-confident, but not arrogant. Don't make yourself smaller than you are, because by doing so you're Uncertainty and lack of professionalism. Instead, be confident, but always remain friendly, understanding and show empathy. With this nothing stands in the way of your professional effect.

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