Dr Julian Hosp: Make fear your friend

Dr Julian Hosp: "Make fear your friend"

What is success about? It is about focus, passion and goal-oriented thinking. And then there is another thing: decisions. At least that's what our expert and coach Dr. Julian Hosp claims: "Life is about making decisions. Decisions in which we see possibilities on the one hand and dangers on the other. Often they trigger fears in us. One of the most important things I have learned in my life is to understand why we have such difficulty making such decisions."

According to Julian Hosp, this has nothing to do with the fact that we are basically bad at making decisions. Rather, it has to do with the fact that one thing has allowed us to survive as a race over the last two million years. Julian Hosp reveals: "Our brains don't look at all the great possibilities. Our brain only looks at the dangers that lurk. If we had a totally motivated brain, we would have happily wandered through the jungle - and the next moment the saber-toothed tiger would have come because we didn't pay attention." 

Fear is in the nature of man

So we have survived because our brain has always wondered where the next danger might lurk. Julian Hosp: "And so we walk through life all the time. Only a few people are aware of it, but they just take it for granted." He refers to a mathematical study that reveals exciting facts: "People have been tested how they react to potential dangers - and to losing something. The result: the fear of being punished and the possibility of losing something drives you much more than the chance of getting something great. This is in the nature of human beings. If we humans didn't have that, we wouldn't be here today."

Specifically, according to Julian Hosp, we are five times more motivated by a possible danger than by a possible reward. So the ratio is 5:1, and that's why we often find it so difficult to really tackle things. Because some decisions require courage: the courage to succeed without limits. Courage does not mean not being afraid. Courage means being afraid and doing it anyway.

So can one learn to make courageous decisions? Is such a thing reproducible? Julian Hosp: "Instinctively, I have learned from my mistakes over and over again in my life, reflected on them and did it better the next time. So that you too can learn to make fear your friend, Julian Hosp's five best tips for you.

Tip 1: Have visions

First you should reverse the 5:1 ratio. How? By scaring yourself into doing nothing. Ask yourself what could happen if you don't do it. What options would you leave out? Create fear of what will happen if you don't do it. And at the same time create a vision of what great things can happen if you do. The fear of not doing it is the most important thing!

2nd tip: Accept your fear

Accepting fear is not easy. You'll feel it in every moment. Make yourself aware that it is part of life and that there is nothing bad in itself.

3rd tip: Say thank you

Julian Hosp finds: "If you don't thank fear, but try to fight it, you are actually trying to fight yourself. Because fear is important. Fear is good. Otherwise none of us would be here today."

4th tip: Learn from others

The next step is preparation. It helps to learn from people who have done this before you. Julian Hosp: "There are almost always people who have done something before you. We should ask these people: What did you do? How exactly did you do it? What did you focus on? Which things were important to you? How did you deal with fear? Someone who has not gone the way cannot talk about such things, but always talks about theory. The concept could be called 'the blind leading the blind'. So always look for people who have actually walked the path themselves."

5th tip: Do it

In the end, you always have the choice to do something or not to do something. Julian Hosp: "Next time you are faced with a decision, don't let your fear gag you. Understand that it is good that fear is there. And then have the courage to succeed without limits!"

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