We tell you how to learn to let go of your fear

Let go of your fear - this is how you make friends with her

What is your fear that has accompanied you for a long time? How do you face it? How does she meet you? Does it make you small and limit you? Only if you allow yourself to make friends with your fear, can you really let it go and transform it. We would like to give you valuable tips on how you can learn to no longer be afraid of fear. Yes - and how you even embrace it! 

Let go: Get to know your fear

For example, if you are afraid to show yourself and do your thing because you have failed before or others might laugh at you, there are two options: Avoid the fear by inventing all kinds of reasons and guilty people that prevent you from doing your thing. Or you can let go of your fear, even get to know it. And then go your way. 

How do I get to know my fear?

The moment you perceive your fear, it already loses part of its power. When you feel your fear more and more intense without resistance, the blocked fear can be released and you don't have to avoid it in this life. Dare to feel more into the pain behind it. 

At this point, ask yourself the question: How do I already know the pain? When did I first experience it? Perhaps a situation or an image from childhood comes directly to mind. Maybe you even find Statements of Faiththat you have manifested for yourself in this situation. Meditations also help to create such inner images. Look forward to the following phenomenon: The moment you give up and let go of the resistance, everything in you becomes soft!

Let go of fear? Take her by the hand

"The moment you feel your fear, let it be there and give it a space, get to know it and embrace it, the fear shrinks," knows coach Christina Grahn-Hommelsheim from experience. Together with her husband she published the book "Heart over head - The simple formula for a happy life"in that the couple also addresses the topic of "fears". "Although she's not completely gone. "but she is getting smaller and smaller. And now YOU can take her by the hand to take small, courageous steps together with her", Christina encourages!

This is how you make friends with your fear

So how do you make friends with your fear now? The best way to get to know them is to look. Most of the time, fear - seen as a survival instinct - only wants your best: it wants nothing to happen to you. Or that an old, negative experience doesn't happen to you again. So, take your fear by the hand. Show her how beautiful and colourful life can be. Because she can be there. But don't let it hold you back. 

5 tips to let go of your fear

Perhaps the following five tips will help you to become more and more comfortable with your fear and to let it go.

  1. Feel your wounds

Allow yourself, your anger and all your other feelings as well. They are an expression of your life instinct, they seek the good and the just. Your rage tears you out of your rigidity. If you like, scream them out and hit a pillow. Give in to your grief consciously for once, so that she can finally leave. 

  1. Be your best friend

Whoever hurt you then can't hurt you now. You're a strong, mature person now. Take your younger self in your arms. Build yourself up like a loving mom or good friends would. Give yourself good advice. How would you live if none of this had happened?

  1. Use your power for yourself

When you are in resistance, you are always in struggle with yourself and you lose your energy. You better use your power for yourself. Go out and live your life! Other people have no more power over you! You are free!

  1. Gains in clarity again

As long as we focus on our wounds, we circle around what went wrong. When you look ahead again, look closely: What are your options now? What else do you want to experience? New results will only come if you move on, instead of getting stuck in pain. 

  1. Find new confidence

All our feelings and strengths come from our vulnerability. Also our creativity and the will to engage in new things. Have the courage to be vulnerable! Believe in your self-healing powers. No matter what comes: You trust your power!

Forgiveness reconnects you with love

Forgiveness is the key to reconnect with your inner child, to heal old wounds and to live love. "Forgiveness was and is also a big topic in my own life and has given me back so much joy and creativity", tells Laura Malina Seiler right out in the open. The author of "May you be happy" even says: "My most valuable insight here is that forgiveness is the only way to reconnect you with love."

Greator Coach: A journey to yourself

You want to finally free yourself from your inner limitations? In our training for the Greator Coach that's exactly what you'll learn! Look forward to a nine month journey to yourself. To greater clarity. To more inner peace. You can look forward to many insights that will not only take you further. Above all, they will finally help you to understand how you tick, how others tick and why you get upset so quickly with some people or in certain situations. You will see how quickly things in your life come together that are perhaps still unclear. Confront your fears. Encounter your beliefs. And open yourself up to new thoughts. Bring (again) the radiance into your life! 

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