Kelechi Onyele 2/2: Happiness & Success through Authenticity

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Kelechi Onyele 2/2: Happiness & Success through Authenticity

In addition to his first great passion, football, successful coach Kelechi Onyele has discovered a second passion: hip-hop. But how do you turn your hobby into a profession and stand in front of an audience of millions as a dancer? How do you get onto a big stage - and dance alongside Kylie Minogue at the MTV Video Music Awards? Kelechi Onyele tells you in this interview!

Kelechi Onyele: Decision & Appeal

His first secret recipe is: "I don't do a job, but have an absolute commitment to life. Early on I made the decision that I wanted to make a living from dancing and add value to other people with it. And then, when you go from underground dancing to the industry, you suddenly see how much money there is. What sponsors are there, what people are there, and why the fashion and auto industries are there as well. And if you as a choreographer are the one who stages the star, then of course you have to stage the product - that is, the star - in such a way that the sponsor likes it. And then suddenly you're no longer a choreographer, but a product developer.", Kelechi Onyele describes his life journey.

At some point, the topic of personality development came to the fore for Kelechi Onyele. This made him realize that it was no longer just about the dancing itself, but that music and show business had much more to offer him: "You are responsible for the sponsor's product worth millions at that moment. You communicate, you listen and you realize that there is a huge industry behind it. I was a part of that industry and made sure people came into the room and experienced emotion. It was insane!"

Kelechi Onyele: "My Key in life!"

He continues, "I wanted to take every show to the highest level and do my best. You connect with the sponsor and look at their values, your values and the artist's values. That's how you get a feel for the product. And then you ask yourself what service you can do for the company, the sponsors and the star." But it wasn't always all rosy. Kelechi Onyele recalls, "Other people like to put you in a cliché corner. And for many, dance was just a fun thing. But at the level I was at, it was about a lot of money and influence."

Despite his huge success, Kelechi Onyele personally always preferred to move behind the camera rather than in the direct spotlight. That is still the case today. The coach likes to stay in the background. He reveals: "I think it's terrific to be part of a development phase and to see how someone else grows. Especially someone who vermeidlich thought he no longer needed to develop. That's my calling." Connecting with people is especially important to him. Says Kelechi Onyele, "You ask other people for advice, open up and listen to them. When the camera is on, you have to perform - but not in the sense of faking it, but being authentic. And that's the key with everything: I'm always me. I tell it like it is, but I always remain appreciative."

Energy & Movement

Kelechi Onyele's clients include a wide variety of people - among others, he also advises speakers. He reports: "I do a lot of 1:1 coaching in the area of personal development. My claim is: 'True success results from the movement of inner wealth.' I always look at the person: whether it's a CEO, a junior footballer or a speaker, they all have to have the ability to want to be in sync for their goal. You have to want to go along - not always just be taken along. That's why you need the ability to synchronize with your colleagues and your peers."

How do you make the transfer from choreographer to successful personality coach? How do you get there to move people physically and psychologically? Kelechi Onyele: "I have read many books and watched many films. I met a lot of people and always listened. But the most important thing I realized is that everything you need is already inside you. Once you understand that, then you have peace."

Vision & Commitment

Moreover, visions help to move forward in life. Kelechi Onyele: "Without visions, I would not have had a goal of my own, but would only have pursued other people's goals. I figuratively have a fuel cell inside me that enables me to create a Big Picture by myself. I never needed anyone from the outside, I am a creative person. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to work as a choreographer. I have always followed my vision with commitment and gone my way unconditionally." With a vision, your life is also much more inspiring, according to the expert - because you meet many people who also have visions. Kelechi Onyele: "This in turn creates a new vision. That is wonderful and through that you also get power back. That has always influenced me and kept me going!"


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