Marc Gassert: Why discipline is rewarded

Marc Gassert: "Why discipline in life is rewarded"

Is your thought tank full or empty? Would you like to learn to release your creative and innovative potential anew? Do you want to develop all your skills? If you are motivated up to the tips of your hair and want to put what you have in your head into practice at some point, then you need discipline! This is what keynote speaker, author and martial arts master Marc Gassert claims. He says: "I personally consider discipline one of the greatest virtues we humans can acquire. However, this contrasts with the universal belief that discipline reeks of effort."

Do you feel like learning about the mechanisms of discipline and willpower and using them for your life? Then here are the ultimate tips, tricks and tools for you. With them you will be able to face your inner bastard, your lethargy, your fear of failure and your laziness a little bit better prepared. Let's go!

Marc Gassert: "There are two types of Motivation!“

Let us first deal with the driving force, with the driving force for disciplined behaviour. What actually motivates people to be disciplined? Marc Gassert knows: "People who show a certain elasticity of suffering are rewarded in the end." In short: you renounce, suffer and receive a reward. The carrot and stick model is also interesting. It says: When you perform, you are rewarded. If not, you will be punished.

So is discipline another form of motivation? Marc Gassert: "I often have the feeling that motivation is just hot air. You approach something highly motivated, but then the air sneaks out. In the end there is nothing left of the motivation. And there are two kinds of motivation. One is the motivation demanded from the outside. The other is the one that comes from within. Marc Gassert: "If the pressure from the outside becomes too great, you destroy lives. But when the pressure comes from within, then life is created. True power always comes from within."

A tank of willpower 

But what is the driving force of self-discipline? The expert knows: "In Asia they say that the fuel for discipline is willpower. We humans have a life force within us. Part of it is willpower. Whenever you're in a situation in your life where you have to squeeze your ass cheeks to stay on the ball, your willpower decreases a little bit."

So you need a healthy early warning system to know when the tank is empty. And you need the ability to refill the tank so that you are soon ready for new challenges in life. The good news is that willpower is similar to a muscle. If you train the muscle, it will strengthen itself when used. If you neglect it, it gets smaller. So train your willpower regularly!

Marc Gasser about the state of the concentration

Marc Gassert: "We humans are incredibly curious when we are allowed to learn something new. Our bodies blossom. We think it is great to learn - learning is important for our head as well as for our body". But there comes a point when you can't or won't do it any more. You can train this point, or your pain threshold. You can train to endure it longer. This is willpower training.

How does it work? Marc Gassert: "There are motivational coaches who let other people literally walk over fire or broken glass. But I don't find this approach justifiable. Because it should actually be about the ability of the person to block out everything else." This is exactly what works, for example, by stimulating your inner ear. At that moment, your body automatically releases a cocktail of hormones that allows you to dive into a state of concentration. Marc Gassert: "You can either do somersaults or jump or swing on the trampoline. All this serves the stimulus of the inner ear and opens up the possibility of diving into a special moment."

The eternal search for perfection

Basically, all people have a similar setup of strengths and weaknesses. These individual strengths and weaknesses can vary from person to person in size or size. Marc Gassert: "We humans are full of what makes us special. Full of goals, wishes and memories. Full of the search for humanity and the unique capacity for compassion. There is the urgent desire to be liked. Or the search for a purpose that fulfills us - a calling. Closely connected to our quest for happiness and true love. And then there is the infinite gratitude we feel."

One thing is clear to the expert: "With every decision we make and with every experience we have, we rearrange our lives. We are always in search of harmony and perfection - driven by faith in ourselves. We use our discipline, our creativity, our creativeness, our neocortex and our gut feeling to create an environment that pleases us".

Marc Gassert: "There are a solution to every problem!“

But whenever our life is going particularly well, whenever everything seems to be perfect, something unexpected happens. Something or someone comes along that doesn't fit into the picture at all. Suddenly our entire harmony is destroyed.

Marc Gassert: "But I believe that we humans have it in us to find a solution to almost any problem if we remain disciplined. If we develop the qualities, virtues and abilities we possess. Indem we try a little bit or play like children. But also when we gain experience and make decisions. Then we learn that many of the things that seem impossible are actually quite simple. And then it is absolutely perfect again."

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