Good morning sayings for the perfect start to the day

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Good morning sayings for the perfect start to the day

I'm sure you know what it's like: If you get up in a bad mood, the day usually doesn't go as planned. However, you can take targeted countermeasures. Good morning sayings that are either motivating, profound or funny can sweeten your start to the day. We have collected a selection of the best good morning sayings from various categories for you.

Profound good morning sayings

Every day offers you a new opportunity to shape your life the way you want it to be. The following good morning sayings can make you think and give you valuable inspiration for your day:

  1. "When you wake up in the morning, remember what a delicious treasure it is to be able to live, breathe and rejoice." - Marcus Aurelius
  2. "Yesterday is gone - tomorrow is not here. So live today!" - Pythagoras of Samos
  3. "The morning is the first step on the day's journey. Carry it with care." - Author unknown
  4. "Dawn is the beginning of a new chapter in your life." - Author unknown
  5. "Every morning is a new beginning, a new blessing, a new glimmer of hope." - Author unknown
  6. "The sunrise is a reminder that light always comes after darkness." - Author unknown
  7. "The morning hours are precious moments of peace and reflection." - Author unknown
  8. "The silence of the morning is a moment of meditation, a moment of peace." - Author unknown
  9. "Morning is the time when we nurture our dreams and pursue our goals." - Author unknown
  10. "Just open your eyes - everything is beautiful!" - Ludwig Thoma" - Author unknown

Funny good morning sayings

What could be better than starting the day with a smile or even a hearty laugh? The funny good morning sayings will cheer you up for the whole day:

  1. "Good morning! Those who get up wrinkled have the greatest opportunities for development!" - Author unknown
  2. "The early bird can kiss my ass. I'm an owl and owls sleep until noon." - Author unknown
  3. "My bed and I, we love each other. Only the alarm clock won't accept it." - Author unknown
  4. "Looking in the mirror, the morning dawned." - Klaus Klages
  5. "Morning! Tomorrow! Just not today - say all lazy people." - Christian Felix Weiße
  6. "The early bird catches the worm. But who wants to eat gold in the morning?" - Author unknown
  7. "Getting up early is the first step in the wrong direction." - Author unknown
  8. "I get up in the morning and look like a supermodel. Unfortunately not like a human one." - Author unknown
  9. "Sleeping is like time travel. You lie down and bang, it's morning." - Author unknown
  10. "Morning again? Wasn't that only yesterday?" - Author unknown

Beautiful and inspiring good morning sayings

Do you like it flowery, rich in imagery and profound? Then our beautiful and inspiring good mornings will inspire you. Sayings delight:

  1. "If you want to see the sun rise, you have to get up in the dark." - Author unknown
  2. "The day begins with you in my thoughts, and nothing could be more beautiful." - Author unknown
  3. "Dawn is the first brushstroke on the day's artwork." - Author unknown
  4. "As the day begins, so begins our story. May it be full of joy and smiles." - Author unknown
  5. "A new day awakens, filled with love, joy and countless possibilities." - Author unknown
  6. "Every morning is a new chance to see the smile of a loved one." - Author unknown
  7. "A fresh morning, a new day, a new chapter in your book of life." - Author unknown
  8. "The day begins with you in my thoughts, and nothing could be more beautiful." - Author unknown
  9. "The day begins and with it the chance to share love and kindness." - Author unknown
  10. "A new day, a new adventure. May it be full of love and happiness." - Author unknown
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Good morning sayings for your partner

Does your partner find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning? Then surprise him or her with a selection of loving good morning sayings:

  1. "The sun kisses the morning sky, just as I kiss you in my thoughts." - Author unknown
  2. "The birds sing their songs, the day says good morning and I send you love." - Author unknown
  3. "I wake up every morning thinking how lucky I am to have you in my life." - Author unknown
  4. "My heart beats faster every morning because it knows it loves you, my darling." - Author unknown
  5. "Every morning with you is a beautiful morning." - Author unknown
  6. "Good morning, you are the first thing that comes to my mind when I wake up." - Author unknown
  7. "Your love is the first thought that warms my heart every morning." - Author unknown
  8. "Good morning, my darling, may your day be as bright as your smile." - Author unknown
  9. "Good morning! I never thought I'd have the courage to wake an angel. But I think it's too late now." - Author unknown
  10. "Good morning, sunshine! Let me into your heart. Rays of sunshine tickle you - one in particular: that's me." - Author unknown

Good morning sayings for WhatsApp

In this day and age, good morning sayings for WhatsApp are a must. They have to be short and snappy:

  1. "Good morning, get up! The world is waiting for you." - Author unknown
  2. "The best thing about waking up is knowing you're there." - Author unknown
  3. "A new day, a new beginning, let's make the best of it." - Author unknown
  4. "Enjoy the day ... and look forward to whatever may come." - Author unknown
  5. "Moin, we can save the world now for all I care. I'm awake and dressed!" - Author unknown
  6. "In the name of the alarm clock, breakfast and holy coffee, I wish you a good morning." - Author unknown
  7. "Don't put off until tomorrow what can just as easily be put off until the day after tomorrow." - Mark Twain
  8. "A smile in the morning brings happiness all day long." - Author unknown
  9. "The morning is like a blank canvas, paint it colorful." - Author unknown
  10. "Reach out to the sun and embrace the new day." - Author unknown

Good morning sayings about coffee

What would a morning be without the Germans' favorite drink? Did you know that each of us in this country drinks around 450 cups of the aromatic wake-up drink? That's according to Investigations out.

  1. "You're like morning coffee, a little bitter, but I can't start without you." - Author unknown
  2. "The early bird gets the worm, but I'd still prefer coffee." - Author unknown
  3. "Yawning is a silent cry for coffee." - Author unknown
  4. "Coffee is the sweet kiss that awakens the day." - Author unknown
  5. "A morning without coffee is like a day without a smile." - Author unknown
  6. "Coffee in the morning banishes sorrow and worries." - Author unknown
  7. "Good morning, who needs an alarm clock when you can have a coffee?" - Author unknown
  8. "The sun has risen and the coffee is served. All that's missing now is for you to wake up." - Author unknown
  9. "A day without you is like a day without coffee. Well, maybe not that bad, but close." - Author unknown
  10. "A morning without you is like a coffee without sugar. Somehow not as sweet, but still drinkable." - Author unknown

Good morning sayings as a building block in coaching

Did you know that coaching involves working specifically on your daily routine in order to dissolve blockages and achieve goals? If getting up early has really ruined your day so far, it makes sense to take a closer look. Good morning sayings can be an easy-to-implement yet effective method for getting out of bed more easily in the morning.

Another tried and tested practice that can be wonderfully combined with the good morning sayings is meditation. Choose a mantra from the sayings. Don't have any experience with this topic yet? No problem: then why not try our five-day, free Meditation Challenge off.

We guide you step by step through five guided meditations and give you lots of valuable tips for a successful meditation routine. In the long term, meditating will give you more inner peace in the morning and also help you to focus on your goals for the day.


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