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Learn from our coaching experts Christina & Walter how to change your life sustainably with this coaching method.
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You feel powerless lately? Something is missing... but you don't know what? Then it's probably because your mental thought models and inner monologue are causing you to feel a sense of lack.

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Tired of yawning students who are secretly on their cell phones during class? Learning expert Markus Hofmann tells you how children enjoy coming to your classes, have fun learning and personally outgrow themselves!

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Are you looking for skills that will help you overcome your challenges? Then you first need to find out what type of entrepreneur you actually are and where you stand right now.

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What do the world's best speakers do differently? Why do we literally stick to their lips? How do they manage to fill a room with their words and their energy in such a way that you get goose bumps all the way to the last row?

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Are goals really nonsense? Greator founder Dr. Stefan Frädrich knows: We all have wishes and dreams. But why do we often find it so difficult to achieve goals?

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