Slatco Sterzenbach: 5 factors for mental strength

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Slatco Sterzenbach: 5 factors for mental strength

Would you live your life again exactly as you have done so far? Or would you change something - something crucial? No one wants to realize at the end of his life that he did not use the chances he had every day. That they didn't make decisions, in one direction or another, so that they regret their life's path at the end. Slatco Sterzenbach: "If you look back on your life and enjoy it, you've lived twice." What life would you like to look back on?

Slatco Sterzenbach is a successful keynote speaker, coach and expert for Motivation and mental training. He has a degree in sports science and is a 17-time Iron Man. Slatco Sterzenbach knows how you can get to the top of your game with the help of the right Nutrition and the appropriate training, you can also raise your mind to a new level. He also knows that many of us struggle with implementation: "Why don't we eat healthier, live more athletically, stop smoking and sleep more? Why don't we do what we know? We are giants of knowledge, but dilettantes of implementation."

You want make a difference and improve your life sustainably? You don't want to look back one day and regret the unused opportunities in your life? Then we have just the thing for you! In this magazine article, Slatco Sterzenbach reveals his five success factors for more mental strength. For a life in which no opportunity remains unused. For your life. Enjoy reading and learning!

1. success factor: minimum

The first success principle according to Slatco Sterzenbach is the central success principle at all: "Your Mindset influences 95 percent of your success: How do you think? What are your Beliefs? What are your unconscious preconceptions? What are your emotional connections when you see something and when you go into evaluation?"

Slatco Sterzenbach knows why your Beliefs are essential for your actions, your everyday life, your life: "We are rarely consciously just where we are. In our thoughts we are often already in the future. You are physically there, but your head may already be somewhere else. And when you're stressed, you go on automatic. But because we are rarely deeply relaxed, the challenge is to change the habits you don't like. Changing negative beliefs creates Change. It's all about your mindset."

2. success factor: visions

The second success principle of Slatco Sterzenbach is: "Have visions. For example, create a big, emotional, colorful picture in your head that gives you the interpretive framework for what you do every day." For example, do you have a vision board at home? If not, it's high time! On one Visionboard you hold on to the things you still want to experience, have, give or be in your life by means of collages and pictures.

Slatco Sterzenbach: "Do you know the sentence "You cannot not communicate" by Paul Watzlawick? You can transfer this information 1:1: You can't not process information. No matter what information comes, your brain immediately makes pictures. And it does this all day long. Brain researchers say we have about 70,000 thoughts a day, made up of images, movies, and language. Learn to control what your brain does all day. Worry about your thoughts!"

3. success factor: goals and focus

As a third success factor, Slatco Sterzenbach mentions the two keywords 'goals' and 'focus': "Most people have no vision. They know exactly what they don't want, but they don't have a clue about what they really want." Let's say you've internalized the previous success factor and defined your vision. Where do you go from there? Slatco Sterzenbach: "From your vision, you should now plan your goals backwards: what are the Milestonesthat you need to accomplish in order to get closer to your vision?"

But beware! According to Slatco Sterzenbach, there is a danger with both visions and goals: "You are subconsciously giving your brain, and thus your emotions, the information that what is right now is still not good enough Is. You think to yourself, "If I ran the marathon in a certain time, if I lost weight, if I have a million in my bank account - then I'm lovable." But this is wrong. Slatco Sterzenbach: "You already are! You are valuable as you are. Now, just like that! That is, if you set goals for yourself, then learn to perceive what is. And do it gratefully and with the feeling of Love for yourself.“

Because if you're not grateful for what's right now, how can you expect to be grateful when you have your millions in the bank? Slatco Sterzenbach: "Happiness is a skill. Satisfaction is a skill you can practice every day." And what does focus mean? According to Slatco Sterzenbach, the biggest challenge is not having thoughts, "We're constantly reacting. Focus means noticing what is without constantly going into reaction mode. Doing what's really important to you, your goals, and your vision first, instead of being constantly distracted."

4. success factor: strategy

The fourth success factor according to Slatco Sterzenbach is: strategy. "What are the mistakes and how do you deal with them? The next time you make a mistake, you say: Yes, I get to learn something!" Have you ever had a personal crisis? Professionally, financially, health-wise, personally - a time you say wasn't pretty?

Presumably, this crisis in your life was a major component through which your Awareness is now a higher one than before. There is a simple explanation for this. Slatco Sterzenbach: "We don't like crises when we're in them. But they are the prerequisites for success. If you make more mistakes, you're more successful. That means you can learn to switch more quickly: Wow, cool, I get to learn something! That's what I mean by strategies. What is your mindset, what is your focus?"

5. success factor: training

Also very crucial to your success is training, training, training. Slatco Sterzenbach: "You have to think about what your vision and your milestones are. Then you have to ask yourself which are the recurring activities and which are the one-off activities to get closer to that vision. How often do you train the Key skillsthat you need to become more successful? How often do you train with a good coach by your side?"

So have your important activities professionally coached! At the same time, also realize when you're really getting better. Or, as Slatco Sterzenbach knows, "You don't get better during training, you get better during recovery, during supercompensation." So allow yourself regular recovery periods so that your body and mind can process and internalize what you've learned during your workouts.

Slatco Sterzenbach's appeal

Finally, Slatco Sterzenbach summarizes his five success factors for mental strength sums it up wonderfully once again: "Your images in your head control your feelings. Your feelings control your actions. And your actions, in habit, control your destiny at some point. Worry about your thoughts, because you will not leave this planet alive!"


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