You always have something to complain about? Don't worry: Satisfaction can be trained

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You always have something to complain about? Don't worry: Satisfaction can be trained

The others simply have more success and luck - only with you everything goes wrong? Constant comparisons make you dissatisfied. It's no use emulating colleagues or making your mood dependent on your own career. If you're always on the hunt for happiness, you'll never find peace.
But satisfaction is not an unattainable goal. It depends not only on the things you have achieved, but above all on your inner attitude. If you work on your personality, you will discover the typical traps. In addition, you will learn how to live happily and contentedly. This makes you calm and lifts your spirits - in the long term.

What does satisfaction mean?

In psychology there is a very sober Definition of satisfactionIt refers to the state in which the result of action meets or exceeds expectations. However, if you do not reach the expectations, you are dissatisfied. According to psychologists, the ability to be satisfied is genetically inherent. Through personal experiences and other influences, this inner state changes.
Being satisfied with yourself, enjoying happiness - that's what many people want. But what does that mean?
Who is satisfied, feels inwardly balanced and is at peace with the world. Your own ideas correspond to real life. If you look at it closely, it is your individual assessment that makes you a contented person.

life satisfaction

5 steps to contentment in life

How do I become more satisfied? People want so many things: job security, a harmonious family life, good friendships and a certain degree of self-fulfilment. Being content with what you have is easy to say. You want to get ahead, after all.

With the following 5 steps you will increase your satisfaction:

Step one: Work on your focus of satisfaction. Try to find something good even in bad things. That's how you train your brain to have a positive outlook. You have printed out the report and found another mistake? Then improve it and print out the page again. You hurt your arm and can't work? Then use the free time to relax or reading a book.

Step two: Accept and love yourself. As the saying goes, "Stop comparing yourself. Because then you'll forget the original you are." Hit the stop button when you're out of Habit you start comparing yourself again. You are yourself - and you feel good in your skin.

Step Three: Maintain your Relationships. Family and friends are good for you. Think about the experiences you have shared and stay in touch. Telling, listening, discussing - all this makes a strong friendship.

Step four: Turn your dissatisfaction into action: When you're dissatisfied with something, it can be a trigger for change. The best inventions are based on the human urge to make something easier. Use the positive power of dissatisfaction to take action. Maybe you need a new job or are looking for another place to live?

Beware: There is a trap lurking in this step. It could happen that you keep striving for new changes and don't give yourself time to be satisfied. "When I'm a department head, I'll change this and that in the company, and before that I won't give it a rest .... I will be satisfied when I can finally afford my dream car."

A phenomenon: If you have certain Goals achieved something may bother you again. And then you won't be able to achieve the satisfaction you're striving for. That's why it's important that you also notice small successes. With a reward for yourself, you celebrate this and enjoy the situation. You are satisfied - and this feeling is simply good. Rather, look at what values you want to permanently attract into your life and live: ease, love, authentic communication, clarity, Mindfulness...

Step Five: Be open to new solutions. On the way to your goals, small obstacles and big problems may arise. At Brooding You may quickly find yourself going in circles about possible solutions. With a kind of solution radar, you open yourself to unusual ideas. You don't fall into a paralyzed inactivity, but increase your active energy. Creative brainstorming helps you to overcome the usual limits. Write down all ideas for a solution without evaluating them beforehand - you only carry out an assessment later. This is how you arrive at the best solution for your current problem.

Job satisfaction: what is really necessary?

People who are satisfied with themselves seem to be particularly succeed. Feelings of happiness are considered a strong driving force for creativity and Productivity. That is why the work comes easily to the satisfied people.

In flow or in a state of happiness you get ahead quickly, but contentment lasts longer. It sets the basic attitude for life and also for work.

The current Findings on current working conditions show that 90 % of employed Germans are satisfied with their jobs. Professional and private demands can be reconciled quite well. More freedom of choice, ergonomics and other important factors raise the satisfaction standard. Nevertheless, there are relatively many people who change jobs - sometimes even several times. Among other things, this is due to the demands of employers and the rapid development of technology.

Contentment comes from within you, not from outside

Satisfaction in life and at work is directed inwards and is therefore a personal matter. If your colleague is completely satisfied with his or her work, you may feel under- or over-satisfied. overwhelmed. Even if you do the same tasks and receive the same salary: One of you has the feeling that he should strive for something higher.

Maybe you even admire people who have a simple job but are at peace with themselves. They are content, even though, in your opinion. Potential not take advantage.

With such examples you realize: Everyone is responsible for his own satisfaction. You don't care what someone else earns. Why do you not succeed in becoming more satisfied despite this realization?

The greed to become even better is definitely a big stumbling block on the way to more satisfaction at work. You don't need a bigger car or a job on the top floor. It's more important that you enjoy your work and recognize the positives. Further development and career are good - but not decisive for your inner satisfaction.

being content

7 tips to be happy with what you have

Why are people dissatisfied? Because they often compare themselves with others and believe that they see their own shortcomings. The saying comes from Benjamin Franklin:

"The discontented man cannot find a comfortable chair."

This already contains everything important that needs to be said about dissatisfaction. The problem is with the people, not with the chair.

Want to learn inner contentment and find a comfortable chair? The following tips will help you.

  1. Think positive: Think optimistically and stop the negative, pessimistic thoughts. From now on, the glass is no longer half empty, but half full. Don't always fear the worst, otherwise you'll be angry for nothing - maybe the best will happen, or at least the middle ground.
  2. Stay connected with your loved ones and friends. People need social contacts and close ties to feel comfortable and satisfied. Who lonely is more prone to frustration.
  3. Be grateful and mindful. A gratitude diary in which you write down ten positive things/experiences every day will help you to do this. This is not only about your achieved goals, but also about small moments of happiness. Capturing beautiful moments - this is also important. In this way, you create positive memories that make it easy for you to be happy.
  4. Use your creativity. Creative people are happier and more content. With your own creative activities you learn to express your individuality. When you have created something - painted a picture, written a story, knitted a scarf - you automatically feel satisfied. At the same time, by making things yourself, you increase your Self-confidence.
  5. Keep learning. When creativity fails you, inspirational reading will help. Reading interesting and optimistic thoughts from other people has a beneficial effect on your inner life: You fill up with positive energy and arm yourself against negative influences.
  6. Keep moving. It doesn't have to be competitive sports, even walks get your circulation going and awaken happiness hormones. These in turn increase your happiness.
  7. Take your time. For yourself, for the beautiful things - for what is close to your heart. In everyday life, small breaks are enough. But in difficult phases or at the latest afterwards, you need a longer time-out. These rests are your free time - your free time, where you refuel. You'll become more serene, more resilient and more content.

Can you learn to be content?

If you are content with yourself, you rest in yourself and react in a relaxed manner even in difficult situations. Life is simply more pleasant when you can enjoy your own contentment. What is important to you and what things make your life special? Do you want to change something concretely or just be more content?
Are you ready to be content? The tips for more contentment in everyday life will help you. However, there are also people who are incapable of living happily and contentedly. They go through everyday life with slumped shoulders and a long face and don't even let beautiful moments cheer them up. You definitely don't want to become like that!

Only you can invite happiness and contentment into your life - by becoming aware of what abundance is already there and what you can still optimize. But with ease. Stay awake for new things and experiment with creative ideas. It makes you especially satisfied when you fulfill your desires yourself. It is therefore worthwhile to Needs to know and strengthen its positive attitude.

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