Women Empowering: How to feel powerful again

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Women Empowering: How to feel powerful again

Hand on heart: How often would you like to be a different woman? Maybe strong and brave. A woman who says what she thinks. Who clearly goes her own way, who doesn't let herself be intimidated. Who doesn't shy away from challenges. A smart heroine with a fascinating charisma... Women Empowering, that is, to use and develop your power as a woman, that is the magic key to fill this side of you with life.

In this article, we'll tell you how to free yourself from all the beliefs that you limit yourself with as a woman. Because you can be so much more than you ever thought possible. Love yourself, break the rules and bring your radiance back into the world!

What is blocking you from living "Women Empowering"?

Many women want to be successful, but are also afraid of it. They prefer to work in the second row and often chicken out when a managerial position is advertised in the company. What are the thoughts in your head that are currently blocking you? Beliefs like "I'm not good enough!", "I can't handle the pressure" or "No one sees me", can have a big impact in your subconscious. They keep you from being who you actually want to be. And you can be - if only you let yourself!

The proportion of women on the management boards of the largest listed companies in Germany was around 36.3 percent in October 2020. In some cases, there are major differences in the proportion of women in management positions in the various sectors.

In terms of the level of schooling, only minor differences can be observed between women and men of working age. Overall, women have now overtaken men in terms of the level of schooling - as can be seen from a Study of the WSI (Economic and Social Research Institute).

  • More than one third of both men and women of working age have the Abitur or the Fachhochschulreife.
  • Women are slightly more likely than men to have attained the intermediate secondary school leaving certificate (Realschulabschluss) (37 compared to 31 per cent), while they are slightly less likely to have attained the lower secondary school leaving certificate (Hauptschulabschluss) (21 compared to 26 per cent of men).
  • Only a minority of women and men still have no school-leaving qualifications (4 per cent each).

A regional comparison shows clear differences in the level of education between eastern and western Germany - the gender-related differences within western and eastern Germany, on the other hand, are small.

woman empowering

In 4 steps to Women Empowering

At this point, feel free to take some time for a little exercise so that you can become even more confident in achieving your dreams.

  1. Write down all your Beliefs Or thoughts like "Will people like me if I make more?" that are holding you back from Women Empowering right now.
  2. Think: Which of your sentences has the most weight right now? Circle it!
  3. Now go one step further: Who could have said this sentence to you when you were a child? Possibly your parents, grandparents or a teacher. Often the origin of our thoughts lies in our childhood. Rather, in an event that shapes us to this day - in our thoughts and actions.
  4. Are you ready to maybe turn your old thought in a new, positive direction? Don't believe everything you think. 

Women Empowering: Forgive Yourself and Live in Ease

"The only person you are really harming by holding on to reproach is you. Forgiveness is the best antibiotic for the soul; it makes every bitterness heal and prevents rapid aging. Prescribe yourself a big spoonful of forgiveness every day, and you'll find that you suddenly have more joy and lightness in your life again," writes Laura Malina Seiler in her diary.

Discover the potential within you

The coach says: "Never in history have we been as free as we are today. And never so strong. You are full of undiscovered potential. Break free from your limitations in your head. Start visualizing. Use the freedom that opens up before you in such a way that you live authentically, coherently and confidently. What makes you happy?" Laura knows exactly what she's talking about. Because as a soon to be workingmum of two, she too faces this challenging issue time and time again. So her tip is to ask yourself, "What do you (still) need for personal fulfilment?". Therefore, to live a good life full of Women Empowering, you may first and foremost find out who you really are and want to be!"

Women Empowering: Live by your values

Take a little time for yourself. Feel into yourself. Instead of orienting yourself to the opinions and value judgements of others, take the freedom as a strong, self-confident woman to do what suits you, your life situation and your values. You protect yourself and strengthen yourself. And you finally give yourself a lot of credit. As your own heroine, you realize that you thrive when you challenge yourself. You take full responsibility for your choices, even when you know that sometimes things turn out very differently than we expect.

Connect with your femininity

Change and create now what can be changed. Maybe you've heard of the beautiful saying "Leave it. Love it. Or change it"?! Think about what you should just leave alone. And what could you invest more heart and time in from now on? Dare to reconnect with your femininity and feel your wisdom, Laura encourages. "We women are such incredibly intuitive beings with such great power. If we just start acknowledging our femininity more ourselves and living it too, we're automatically in our power!"

Powerful Affirmations for your Women Empowering

We would like to give you the following sentences as an idea to take with you on your way. Whenever you feel that you are not in your center, you may use it in a moment of rest. I...

  1. Am a gift to this world.
  2. Be one of those women who heals other women.
  3. Am ready to recognize my awesomeness.
  4. Love being a woman.
  5. Embrace my own power.
  6. Feel complete and whole.

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