Enthusiasm: This is how you easily pull it back into your life!

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Enthusiasm: This is how you easily pull it back into your life!

You know that feeling when you're really on fire for something? When your eyes sparkle and your heart beats faster? When one hundred percent is suddenly no longer enough for you, but you want to go far beyond your own limits? This feeling is pure enthusiasm!

A feeling with which we should fill our lives much more than we do so far. Do you feel like getting really excited about something again? Then let yourself be inspired and carried away by this magazine article. We'll tell you why enthusiasm so often fades in everyday life. And how you can rekindle it! By the end, you'll know how to rekindle your enthusiasm. It's not that difficult, we promise!

What is enthusiasm?

Probably most of us wish we felt enthusiasm more often in our daily lives. After all, enthusiasm stands for creativity, passion and satisfaction. Enthusiasm also means doing something with conviction and being aware of the meaning of this thing. In other words, if you are doing something that seems pointless and not fun, you will never be enthusiastic about it. This could happen in your job, for example: If you do the same tasks and duties day after day, but don't find any fulfillment in them, you will not be able to feel enthusiastic about your job.

So enthusiasm arises because you really like doing something and, at best, find it particularly meaningful. And because you want to become better at it and achieve goals. Enthusiasm motivates you from within, without external incentives such as money or recognition. This is called intrinsic Motivation. In addition, enthusiasm is authentic and genuine: If you are really passionate about something, your fellow human beings will recognize that pretty quickly. Enthusiasm is hard to hold back.

Learning to be enthusiastic

Enthusiasm can be learned, because it is largely based on your inner attitude. The most important prerequisite for this is positive thinking. This does not mean that you should sweep problems under the table or talk yourself out of serious difficulties. Positive thinking just means focusing on the positive aspects in life. Because you can always look at things from several sides. If you focus on the negative, it is much harder for you to feel enthusiasm.

Instead, try to focus on the positive aspects whenever you can. You have already taken the first step towards enthusiasm. Now you can move on step by step. Enthusiasm is not rational, but it is inevitably connected to your mind and your Thoughts together.

5 tips for new enthusiasm

Therefore, in the following you will learn five everyday tips that you should internalize. If you can implement all the points, it's only a matter of time until you finally find an activity in which you really enjoy and are passionate about. Have fun with it!

1. listen to your gut feeling

Far too often we do not listen to our inner voice. We do things which our family, our friends or even society think are right. We fulfill the expectations of others and forget what we ourselves want. But how will you ever feel real enthusiasm if you always just do what life dictates?

Enthusiasm starts with being yourself! You don't have to like other people's hobbies, you don't have to think that everyone else's lifestyle is right. But you can listen to yourself and your gut! Start figuring out who you are and where you want to go. No plan on how to do that? Then let yourself be inspired, for example with the free vision challenge with Walter and Christina Hommelsheim. 

2. find your new favorite activity

New activities offer a high potential for enthusiasm. They motivate, often have a great learning effect and bring variety and excitement into your life. Unfortunately, as soon as a routine develops, the euphoria often wears off. Because habit is boring and boredom is the end of your enthusiasm. Therefore, make sure that it doesn't get that far in the first place. You can do this, for example, by looking for a new favourite activity and always creating new incentives for yourself.

This can be variety within the activity or working towards a goal. For example, with sports: You can be an enthusiastic runner - if you run the same route every day, you will eventually find it boring. Therefore, regularly explore new running routes and thus bring variety into your training. Or work towards a goal - for example a half marathon. You will see that you will remain an enthusiastic runner for a long time.

3. set goals and rewards

Speaking of goals: They can also help boost your enthusiasm mode. Because a goal motivates you and really spurs you on. You get into a competitive mode, you give 110 percent and you're right. Desire to improve and develop yourself. Therefore, define achievable goals! Of course, you can also celebrate small stages on the way to the big goal. Reward yourself regularly for everything you have achieved or accomplished so far. This will give you new momentum and ensure that your enthusiasm lasts for a long time.

4. provide compensation

If you're really excited about something, you sometimes lose your sense of space and time. That's great! Still, you should take it down a notch every now and then and give yourself some time off. Whether you're passionate about your hobby or your work, if it consumes too much time and energy, you'll become stressed and unbalanced. A lack of energy is a real enthusiasm killer. Therefore, take time for other things, relax and gather new inspiration. After a break, you can start again with fresh ideas and a new zest for action!

5. do not be afraid

Do you remember what excited you as a kid? Surely you dared or tried new things without thinking of all that could go wrong. Today, it's different. Throughout our lives, we learn to consider consequences, weigh pros and cons, and assess risks. That's all well and good, but fear and worry are not always conducive.

On the contrary, they inhibit your enthusiasm. Therefore, learn not to think too much about what could go wrong. If you're constantly worrying about being disappointed, making wrong decisions, or being ridiculed, you'll feel insecure and procrastinate. Instead, live out the things you're really passionate about!

If you're into modeling and you'd rather spend your weekends with model airplanes than cocktails at the nearest club, that's totally fine. Find like-minded people and stand by what really makes you happy. That way you'll experience a real surge of enthusiasm! You can find a beautiful meditation on this topic here.

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