Gereon Jörn 3/3: "I don't take applause personally!"

Gereon Joern feels more grounded and fulfilled than ever. He has found his vision and says, "I don't have to today. I can, will and want to." His record as a speaker is 220 seminar days a year. In an interview he reveals: "I take my hat off to people who can do this, but I always had the feeling of doing the same thing. I didn't have time to develop myself any more, I was just out and about, woke up in the morning and didn't know where I was. It didn't satisfy me."

Despite big appearances, success and many thousands of seminar participants, the professional felt a void. He says: "If you come to rest and think about what is actually happening and the depth you are really creating, then at some point emptiness will arise. At the same time he knows that being a speaker can be addictive. In an interview he says: "I don't think I've experienced any other industry where there are as many narcissists as in the speaker industry. Every person who stands on stage is in danger of becoming addicted to it."

Gereon Jörn about stage experience & applause

Gereon Jörn's credo is: "I no longer take applause personally. If I stand on stage for an hour and trigger something in people, then none of them knows me personally. So the applause is not for me, but for my performance. Of course, my personality is partly responsible for it, but it is only a small part of it. My performance gets the applause. So I don't take the applause personally."

Conversely, he reveals: "I no longer take it personally when I don't get an applause. And that in turn creates freedom. Because I know that something will come around for me when I go on stage. Either I trigger something from the people or it becomes a learning experience. So I always get off the stage and I've won something. That sets me free."

"I would like a make a special contribution".

Decisive situations that moved Gereon Jörn to his professional journey were the moments when people simply could not put his tips and advice into practice. He reveals: "People knew the procedure, but were unable to implement it. And then the question is, what is the reason? Do they not dare to implement the points? What is the applied hand brake and how can it be released? And that is what I find most appealing. I do not want to give a lecture, I want to make a contribution. I really want to make a difference and make a difference." 

Gereon Jörns great concern and his vision is to go into depth. At the same time he likes variety. Today he works as a speaker, author, coach and entrepreneur. His focus is on happiness, inner values and personality types, among others. What can we expect from him in the future? He reveals: "I would like to immerse myself in other professions and will continue to try out and follow my soul." So it remains exciting.

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