Gereon Jörn: Hypnosis with a healing effect

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Gereon Jörn: Hypnosis with a healing effect

Gereon Jörn recognizes people at first sight, because he can read and categorize them. Recently, he has also been dealing with the topic of happiness and is therefore a real all-rounder in the field of personality development. In addition, the speaker never stands still. Instead, he is always working on new, exciting projects. In this interview with Dr. Stefan Frädrich, he talks about how you can course self-worth finds, and reveals why hypnosis has a healing effect.

Gereon Jörn: "When motivation is not enough"

Gereon Jörn is convinced that the vast majority of people don't need a therapist to find their natural Self-worth to increase. Instead, he believes, small reminders in everyday life are enough. But of course there are exceptions. The expert has worked with many people and knows, "With some people, it's not enough to keep saying how valuable they are. Some people even feel more worthless because they think they can't even manage that."

Therapists who work with this method therefore do not help the patient in the worst case, but make his situation even worse. Gereon Jörn admits: "I was one of those therapists, because at that time that was my truth. I was one of those who said 'You just have to do this and that.' But sometimes that's not enough. Sometimes a hurt is so deep that you can steer against it, but it doesn't do anything. Then it's a bit like plucking weeds: you pluck off the leaves, but the root stays in."

Gereon Jörn works with your Soul

During further training, the expert finally learned how easy it is to pull out the root. In the interview he says: "You have to work with the soul. Then you can get people out of situations in an hour and a half that they sometimes don't even know exist. Because sometimes it is about situations that happened in the first months or first years of life when the brain could not yet store them properly. These can be, for example, physical or emotional abuse. To be able to resolve those situations and help people is incredible."

Gereon Joern: "Hypnosis doesn't mean I'm a zombie!"

Hypnosis is also an important subject area for Gereon Jörn. In the interview he explains: "Hypnosis is not being a zombie. Although this image is often conveyed in the media, it is completely false. Everyone knows hypnotic states. If you don't know what happened during the last 50 kilometres on the motorway, then that may have been a hypnotic state. Or if you're sitting on the sofa and don't know what happened in the last five minutes, that may have been a trance-like state."

Gereon Jörn describes the Hypnosis as an overall process that consists of three parts. The first part is the relaxation phase. He explains, "Once the person is in a relaxed state, then I can work wonderfully with their subconscious. Because in this state there is much less rational resistance. I always have the following image in my mind: every day we live represents a page in the book. Each book has 365 pages and one book is one year. When I ask someone about a particular date, in most cases the person retroactively doesn't remember what they did on that date. But it is in their book. And under hypnosis, it's possible to send the librarian out and look up what was going on that day."

Reassessing the origin

Gereon Jörn brings people for hypnosis so first in a relaxation phase. Then the actual working phase begins. Here he looks at the cause from which the symptom or trauma was triggered. In the interview he explains: "You can even prove from the blood count whether someone has experienced a trauma. Certain makers in the blood show when a person has been traumatized. These makers trigger malfunctions in the body years later. Then the self-regulating processes, for example, no longer function and somatic illnesses and sleep disorders can occur."

The expert describes a Trauma as a situation that we think we cannot cope with. With the help of hypnosis, we now determine the original event. Gereon Jörn: "When we look at the originating event, we also look at the traumatic experience and heal it. Why? Because we comfort the other person at that moment. He then evaluates the originating event differently and the subsequent events are also evaluated differently from now on. So we tear out the root and automatically the leaves have no more energy."

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