3 hypnosis myths about the state of relaxation

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3 hypnosis myths about the state of relaxation

Hardly any other topic is surrounded by as many prejudices as hypnosis: hypnosis myths. No wonder, because in the minds of many people are persistent rumors about manipulation and loss of control. Not infrequently, the treatment method is considered a dangerous state in which the patient or hypnotized person is at the mercy of the hypnotist. But in the vast majority of situations exactly the opposite is the case. Hypnosis is a natural state of Relaxation and can be used as a very reliable and effective treatment method. We explain and reveal exciting facts about the state in trance, which you should definitely know!

Hypnosis myths: 1. loss of control

One of the biggest myths is based on the assumption that the hypnotist has full control over his hypnotized subjects during the application. This control would mean that he could encourage them to act, magically give them Beliefs or elicit personal secrets from them. In short, the hypnotist could make his patients say or do things they would not otherwise do.

Let me get this straight: Don't worry. This myth persists, but has little to do with reality. Rather, this rumor is created by movies, shows and series in which hypnosis is often used to tell an exciting story. Therapeutic hypnosis, however, works completely differently. Of course, the patient is advised to close his eyes during hypnosis. After all, this allows him to concentrate on inner images, feelings and thoughts without distraction. Nevertheless, he usually gets everything during the session. He is neither in deep sleep nor in any other situation where he loses control over his body.

Hypnosis Myths: 2. Supernatural

Again, we can reassure you. Hypnosis is not supernatural witchcraft, but rather a science. You could also call it manifesting beliefs. Did you know that everyone is in hypnosis-like states multiple times a day? And not only during sleep, but also during the day: whether in daydreams, while reading or even driving a car - it is a state of relaxation and often occurs during waking hours.

Hypnosis is therefore completely natural and occurs more often in normal everyday life than one might expect. It merely represents a certain state of mind or consciousness. That's why you don't have to worry about the hypnotist lighting incense or putting you to sleep with relaxing music or a pendulum. He will simply invoke a state that you are in on a regular basis anyway. And it works without magic or supernatural powers.

Hypnosis myths: 3. willpower

Perhaps you have heard that strong-willed people cannot be hypnotized? That would presuppose that hypnosis takes place against their will, or that the ability to be hypnotized represents weakness of will. Yet it is the other way around: only when the hypnotist and the hypnotized person work together in agreement and trust can the treatment succeed. One could therefore say that the trance state works particularly well with strong-willed people who actively want to bring about changes or remove blockages. Basically, the trance state has less to do with willpower than with imagination. People with a strong, vivid imagination can be hypnotized best. However, you never have to worry about hypnosis happening against your will.

You should also know that

Hypnosis has many positive properties and effects. After we have cleared up the three biggest hypnosis myths, are you interested in a treatment yourself? Then we would like to tell you that even the best hypnosis does not dissolve deep blockages or beliefs from one moment to the next. Hypnosis is not a miracle cure and the hypnotist cannot make your problems suddenly disappear. Rather, he acts as a companion on the way to your inner views and Self-healing powers. The more motivated you are and the better you cooperate, the faster hypnotherapy leads to success.

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