Self-healing powers: A healthy body of its own accord

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Self-healing powers: A healthy body of its own accord

The human body is an incredible construct. It withstands countless negative influences day after day. Whether it's increased UV radiation, vast amounts of exhaust fumes, viruses and bacteria, or even toxins: it holds out bravely, at least up to a certain point. Why does this work? Because it has self-healing powers. "Wait a minute, my body can heal itself?" you're asking yourself now? Yes, it can indeed - as long as you actively support it and give it plenty of Mindfulness gift. We'll show you the best way to do it!

What are self-healing powers?

Every human being has self-healing powers, including you. You can even watch your body use them almost every day.

You cut your finger while opening a package? Within a few days your body has healed the cut itself. You burned yourself slightly while cooking? Your organism takes care of that all by itself. You have the FeelingA cold is coming on? Your body will even kill it within a few days.

Healing on your own initiative

Self-healing powers thus describe your body's ability to overcome states of illness or injury all by itself and to initiate recovery on its own initiative. No, there is no witchcraft behind this, but simply nature. Let's just think back a few centuries, when the health care system was nowhere near as advanced as it is today, or even didn't exist yet. If man had not developed self-healing powers, we would have died out long ago.

But unfortunately they can't fight everything - that would be too good. There are diseases and injuries that overtax the self-healing powers and your body can no longer manage to get better on its own. Unfortunately, they are no substitute for a doctor. Nevertheless, doctors can actively involve your self-healing powers in the treatment and promote them.

activate self-healing powers

Self-healing forces: body and mind in complex interaction

It is no secret that body and mind are closely intertwined. Your mentality has a considerable influence on your physical health. Even if it may sound trite, self-healing powers are also a matter of faith in a certain way. If you don't trust your own body and keep telling yourself that it is too weak to help itself, this will eventually become a reality. You can contribute incredibly much to your own well-being, as long as you are convinced of it yourself.

The well-known placebo effect proves that this works. Patients are administered drugs that do not actually contain any active ingredients. But they know nothing about it. And yet many of them feel an improvement, and only because they believe they have been given effective medication. Consequently, they must feel better.

It was only the power of their thoughts and the belief that they would soon get better that drove the recovery. According to the English doctor Coleman, the body is even able to cure 90 % of all diseases by itself. An incredible number, isn't it?

What negatively influences the self-healing powers?

There are circumstances that slow down the self-healing powers. At the top of the list is a weakened organism, for example because you don't get enough rest or don't provide it with all the important nutrients it needs. Another important factor is psychological stress. As you already know, negative thoughts can inhibit the body's ability to heal itself, which is why it gets overwhelmed more quickly. As a result, your body suddenly can't defend itself against influences that previously didn't bother it at all, and you get sick.

But it also means that you can start the healing process with a positive mindset support. In science, there is even a separate field called psychoneuro-immunology.

How to activate your self-healing powers

We have already mentioned it so often, probably the biggest factor for impaired self-healing powers: stress. But why is this actually the case? Here, evolution is simply to blame. Stress is a completely natural reaction to a life-threatening situation that caused our ancestors to flee or prepare for a fight. So, in evolutionary terms, this reaction protects your life.

This is even reflected in your body language. You unconsciously pull your shoulders up because your body wants to protect your sensitive neck. And that's why your shoulders and neck are constantly tense when you're under stress for long periods of time. Your body also tenses its core muscles to protect your organs. As a result, you can only breathe quite shallowly.

You may even grind your teeth without realizing it, because you are automatically protecting your teeth. Your blood thickens so that you don't bleed to death immediately in the event of an injury, and your digestion comes to a standstill because your body now needs the energy for the fight - or so it thinks. In addition, there is the release of stress hormones that support you in the fight or flight, but inhibit the work of the immune system.

The danger of permanent stress

You see, when you're under stress, a lot of things happen in your body. In the past, this state of stress subsided when the danger was over. Nowadays, however, we're dealing more with psychosocial stress that puts a permanent strain on us. The body is therefore in a state of emergency in the long term, and it goes without saying that this is not healthy.

It can no longer regenerate completely and the self-healing powers simply don't stand a chance after a certain point. So it's clear: regular relaxation phases are a must so that your body can heal itself.

Think positive

A study by the Techniker Krankenkasse health insurance company was able to confirm that people who remain optimistic despite stress are much better at putting infections behind them. This makes one thing clear: Positive thinking supports the body's defenses.

Of course, it's not easy to find something positive in a situation where you're feeling bad. You quickly find yourself in a negative spiral. You're not doing well, so you're in a bad mood. As a result, you just don't feel better and your mood keeps going down. At some point you may even lose confidence in your body and the recovery process takes forever. One thing is clear: you have to get out of this spiral!

Shift your focus

The more you focus on your discomfort, the worse you will feel. This doesn't mean that you should completely ignore an illness or injury. Of course, you should listen to your body's signals and give it a break when it needs it. However, completely dwelling on it and waiting for the symptoms to show up every day is also the wrong way to go.

Rather set your focus on the beautiful things that life still has in store. Or reflect on the fact that you are doing well under the circumstances and you were even lucky, because others are doing much worse in this situation.

Laughter makes healthy

A good dose of humor makes life a lot easier, doesn't it? Of course, life is not only full of happy moments, but if you find yourself in one, then enjoy it to the full. When you laugh, your body releases happiness hormones. They displace the stress hormones that impair your self-healing powers and your body can better defend itself against pathogens.

Professor William Frey even found out that laughing for 20 seconds has as positive an effect on one's health as jogging for 3 minutes. If you don't decide to laugh, it's your own fault. The reason for this is simply that your whole body becomes active when you laugh - just like when you jog. You tense your muscles, relax them again and at the same time take a lot of oxygen into your body. This way you can actually strengthen your cardiovascular system.

Collect moments of happiness with friends and family

You don't feel as comfortable with anyone as you do with your family and closest friends. This also has an effect on your body. Researchers at Brigham Young University in Utah found in several studies with data from over 300,000 subjects that Loneliness has a similar harmful effect on the body as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Social contacts protect you from mental illnesses and the physical consequences they can have. If you surround yourself with people who are good for you, both body and mind will benefit.

Self-healing powers: Treat yourself to rest

Yes, everyday life can be quite stressful sometimes. In the evening, you just want to fall into bed because you're so exhausted. The next morning, you wonder if you slept at all because you're still completely exhausted. This state is pure poison for your body.

Give him regular time off in which he can recover and recharge his batteries - including his self-healing powers. Even a short Meditation a day can already change a lot. Or how about a yoga session or two? Of course, sufficient sleep is also important. Ideally, it should be at least 7 hours per night.

Change your diet

Your diet is the fuel for your body. The higher the quality, the better your organism functions. Every day it has to perform countless tasks that keep you alive. It needs support in the form of vitamins and nutrients. But if you deprive it of them, at some point it will no longer be able to perform all these tasks. Your body becomes weak and much more susceptible to diseases.

So make sure you eat a healthy and balanced diet. That doesn't mean that pizza and burgers are completely forbidden. Sometimes a small culinary sin is needed for inner peace of mind. But this should not be every day. Make sure you strike a healthy balance between wholesome food and small sins.

Do sports

That Sports strengthens the body is no secret. This is true not only for the muscles, but also for the immune system. But have you ever noticed that after a workout you somehow feel more liberated and happier?

Sport activates the reward system in your brain. It produces messenger substances that Reduce stresslower blood pressure and even slow down inflammatory processes. Widespread ailments such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, gastrointestinal problems and long-term pain can be effectively alleviated in this way.

Self-healing powers: Do not refuse to go to the doctor!

Our tips can help you support your self-healing powers. However, they are no guarantee that your body can cope with everything on its own. If you feel really bad and there is still no improvement after a few days, then go to the doctor.

Strong self-healing powers can fight off minor illnesses such as colds or the stomach flu. However, if you are suffering from a serious illness or have suffered a serious injury, do not hesitate to seek medical advice and comprehensive treatment.

Positive mind - healthy body

"It's all a matter of inner attitude." Well, how many times have you heard this phrase? Maybe you don't take it seriously most of the time, but when it comes to health, it's even scientifically proven. Your mindset has a great influence on your self-healing powers. What you need is confidence.

Yes, confidence is one of those things. Not everyone finds it easy to be optimistic. But don't worry! You can work on it - in the form of Personality Development.


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