Dr. Joe Dispenza: Integrating Meditation into Life

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Dr. Joe Dispenza: Integrating Meditation into Life

Have you ever visualized your dreams and wishes with the help of a mind movie or in a meditation? In the interview Dr. Joe Dispenza about the power of thought and says: "The quantum field organizes everything so that it is just right for you. So if you're using mindmovies to fulfill your dreams, you better be ready for them. Because sometimes they happen faster than you think."

In the eyes of the expert, our reality has different dimensions. In the end, he says, it's not about what you achieve or get from expanding your consciousness through the quantum field, but about who you become. Dr. Joe Dispenza: "You get a new energy, more inspiration, a greater interest in community as well as connection, and an overarching mission that's bigger than yourself."

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With meditation: Be positive about the future

Dr. Joe Dispenza is positive about the future. In the interview he says: "At the same time, I'm a pragmatist and a realist. I have one foot in the quantum field and the other in three-dimensional reality. Because I think that's very healthy. "He thinks that many of our models - whether economic, political or social - are currently collapsing because they are based on the wrong reasons and intentions. The information from our networked world helps turn this collapse into chaos.

Higher level of consciousness

Dr. Joe Dispenza: "We are living in a very important time when many systems are breaking down. But we shouldn't see that as a bad thing, because it's the only way to create new things and replace old things that no longer work. People need to learn to lead with their hearts." The expert is convinced that everyone can work on themselves so that each of us becomes a leader. He tells, "We don't need to fix our systems, because that takes a lot of energy. We just need to create something better. And I'm very optimistic that together we can reach higher levels of consciousness than we have so far. People will care for each other and something great will happen."

Meditation with everyday life

But how do you do it, Meditation into the often stressful daily routine? Dr. Joe Dispenza has a simple answer: "By getting up earlier. And if you're tired, then you have to go to bed earlier. It's important to me to start my day with the divine. So I take the time to do that. I'm very busy, but if I don't take time for myself, then my environment determines how I feel and what I think. And I don't want that." So the question is, what value and priority does meditation get in everyday life? According to the expert, if you really want to use it, then you can find the time for it. Now it's your turn - we hope you enjoy!

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