How Chakra Meditation provides physical and mental balance

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How Chakra Meditation provides physical and mental balance

More and more people are looking for methods to find a balance between work and everyday life. Meditating is, next to sports or keeping a diary, a way to provide physical and mental balance. In this article, we would like to introduce you to chakra meditation in particular.

What are chakras?

Our body is flooded with life energy, the core of which is in turn Chakras are. You can think of them as small, invisible energy centers. Even though we can't see or touch them, they have been an integral part of spiritual teachings and healing arts for thousands of years. There are seven main chakras in total, located along the spine. However, they do not sit inside your physical body, but several inches outside.

Chakras are basically nothing more than small receiving stations for energy forms of various kinds. They receive energy from the environment but also from other people. This does not mean that we all rob each other of our energies. It is rather about the effect other people have on us and vice versa. Surely you have heard the sentences "positive energy emanates from him/her" or "he/she sends positive vibrations".

That is exactly what is meant here. However, someone can also give off negative energy, for example, with what they say and how they appear. The chakras transform the energies received so that they can move into your body. You then perceive them in the form of emotions and thoughts. Positive energies improve your physical and mental well-being, while negative energies have the opposite effect.

What is a Chakra Meditation good for?

So there is a lot going on in the chakras, because huge amounts of energies flow through them. However, this only works when they are open and that's exactly when chakra meditation comes into play. It ensures that your chakras can receive energies undisturbed and stimulates them so that they can do their work even more effectively. With all the energy flowing through the small centers, it's also necessary to tidy up once in a while. Chakra meditation also makes this possible.

It cleanses and heals your chakras when you use the Feeling you have, there is something wrong. That makes the Meditation The chakras become an important tool to maintain the free flow of life energies and to stimulate the spiritual side in you. So with meditation exercises you can have a positive influence on the work of your chakras and the flow of energy in your body. Each chakra has its own meaning and function.

With the chakra meditation you find out where exactly blockages may have formed and can specifically solve them. The life energy flows powerfully through your body again and completely new areas of perception open up for you. Balanced chakras mean a balanced life. Read more about the 7 chakras and how to bring them back into balance here.

These are the advantages of chakra meditation

We have already touched on this topic: Chakra meditation helps you to maintain or restore your physical and mental balance and thus to go through the day peacefully and balanced. In a nutshell, the Meditation for health and harmony. You already know that there are negative energies that can be absorbed by the chakras. It is all the more important to eliminate these disharmonious foreign energies so that they can no longer affect your body.

Chakra meditation also makes this possible. It also separates energy connections to other people who are not good for you. Especially if you live in a big city and therefore come into contact with countless people who may radiate negative energies, it is highly recommended to cleanse your chakras regularly.

How do I know it's time for a chakra meditation?

Listen deep within yourself. Do you feel that your inner self is balanced and that you have no physical complaints? If you answer "no" to this question, you should consider chakra meditation. Inner imbalance can manifest itself in a number of ways. Are you under stress because you feel increasingly pressured at work?

You are beside yourself because you had a fight with a loved one? Or you are afraid of a situation that you will have to face soon? All of this triggers an uneasy feeling inside you. It tingles, you feel uncomfortable and restless - a clear sign of an inner imbalance, triggered by blockages. They can also manifest themselves physically, e.g. through backaches and headaches, tension in the neck or stomach cramps.

In Western medicine, this would be called psychosomatic pain. So that all these blockages can be released and your chakras can again provide an undisturbed flow of energy, the chakra meditation is exactly the right thing. Even if certain ailments originate from one particular chakra, it makes sense to address all seven during chakra meditation. Often several energy centers compensate for the problems of another, and there are also resonances between individual chakras. So let's look at a Meditation which addresses all centers.

Step by step through chakra meditation: How to open and cleanse your chakras

Discomfort, pain, negative thoughts, fears and even trauma can be relieved with the help of chakra meditation. easier to process. We'll show you a meditation that both beginners and advanced students can use to open and activate all their chakras. It takes about ten minutes, and we all have that to spare every day, don't we? If you have more time, you can extend the chakra meditation and make it 30 minutes.

So that you can fully concentrate on your Meditation two things are incredibly important: an environment in which you feel comfortable and a comfortable position in which you can stay for a while. So, at best, don't sit at your messy desk or in a messy bedroom where you have peace and quiet but piles of laundry. Find a tidy place where there's not much lying around and where you can focus on yourself.

Your sitting position should be comfortable but still upright. So don't slouch in your favorite chair, but sit up straight and straighten your spine. Imagine that you are hanging on an invisible thread by which something is pulling you upwards. You can also sit cross-legged on the floor in the classic way, if that is not uncomfortable for you. After all, you should not have to stop your chakra meditation in the middle because you can no longer stand your position.

Your path through chakra meditation

Once you have found a quiet place and a comfortable position, you can start. Close your eyes and concentrate fully on yourself, your body and your mind. Breathe in and out deeply, feeling your chest rise and fall. Focus on nothing else for a few breaths. Then work your way up, starting at the lowest chakra.

So start with the root chakra in the perineal area. Breathe out and let go of all the tensions that are in this area. In your mind's eye you will see a red light that becomes brighter and brighter the more you inhale. Notice your connection to the ground and become aware of the safety and stability it gives you. Remain in the root chakra for a while until a deep sense of Security spreads inside you.

Sacral and solar plexus chakra

Then it is the turn of the sacral chakra. It is located about a hand's width below your navel. Place your flat hand on your lower abdomen and direct the energy into this chakra with every breath you take. The light, which was red a moment ago, now turns increasingly orange and fills you with warmth.

About a hand's width above your navel is the solar plexus chakra, to which you now turn your attention. Breathe in and out in a relaxed manner and you will see a yellow light shining in front of your inner eye. With each exhalation it flows through your body and transports energies through you. These energies give you strength and Self-confidence.

Open your heart chakra

Then move to the heart chakra in the middle of your chest. Again, place your hand on the chakra and become aware of your heartbeat. Go deep within yourself and observe the paths your thoughts and feelings take when you give them free space. Give them as much space as possible by pulling your shoulders back and opening your chest.

Don't let your emotions and thoughts throw you off track, but keep breathing calmly and evenly. Watch how the yellow light slowly but surely turns into green. It floods your entire chest and gives you a feeling of confidence and trust.

Know your self-worth with the throat chakra

Now work your way to the throat chakra. Located in the larynx, it is in direct contact with your breath. So consciously notice how the air flows in through your throat and out of your body again. A blue light spreads in your throat chakra into which you breathe. With this you let the light shine brighter and brighter.

Visualize the chakra as a kind of funnel that opens forward, radiating its energy throughout your body. It may well happen that now unpleasant sensations or even Fears that you have suppressed for a long time. Now it is time to stay calm! Don't let it throw you off track and don't interrupt your chakra meditation. Continue to breathe evenly and concentrate on letting the blue light shine brighter and brighter with deep breaths.

It gives you the necessary strength to face these emotions. Observe them as neutrally as possible and accept them. The energy emanating from your throat chakra intensifies your connection to your inner self and makes you realize your own value. Once you have reached this point, you can continue with the forehead chakra.

The "third eye" and the crown chakra

The brow chakra is located between your eyebrows. I'm sure you've heard of the so-called "third eye", haven't you? That's how this energy center is often referred to. In the area of the forehead it is not so rare that blockages occur, after all, countless pieces of information are coming at you every day, which you have to process somehow. This can quickly lead to a build-up of negative energies.

So take a little more time for this chakra. Visualize a small point between your eyebrows that glows violet and has a cooling effect. The light spreads slowly and cleanses your mind. It provides clarity and brings you back to the here and now - should you be one of those people who often dwell on the past or always live in the future in their thoughts.

Last but not least, turn your attention to your crown chakra. It sits on the crown of your head and is actually enthroned like a crown on your head. This chakra connects to the energy of the universe, so open it as wide as you can. Direct all the energies already flowing through your body there and unite them into a bright, clear light. It spreads upward and gives you a feeling of lightness, inner peace and tranquility.

Not only practice makes perfect, but also patience

Take as much time as you need for each chakra. If you rush through meditation in a hurry, you won't get any benefit from it. It is quite normal that certain chakras need a little more attention than others. So stay patiently. Really only move on to the next energy center when you feel that you have successfully cleansed and opened the previous one. Clearly perceive the colors that arise before your inner eye and wait until they have spread completely.

Give also the described emotions time to flood you completely. You yourself also need a moment to understand them and to feel how they pass into your inner being. So if you want to meditate, you shouldn't do it between door and door, but take enough time for it. Don't forget that your body and mind accompany you throughout your life - you can't exchange them. So it's all the more important to give them both the attention they deserve - and that's not done in a minute.

Which chakras you should focus on during meditation also depends on your personality. Are you often very restless, do you doubt yourself again and again or do you only think about the things you still have to do and completely forget to live in the here and now? All this and much more can be tackled by targeting the corresponding chakras. In order for this to lead to success, you should first get to the bottom of your personality. With our Personality Test we give you a great tool to help you do just that!

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