Rough nights: a ritual to leave the old behind you

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Rough nights: a ritual to leave the old behind you

Fate is decided in the time between the years. Our ancestors believed this and the winter solstice does indeed mark a turning point, and not just in an astronomical sense. During the Rauhnächte, you leave the old behind and focus on what lies ahead. You reflect on your current situation and receive advice on how to make the most of your future. You have come a long way and are now at a crossroads from which several paths lead in different directions.

What is the significance of the Rauhnächte?

The Rauhnächten are, depending on the regional interpretation around the twelve nights between Christmas and January 6. The midwinter period has always been shrouded in mystery. According to legend, the Germanic god Wotan roams the land with his wild army. He brings death, but also fertility and luck. Our ancestors used the Rauhnächte, also known as the Loszeit, for all kinds of oracles and for Self-reflection.

The meaning of the rituals during the Rough Nights

Midwinter is the darkest period of the year. The days are short, the nights are long and the boundaries between the worlds melt away. You finally have the leisure time you lacked in summer. Use the Time for rituals that make you think and give you the opportunity to reflect.

There used to be Numerous customsmany of which have since been forgotten. Some rituals have survived in a modified form because there have been significant changes in people's everyday lives that required adaptation. It makes sense to integrate the traditions into your life. In particular, the custom of not working during the Rauhnächte will meet your needs. Let everything rest and concentrate only on yourself.

The 12 nights: a time for reflection and foresight

During the holy nights, you look back on your life and take the opportunity to evaluate it. What have you achieved, what still lies ahead of you, where is your PotentialWhat drives you? Take a look into the future and do the same as your ancestors. The old is passed and the new has not yet begun. Think about your future and ask the lot, for example when casting lead and wax.

What seems superstitious often has a deeper meaning. Card reading and lead casting reveal your hidden longings and desires. Fears. Take a few cards and label them with different future scenarios. Draw the cards one after the other and think about each one. Look at the shapes as you pour the lead and interpret them as you see fit, because everyone sees something different in them.


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Positive thinking and manifestation in the rough nights

How much energy the Rauhnächte give you depends on your inner attitude. Ultimately, you draw the power from yourself by going within yourself and allowing visions that the pure mind could never realize. accept would. As a result, visions of the future manifest themselves solely through the power of your thoughts. This is referred to as a self-fulfilling prophecy. You create the conditions for the fulfillment of your wishes.

Practical advice for the rough nights

Put the past behind you and make things right. Settle your debts, if possible, and return what you have borrowed. Bury the hatchet and make peace if you are involved in conflicts. Clean your home before the Rough Nights and enjoy the peace and quiet afterwards. Look to the future with optimism.

5 rituals for the Rough Nights

Much has changed in the meantime. Electric light and artificial heat sources create a cozy ambience and turn night into day and winter into summer. Nevertheless, numerous rituals in a modern interpretation still offer us real added value today.

1. smoking

The exact origin of the name for the holy nights is unclear. One theory is that the word "Rauh" refers to the burning of incense. In the past, it was customary to burn incense, mugwort, juniper, pine needles and other herbs in homes. This served to protect against evil spirits, but was probably primarily used to get rid of vermin.

The custom of burning incense is still practiced by some people today. Many of them use incense sticks to lend the room a pleasant fragrance. Scented candles and essential oils are perfect for putting you in a meditative mood.

If you opt for the traditional method, walk around the house with your family members with a smoking pan and smoke all the corners thoroughly. Spread the smoke with a fan or feather. Then open the windows and let the smoke escape. Clap your hands and shout: "Bad luck out, good luck in!"

2. bells

In Bavaria, it used to be customary to go from house to house on January 5 or 6 and ask for some money or cookies. The beggars were mostly children and adolescents who disguised themselves beyond recognition. They threatened people if they didn't want to give them anything. This tradition is very reminiscent of today's Halloween custom.

Bell ringing was also common in some regions. People went from door to door and rang the bell. This custom is so beautiful that it is still worthwhile today. Use the dark time to meet up with friends and family members. Visit each other and have a chat. Talk about your visions, wishes and worries.

3. comply with prohibitions

There are some things that are best not to do during the Rauhnächte. These include washing and hanging up laundry. It used to be believed that the horsemen of the spirit army would get caught in the laundry and someone could hang themselves on the taut rope. In addition, you should not cut your hair or nails, sharpen knives or work in the period between the years. In short, all sinister activities should be avoided.

Even if the bed linen is colorful today and not as white as a shroud and no ghosts are likely to get caught in your freshly laundered clothes, this custom offers you a considerable advantage. You can finally put your work to rest and concentrate only on the essentials.

4. interpreting dreams

The Rauhnächte traditionally fall within the time of dreams. Dreams on these mysterious nights have always been considered to have a very special significance. They often say something about your current life situation and possible future developments. Pay close attention to the content and keep a dream diary. Place the diary with a pen next to your bed on the bedside table so that you can write down your dream as soon as you wake up before you forget it.

5. wish list

The Rauhnächte get you in the mood for the new year. To make sure it goes well, you write a wish on each of 13 small pieces of paper and then put them in a box. Every Rauhnacht, you draw a piece of paper and burn it in a fire bowl without reading the wish. The wish on the last piece of paper must be granted.

How to integrate the energy of the Rauhnächte into your everyday life

If you use the rough nights skillfully for self-reflection, this will strengthen your mental powers. During this sacred time pause again and again and think about your personal wishes. Reduce your workload and treat yourself to a nice break. Time out. The most important thing is the nights. Reflect on the dream of the previous night during the day and end the evening with contemplative music and incense.

The significance of the new beginning after the Rauhnächten

The Rauhnächte serve to purify your soul. Ideally, you will emerge from them stronger than before. In rural Alpine regions in particular, the goddess Percht visits homes on the night of January 6 to sweep out the old year and make room for the new. Do as she does and get rid of ballast. After the Rauhnächte, start afresh with fresh energy.


The rituals in the Rauhnächte help you with the Self-awareness and positively influence your decisions. You use this time to come to terms with yourself and give shape to your dreams. The experiences of the holy nights are very precious. Give them the attention they deserve, because they are of great importance to you.

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