Letting Go of the Past: How to Learn to Forgive

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Letting Go of the Past: How to Learn to Forgive

I'm sure you give away clothes and knick-knacks you no longer need from time to time? Great. But sometimes it's not enough to part with material things. Sometimes you need to part with painful experiences and negative experiences. Because only when we let go of our past can we find new happiness and gratitude in the here and now.

Of course, this is sometimes quite difficult. In most cases we stick to our past much more than is good for us. But at the latest when thoughts of the past prevent you from.., decisions for the future, alarm bells should start ringing. Does it sometimes seem to you that you are living backwards and your Potential not fully exploited? Then it's high time to let go of the shackles of your past.

Letting go of the pastn

Let go of anything that weighs you down and feels like emotional baggage. Forgive yourselfthat you have not always been good to yourself. Perhaps others have not always been good to you - and you to them. Let all the Disappointments and arguments behind you. Don't ask yourself what you could have done better to avoid those situations. Let go of the past funktioning ewhen you have negative thoughts, Beliefs and experiences. Then you can concentrate fully on the present and the future. Let go of your past

Let go of the past: Find out what you want

If you manage to break the shackles of your past, something wonderful will happen: You will become independent of what lies behind you. You will develop a completely new attitude towards life, which is characterized by freedom and lightness. And you will discover many new opportunities and people who will enrich your life immensely. This person, who seizes opportunities and does not let anything or anyone throw him off track, is in you. All he needs is an emotional new start.

To achieve this new start, you should first find out what you actually want. What visions and heart's desires do you have? What do you hope for in life? What direction do you want to take? And who or what do you not want to miss anymore? With the help of these questions you focus on the here and now and on the future. Always be aware that you are already very close to the best version of yourself. There is only one small step missing. And to take that step, you need to let go of past situations that are holding you back and weighing you down.

Letting go - why this is so important

Buddha once said: "The more energy you let flow into your past, the greater you let it become!" Is that what you want? Do you want to continue to dwell in the past with your energy and emotions? Or do you want to arrive more and more in the present. And do so strengthened. Positively aligned. Fuller Joie de vivre. You can only do that if you let go.

Or as our Greator Coach trainers Christina and Walter Hommelsheim say in their book "Heart Over Head - The Simple Formula for a Happy Life". write: "Once we have understood this, we can live and shape our lives in a completely different way. Life no longer lives us, but we live our lives. We switch from the passive to the active side. If blockages are holding us back, it's only logical that the energy freed up by releasing those blockages should be able to lift us up, right?

When negative thoughts and feelings have the power to drag us down, good thoughts and emotions have the power to move us forward. When we realign them with equal intensity, we can use the freed-up energy, consisting of thoughts and emotions, to positively shape our lives. Even if it's hard for you to grasp right now, we release and free the energies from our blockages when we go right in. And then through. We are our own spear, which, going into the blockage, pricks the blockage along with the energy, so that everything can flow off - let go of the past!

let go of the past

Let go of the past: Why Vlearn to forgive is important!

To get there, there is one essential key factor. And that is forgiveness. Because only when you forgive yourself and the people who have hurt you in the past, you break the negative downward spiral of your thoughts. Only then will you regain power over your feelings and make your emotional state independent of the outside. And so you can let go of the past.

So to really let go of your past, you have to learn to forgive and to forgive. The more a situation has hurt you, the more difficult this can be. But it is worth it, because on this path you create new space for positive feelings. At the same time, by forgiving, you take control of your life. Because you decide to stop dragging the emotional hurts through life with you and to stop allowing other people to have power over your emotional state. In doing so, you demonstrate a great deal of strength and inner greatness.

learn to forgive

Letting go of the past - to make it easier for you, we'd like to introduce you to three methods you should adopt to Forgive others. You'll see that you can use it to break through negative thoughts and beliefs and launch into the life you deserve. Here is a little tip that you can think about. What good does it do you if you are always mentally and emotionally stuck in the past? Maybe you will find it easier to look at your past from a new perspective: Don't keep thinking about what you could have done better. Letting go of the past means accepting it. You cannot undo what has happened. But you can take it with you as an experience.

1. reflect on your past afterwards

Who do you have unfinished business with and why? Write down names, situations and reasons that have hurt or angered you. In a second step, reflect on how relevant this was for your life. After all, with a little time, we often realize that it's not worth getting angry about things that haven't had a negative impact on our lives in the long run. Check your list to see if maybe it was something small that you overestimated due to the situation. If this is the case, it will be much easier for you to forgive.

2. use rituals & symbols

Rituals are wonderful for making the process of letting go of the past easier. What could these rituals look like in concrete terms? For example, write down your feelings and then burn the piece of paper. This is a symbolic action that represents goodbyes and new beginnings. It should make you aware that these feelings are now over and that you are ready for something new. Find out which rituals symbolize goodbyes and new beginnings for you, and use them to let go.

3. look into the past: put yourself in the other person's place

If someone has hurt you, then he probably had a reason for it. This reason is not always directly obvious or understandable to you, especially not in the acute situation. But with some time distance you can also look at the other perspective and put yourself in the other person's place. Why did she hurt you? Was it intentional or did it happen without malice? The better you understand the other person, the easier it is for you to forgive them. You're one step closer to the "letting go of the past" challenge again!

4. meditation

There are many wonderful Meditationswhere you are guided to let go of the past. Take a look at Youtube. There is for example also this great Meditation by Laura Malina Seiler. If you don't have much experience with meditation yet: great! For this we have an article for you, which you are welcome to read in preparation.

Letting go of the past with meditation

5th Book Tip:

If you would like to deal more intensively with the topic of letting go of the past, then we recommend the book "I'll Leave That Behind..." by Stefanie Lorenz to the heart. "My heart's desire is to give people back their zest for life by finally putting old hurts aside and making peace with the past," says the author. Your start to a happy, fulfilled life can happen abruptly or in stages. How long the journey will be varies from person to person. But Stefanie Lorenz's book helps to take the first steps on the journey. By the way, it is also available as an audiobook on Audible.

The past is gone - Live in the here and now

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