Robert Betz 2/2: From personal low to true success

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Robert Betz 2/2: From personal low to true success

Today makes Robert Betz professionally something completely different than at the beginning of his career: He is no longer the marketing director of a US corporation, but a successful coach, speaker and seminar leader. How did the change come about? In an interview with Alexander Müller, he reveals: "The decisive thing was my soul, which sent me panic attacks through my body. I enjoyed my job so much that I ended up working 70 to 80 hours." In the interview he tells in detail about his personal low to true success.

In addition, there were business trips, which also cost a lot of energy. Robert Betz: "It was fun and there was a lot of applause for my ego. But at night, my soul would call out. I had panic attacks, was soaking wet with sweat and felt faint. I got help and saw three therapists, including a professor of psychoanalysis." But the sessions didn't help. Robert Betz: "And that's when I thought, if even the experts can't help me, I'll have to quit my job. I had to change something so that the situation I was living in would change. "

Success-preventers: Lack of balance and depression

How great must the pain have been? Because at that time Robert Betz was actually successful, earned good money and enjoyed his job. But the expert knows: "There has to be more to life than putting all your energy into your job. That is the mistake that many men make. Men tie up their Self-esteem to the work and the success of the work. But this is an unbalanced life. We need time for ourselves, for our partner, for our friends, and for our children just as much. Unfortunately, many don't see that reality."

Robert Betz became increasingly depressed. He fell into a deep hole: "I even wanted to kill myself one year and take my life. Because sometimes you don't see anything around you anymore. Success was very far away. You're trapped in your tunnel, just wanting to get out, looking for the exit. That's how suicides happen. Because you can't see any perspective anymore."

Triggers panic attacks

The deep depression was therefore at odds with his work, which was actually so fulfilling. Robert Betz: "Those are two completely different roles. At work you get recognition from your boss. You know what you have to do and can achieve a sense of achievement very quickly. That's the daily food for your ego. But at night, it catches up with you. That's when you worry and fear."

From his own experience, the expert recommends that anyone who is at a similar point in their life as he was at the time should urgently seek help: "Keep searching until you find someone who can help you. My recommendation is Transformational Therapy, which I founded. We go deep and look closely. Panic attacks, for example, are the fears of the young child that resurface thirty or forty years later."

The next step to your success

Depression is also the result of a lack of meaning in life. Robert Betz: "Success wants to go hand in hand with fulfilment and for that you need the different areas: work, partnership, circle of friends, children. All of this wants to be nurtured and cared for. Because relationships require care.

So Robert Betz decided that it couldn't go on like this. He quit his job: "After quitting, I hiked through the Eifel for two months. So I was alone with myself for two months. And then my soul sent me the next step. No perspective, no plan, no strategy - just a step. I recommend to anyone who is at a similar point: Stay with yourself, take care of yourself, come to peace and enjoy nature. Create clarity and allow boredom."

Development and criticism

Robert Betz then wanted to share his personal way out of the low with as many people as possible. So out of a crisis he developed the Self-confidenceto help others by passing on his knowledge to them. Within the last few years, the expert thus achieved great fame in the field of personality development. Above all, Robert Betz is known today for reincarnation training and his transformation therapy. With it he collected great successes.

But the more successful he became, the greater the criticism. The expert knows: "As soon as you stand out, there are always dissenting voices. If you go against the grain, if you're against the mainstream - and you're successful - then people always speak up who think it's stupid. At the beginning I was very surprised, because of course I only want what's best for people. But now I know that dissenting voices are necessary. Because you grow from that."

True success

Its content is often about the male and female principle. What is behind this? Robert Betz: "Men and women are of course equal, but they are far from being equal. On the contrary, they are as unequal as day and night. Women are naturally closer to their hearts. Unfortunately, many women think they have to copy men in order to be professionally successful. But they could do it in a feminine way just as be successful. Because true success occurs when you follow your heart."


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