Self-confidence: How to gain it and become strong

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Self-confidence: How to gain it and become strong

Success stories always start with self-confidence, with believing in yourself. What about you? If you're struggling with insecurities and doubting yourself, don't worry. It's never too late to build your self-confidence. strengthen and into your power to come. Because your self-confidence depends on so many factors. Which ones and how to gain more self-confidence - that's what you'll learn in this article.

What is self-confidence?

To a certain extent, self-confidence is genetically shaped, but fortunately it can also be influenced later. In our lives, we all gain experiences that can lead us to develop an undaunted belief in ourselves. There are studies that show that getting through some formative experiences and setbacks, preferably early in life, is the quickest and most effective way to boost your self-confidence.

Researchers agree: self-confidence, at least the part we don't have in our genes, requires hard work, significant risk-taking, determined perseverance, and sometimes bitter failure. If you want to build self-confidence, you may first ask yourself at what point in your life you lost it.

How do I get more confidence?

If this topic is of great concern to you right now, then at this point a Coaching definitely help you. In the session, the coach takes you to a situation from your childhood where you lost your self-confidence. Or it was shattered by an event. And of course your coach will also help you to regain your self-confidence.

You'd probably rather sit on the couch and wait for your confidence to warm and strengthen like a snuggle blanket. It's best to just let it come to you. But now it's up to you. You get to come into action. For example, what could be a small step today that you can take in order to Self-confidence to win? It grows when you set out and learn to stand your ground in the world. By learning to get back up after setbacks, to overcome challenges and to believe in your strength. 

How to gain more self-confidence

Exercise: How to gain more self-confidence!

Close your eyes. Make yourself comfortable on a chair. If any thoughts come now, let them pass like a cloud. For the next three breaths, focus entirely on your body. And stay there. Now think of a situation in your life where you trusted (yourself) and were rewarded for it! What was it? A sense of accomplishment in sports? A super good graduation from school? A mega good bachelor thesis? A promotion at work? Think about your sense of achievement! How did you feel at that moment? Let that feeling come back to you. The joy, the happiness, a tingling in your belly - whatever may show up now! Let it expand in your whole body!

Without forgetting this feeling, you now open your eyes again. And it is precisely with this emotion in you that you approach the next challenge strengthened - full of self-confidence. Because you can do it! You have already done it once (or several times) and proven it.

Why is self-confidence important?

Our self-confidence can only grow if we find solutions, develop ourselves further and realize that we can create something. It is therefore important that we do not let our own Perfectionism block, but dare something. Your body will store this energy in you when you experience success and link it to a new experience.

As soon as you use your room for maneuver instead of timidly backing yourself into a corner, you feel your Self-efficacy. You realize that you make a difference with your actions, that you can change things and thus shape your life yourself. Even if things don't go as planned: You learn to believe in yourself. This way you will gain more and more self-confidence. At this point you can also ask yourself the question: Do I really believe that I grow every day?

When we allow our own growth, nothing stands in our way. Detach yourself from the Fearthat something could go wrong. Or do something completely new: Embrace your fear. Talk to it. Look at it. You will see that it will gradually become smaller if you allow it to be there and show itself. Dare to really live your life!

Tips for building self-confidence

As with so many things, practice makes perfect. Or: A package is thrown at your feet until you unwrap it and look at the contents. To stay with this image: You will repeatedly encounter situations in your everyday life that put your self-confidence to the test. Now it's up to you: Are you acting in the old or the new you? Don't be disappointed if everything doesn't work out right away. How do you say Laura Malina Seiler always so nice: "A success is a success, is a success.

The coach knows: "You may find the courage to dare new things. Through this you gain the knowledge: Who courageously goes forward, dares new things and meets challenges, grows so beyond himselfthat he can be full of confidence in his own abilities. That's what gives you confidence in the end!"

Self confidence with Laura Malina
Laura Malina Seiler is a coach and author.

In 3 steps to more self-confidence

Self-worth and self-acceptance are close, says Laura Malina Seiler. She tells you how to become a better person in three steps. Self-esteem come. "So take back your power and let go of everything that weighs you down!" is the message from the bestselling author of "May You Be Happy!"

  1. Self-acceptance: I am just right the way I am!
  2. Responsibility: I am powerful!
  3. Let go: I forgive!

An exciting journey to more self-confidence

We hope that this article has answered many of your questions about self-confidence. Of course, it's up to you whether you want to Self-confidence want to win. You decide how you want to live your life, in which direction you develop - and which opportunities you tackle!

Everyone struggles to gain more self-confidence from time to time. But self-esteem predators lurk everywhere. Find out how they trigger you less and less and how you can develop yourself further at Greator. In our Self-Awareness Webinar you learn how to develop yourself. Positive feelings bring you forward - not only in your private life, but also at work. In this way, you will be able to strengthen your self-esteem on your own initiative and with professional support.

With the right tips you will find your way to more self-worth and self-determination. Recognize through more and more your strengths to increase your self-worth - and get the best out of you!


So you finally become really self-confident

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