Robert Betz in interview with Alexander Müller

Robert Betz 1/2: "I can't imagine a nicer profession!"

Robert Betz has been involved in coaching and psychology for over 20 years. The experienced expert has sold hundreds of thousands of books and countless CDs. Tens of thousands of people have attended his seminars. But what drives the successful entrepreneur? What motivates him? And how did he come to work in the first place? In an interview with Alexander Müller, Robert Betz talks about his very personal success story and says: "I can't imagine a more beautiful profession! Enjoy reading or watching! 

The success story of Robert Betz

Anyone who has experienced Robert Betz live on stage or in a seminar can confirm that he pursues his work with great passion. His secret of success? "I enjoy it and it obviously brings people a lot. It is nice to look into the eyes of others and see that they have changed their lives for the better. That is always touching. I can't imagine a more beautiful profession than mine."

But how did the graduate psychologist become a successful entrepreneur and keynote speaker? Where are his roots? Robert Betz: "Originally, I come from a Catholic family in the Rhineland, where people liked to judge others. That is something typically Catholic, Rhenish. All those who were different and thought differently were simply called crazy or stupid. That was part of my upbringing."

Robert Betz: "The boarding school time was very formative"

At the age of ten Robert Betz attended a Catholic boarding school. At that time he could well imagine becoming a priest. "The boarding school time was very formative. It was then that I realized that I could be happy without my parents. I wasn't homesick." Later, the youngest of five siblings transferred to the grammar school: "I never had any inhibitions about saying anything - not even to the teacher. I had a certain self-confidence relatively early on. My classmates recognized this and elected me class president."

But Robert Betz was not a class clown. In an interview he says: "I have the Rhineland humour and love to laugh. Even as a child I liked to celebrate with my family." His family shaped him, but as the youngest in the group he wanted to do many things differently from his older siblings: "I always travelled the world. Hamburg, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Munich, Lindau, Lake Constance ... It was fun." Robert Betz decided early on not to have children of his own: "I had myself sterilised at the age of 25 and did it deliberately. That was at the time when progressive men were having themselves sterilised. I think it all influenced that I went a different way."

Robert Betz about early childhood strategies

But let us look back on his childhood. In his seminars Robert Betz talks about how children develop strategies at an early age: "The basic need of every child is the need or the search for maximum attention. You can call it love, appreciation, recognition or praise - every child needs attention."

Parents can give this attention to their children to a greater or lesser extent. Robert Betz: "A child wants emotional security, physical touch, mental interest - and of course children are financially dependent. So in order to be physically and socially viable, the child needs feedback. It wants to be seen, acknowledged and confirmed."

What strategy did Robert Betz develop as a child? In an interview he tells us: "First of all, be good, nice and pious. That was my world in the Catholic Church. Besides, I went for performance. These are the main strategies that everyone develops. Be good, be kind, be quiet, be easy to care for, help parents and earn recognition. It makes you feel you have a right to be there."

Study and semester break

Robert Betz studied psychology in Hamburg: "I studied social pedagogy in my pre-degree studies and did a lot of political and social work. Afterwards that changed, because I wanted to get a decent degree." In the semester break he prepared seminars for his professor: "Those were great seminars, which I also co-led." School representative, apprentice representative, student council - Robert Betz was always very active and committed.

Job and career

Despite his studies, Robert Betz never practiced psychology after graduation. Instead, he went into business early on: "That was a very conscious decision. I had the best diploma, but my gut said no. To this day, the state of psychology is not such that it can help with normal things." Despite a job at a university hospital that he had in mind after his studies, he decided to work for a PR agency: "As a young person you first want to explore what you are made of. And then you look for something fun. I couldn't imagine anything as boring as a job at the university hospital.

So Robert Betz went to a PR agency. He quickly became very successful in the field of communication and a few years later he was head of the European marketing department of a large corporation. What made him so successful back then? In an interview he reveals: "I was able to bring in my various talents and made sure that everyone was happy. It was always very important to me that everyone was happy."

Today, Robert Betz still attaches great importance to the quality of his seminars. He is only satisfied when the participants are enthusiastic - not only about the content, but also about the surroundings: "This is important to me! If people want to do something for themselves, then the whole ambience must be right.

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