Safari of life: A read full of life wisdom

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Safari of life: A read full of life wisdom

Are you looking for a book that not only entertains you but also makes you think? Then we have an exclusive reading tip for you: Do you already know the novel "Safari of Life" by John Strelecky?

Bestselling American author John P. Strelecky's novels combine reading pleasure and humorously conveyed Wisdoms of life. He is the inventor of the "Big Five for Life" concept. The latter plays a decisive role in the "Safari of Life".

Safari of a lifetime by John Strelecky

Before we turn to the content, let's first look at the key data: The short novel "Safari of Life" by John Strelecky comprises 158 pages and was published by dtv. It is now in its fourth edition.

The story is about a young man named Jack who travels to Africa to fulfill his greatest dream: He wants to see all African animals. On his journey he is accompanied by the wise Ma Ma Gombe. The latter is already very old, which is why Jack initially doubts her qualities as a guide. The two set off on foot.

On their journey, Ma Ma Gombe teaches Jack everything he needs to know about African flora and fauna and about the climate. Together, the two protagonists have to survive all kinds of adventures. The focus of the novel is the realization about the so-called "Big Five for Life": Jack recognizes what is really important to him in life.

safari of life john strelecky

You can find great ideas in the book "Safari of Life".

The "Safari of Life" is not just an entertainment novel, but deals with the meaning of life apart. John Strelecky's protagonist addresses the following six questions:

  1. Why am I here?
  2. What are my "Big Five for Life?"
  3. Like accustom I'm tired of asking "how" all the time?
  4. Living in the here and now - how do I manage that?
  5. How do I deal with situations that turn out differently than I had hoped?
  6. How can I learn from my mistakes without judging or giving up on myself?

In the following, we will look in detail at how John Strelecky answers these questions in his novel:

1. why am I here?

Have you ever asked yourself why you are where you are? What life circumstances have led you to this place? What choices did you make to get there? In hindsight, were they good choices or would you want to change something?

The novel "Safari of Life" encourages its readers to turn their gaze inward: What is the purpose of your existence?

2. What are my "Big Five for Life?"

The question of the meaning of life runs like a thread through all the works of John Strelecky. The "Big Five for Life" concept is based on the idea that everyone should fulfill five big wishes before they die: What are your dreams? What would you like to do if you had unlimited possibilities? This is only about your wishes - independent of the opinion of others.

3. can I get out of the habit of asking "how" all the time?

The difficulty in fulfilling one's desires, according to Streckely, is that we humans too often ask "how." The protagonist Jack is also confronted with this difficulty: How I reach this or that goal? How do I get there?

However, it would be much more purposeful to ask you, who has already achieved your goals: Who could support you? In Jack's case, it is Ma Ma Gombe.

I would like to live in the here and now! How do I manage that?

If you constantly worry about the future, you forget to live in the here and now. Rationally speaking, you are certainly aware of this fact. Yet many people find it difficult to live in the present. Ma Ma Gombe says to Jack that there is no future. Because when the future arrives, it is already the present.

What you should learn from this? Enjoy your life now rather than preparing to enjoy it one day.

5. how do I deal with situations that turn out differently than I had hoped?

On his safari, young Jack is determined to see lions. However, he ends up getting much closer to them than he had hoped... Instead of being afraid, you should accept life's gifts as they happen. Everything can't always go according to a preconceived plan: Stay open to adventure! Often you will experience something much better than originally planned.

6. learning from my mistakes - how do I do this without judging myself or giving up?

Animals do not grieve when they fail at hunting or catch an inedible fruit. They learn from their mistakes and do things differently next time. Only humans are sorry for their failures. Ma Ma Gombe gives this wisdom to young Jack. Take this advice to heart as well: Mistakes are useful to ultimately point you in the direction of happiness.

The 5 most beautiful quotes from "Safari of Life

The book "Safari of Life" has numerous passages that make you think. Many a reader has found inspiration along the way as well as Motivation for your own path in life. For this reason, we have compiled a selection of the most beautiful and meaningful quotes for you:

"There is a place in our soul where we keep our greatest desires. These desires are our Life goals, our Big Five for Life."

Safari of Life, John Strelecky, page 5

"With every step forward we get stronger, and we get weaker if we don't move at all."

Safari of Life, John Strelecky, page 50

"Instead of asking, 'How do I succeed in getting from where I am right now to where I want to be?' you ask yourself, 'Who has already achieved these goals?' And then you find out what that who has done, and you emulate it."

Safari of Life, John Strelecky, page 63

"The way we spend our lives, the way we exist, our environment, what we do every day, young Jack, all of it is as we choose it to be. Anything can be our reality - once we just open our minds to it and realize it's just as real and just as much a possibility as anything else."

Safari of Life, John Strelecky, page 86

"And I showed them that the world is full of possibilities. Most people learn to suppress their dreams because they don't know exactly how to make them happen. I taught my kids to pursue their dreams with confidence - to tell the world what they wanted to do, and that those dreams were part of their Big Five for Life."

Safari of Life, John Strelecky, page 102

Conclusion to the "Book Safari of Life" by John Strelecky

The book "Safari of Life" by John Strelecky is an entertaining read. Divided into pleasantly short chapters, it not only has entertainment potential, but also gives its readers all kinds of wisdom along the way, without seeming to lecture. We highly recommend this book.

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