Self-efficacy - how to know yourself better

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Self-efficacy - how to know yourself better

Believing in your own inner strength helps you in many situations: Self-efficacy is an important key to this. Confidence in your individual abilities, a forward-looking view, the ability to overcome difficult challenges - all of these are closely linked. For good resilience, you need a correspondingly strong self-efficacy.

But what does self-efficacy even mean? Just as Self-confidence and self-esteem, it is influenced by many factors. The good news is that you can train your self-efficacy. With support in self-knowledge and targeted exercises, you will succeed in strengthening yourself from the inside out.

What is self-efficacy?

In the 1960s, the US American psychologist Albert Bandura introduced intensive studies on self-efficacy through. He coined the term and is also responsible for the definition of self-efficacy.

Self-efficacy according to Bandura refers to the personal belief that one can overcome certain challenges on one's own. He conducted numerous experiments to determine how human behaviors and thought patterns can be influenced. He found that most people only act when they believe that the planned action will be successful.

For Bandura, self-efficacy is the point at which one's belief leads to action. The English term self-efficacy beliefs also includes the belief that is important for a positive attitude. This plays an essential role on your path to a successful future. With the necessary conviction and inner traction you can move forward, over obstacles and stumbling blocks.

The self-efficacy expectation - do you believe in yourself?

One's thoughts and inner attitude have a great influence on one's actions and therefore on one's individual success. But when you act self-effectively, it's not just about inner encouragement. You can tell yourself that you can do a certain task - but for the necessary inner strength you also need the belief in it.

How good your chances of success are depends, among other things, on your personal character and previous experiences. If your self-efficacy expectation is positive, you will gladly accept a challenge. If your self-efficacy conviction is lacking, on the other hand, you prefer to hold back.

Bandura's self-efficacy principle can be used for a variety of purposes. In particular, it leads to demonstrable progress in the following areas:

  • In health prevention, self-efficacy helps in withdrawal from alcohol and nicotine.
  • Psychotherapy can be used to combat anxiety and other problems.
  • In sports, a targeted increase in performance is possible.

(Source: Self-efficacy - Encyclopedia of psychology)

Why is it worthwhile to strengthen self-efficacy?

After a sense of achievement, you feel strong - and thus influence your further path. The positive effect cannot be overlooked. With more courage and belief in yourself, you will not shy away from bigger problems. If something does not work out optimally, you are not immediately frustrated if you have already had enough good experiences through self-effective action.

Besides the professional success and good stamina, you benefit from the good feeling that your inner strength gives you. You determine your own decisions and don't let yourself be irritated by setbacks. This reduces your fears, which are irrational anyway when you take a closer look.

Promoting self-efficacy - this is how you get ahead

There are various ways to strengthen self-efficacy. The focus is on one's own experiences, but role models can also help. A good social network is also important. In addition, you should be mindful of yourself and examine your own emotions. In the best case, intuition and Self-control the scales.

1. positive, personal experiences are particularly important if you want to achieve one's aim want. If you have already implemented several projects, you can look back on a certain wealth of experience. The more projects you complete, the easier it will be for you to tackle the next task. With a positive attitude and a realistic goal, you have the tools you need. Overcoming a big challenge makes you especially proud, but you shouldn't expect too much of yourself.

2. with role models you can learn as a model: here you can see how other people come to the achieve success. This can be a colleague or another idol that you emulate. For a strong identification you should choose a role model who is similar to you - or a comparable situation. This increases the learning effect.

3. the encouragement of your family and friends. The social support can become a driving force and strengthens your own Motivation. However, the goal should be realistic and fit your ambitions, otherwise the apparent path of success will lead to a negative experience.

If you keep an eye on the physical signals, you can react quickly if necessary. Shaking hands before an exam, an increased pulse even before the race - these can be signs of overload. However, your body needs sufficient resources for the various tasks. That is why it may be necessary to Control emotions.

Strengthening self-efficacy - this is how you get ahead

Self-efficacy, mindfulness and Resilience - these qualities make you less vulnerable to daily stress. At the same time, they strengthen you for difficult tasks, be it in your professional life or in your private life. You stay calm and are not immediately frustrated by minor setbacks.

The Self-efficacy pyramid stands on a broad basis that is made up of several building blocks. When all the pieces fit together tightly, you have a stable foundation for your progress - and for the self-efficacy you seek.

The first, lowest element is self-knowledge, on which Self-acceptance and love for yourself. When you know yourself, accept yourself and love yourself, your Self-confidence. This in turn has an effect on self-confidence - and leads to the peak of self-efficacy. It includes the statement that you yourself can make a difference, not only for yourself, but also for those around you.

4 self-efficacy exercises that empower you

For the inner strengthening of self-efficacy, there are targeted exercises that are oriented towards the basic contexts. Are you ready to work on yourself? With this, you have already created an important prerequisite to improve your Changing lives. The following four exercises will show you how to get ahead with self-confident and thoughtful action.

  1. Learn know your strengths. What skills do you have? What successes have you had so far? Write down your positive experiences and make yourself aware of your skills.
  2. Based on your skill list, you will create certain goals for you. Here it is important to assess your strengths correctly. A certain challenge promotes motivation, so you should not make it too easy for yourself. But it shouldn't be too difficult either - it might make sense to divide the project into several steps. Once you've reached a milestone, you'll enjoy your first sense of accomplishment and move on with enthusiasm.
  3. An Confidential can help you to act self-efficaciously. Such an undertaking works particularly well if your companion is already at an advanced level of self-efficacy. The counselling support is correspondingly effective. The feedback of another person helps you with your own self-knowledge and also gives you courage.
  4. If you have a Success achieved you reaffirm to yourself that you are good. This self-conditioning strengthens your positive feelings. Of course, it only works with the progress you have actually made. Self-praise has an uplifting effect and is not only allowed here, but even recommended.
Beliefs, hurdles and goals

Beliefs, hurdles and goals - typical companions in personality development

The exercises for more self-efficacy help you to cope with setbacks. You have to practice perseverance. Ingrained Habits can't be discarded right away - even if you know they're harmful. Old Beliefs make it hard for you to believe in your new inner strength or to strengthen your inner child.

It is important that you keep an eye on your goals and don't give up too soon. You may have set some dreams too high, in which case you may of course adjust them. Here it is important to find the right balance between self-assessment and Self-motivation on.

After overcoming negative beliefs ("I am too weak/stupid/undisciplined for this") you will find it easier to overcome the obstacles and show willingness to conflict. Up close and without Fear the big problem turns into a task that you can solve in a targeted manner. This approach not only changes your professional perspectives, but also has an impact on your private environment.

Learn who you are - the first step to more self-efficacy

Our free personality test helps you to get to know yourself. Through the questions and answers, you learn more about your own priorities. The subsequent assessment gives you a better understanding of your personal behavior patterns. On the one hand you can see your strengths, on the other hand you can see where you need to improve. Potential not yet fully utilized.

Self-awareness and personal development are based on complex psychological relationships. Through the personality test you will discover your own character traits clearly aware. This is enormously important to work on your self-effective behavior. With the knowledge of your own priorities and strengths, you can improve your Life self-determined design.

The result of the Greator personality test is yours alone. What are you going to do with it? At Greator we show you experienced coacheswhat is possible and how you can make the best use of your abilities and strengths. Especially at the beginning there can often be setbacks - all the more important is a professional and empathetic support.

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