Stress management: 10 tips for more relaxation in business

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Stress management: 10 tips for more relaxation in business

The world of work demands a lot from us and many professionals complain about enormous Stress at work: emails here, meetings there, the to-do list grows and then there's the phone that rings every minute. That can be quite stressful. But if you want to convince your boss and climb the career ladder, you sometimes have to push yourself to the limit - or far beyond. The only thing that helps now is good stress management. We have created 10 tips for you on how to bring more relaxation into your business. 

For the self-employed, things are a little different: Although self-employed people generally don't have bosses who dictate their workload or certain deadlines, they do bear full responsibility for themselves and possibly for their employees. Holidays and sick days mean that no turnover can be generated. So sole traders in particular are constantly on the go and can't afford any unplanned downtime. This causes a lot of pressure, Stress and at worst even leads to burnout.

Stress management for the self-employed

But there is another way. If you're feeling up to it, you should start making your world a little more stress-free sooner rather than later. All you need is good stress management and our 10 tips for more relaxation in business. And relaxing in this case doesn't mean you should go about your business with less drive or stamina. But it does mean that you should create more space for yourself, optimize processes or question your beliefs. But read for yourself! Here are our top 10 tips:

1. important in stress management: recognize stress as such

Since you've read this far, you've already taken an important step. You've realized that you often overwhelmed and that stress is neither good for you personally nor for your business in the long run. This puts you way ahead of many sufferers who don't want to admit to themselves that they're stressed. Instead, they tell themselves they can't work without pressure or perform better when the bar is set high. That may be true, but constant stress can turn into the opposite at any time and become a threat to your existence. Therefore, recognize stress as such and actively choose to fight it and practice good stress management.

2. identify the causes

Find out what exactly is stressing you out. Is your workload too high? Standing Money worries in the foreground? Do you have too few customers? Too many? The wrong ones? Perhaps you lack order and structure or are simply not getting on with certain challenges? In any case, you can only overcome stress and work in a more relaxed manner if you are aware of the root of the problem. So find out what is stressing you out and then tackle it head on.

3. stress management: optimize external circumstances

As long as the causes do not originate from within yourself, i.e. they are not doubts, worries or fears, you can take consistent action against them. The noise level at your workplace is too high? Then find a place to work that is quieter. The chaos on your desk annoys you? Then tidy it up. Many small tasks rob you of precious energy? Then maybe it's time for your first co-workers. Whatever it is that's holding you back: Eliminate all external circumstances that cause unnecessary stress.

4. change your attitude

Yours Beliefs form your reality. If you're convinced that the only thing be successful If you work without end, you can. However, if you adopt a success mindset that makes room for a healthy Work-life balance then you can be just as successful - or even more successful - despite less stress. Work on your attitude and remember that life is not only about business, but has so much more to offer.

5. set a clear focus

Doing a few tasks here, a bit of canvassing there and a bit of bookkeeping there - if you get it all mixed up, it can only end in chaos. And chaos causes stress. Instead, prioritize, schedule, and create structure. You'll see that a clear focus will make you much more relaxed in your workday.

6. stress management: do not be constantly available

Being constantly reachable is part of good manners these days. And yet, in the long run, it can be quite grueling. After all, you can't be permanently available for your customers and business partners, but you can also have a private life that takes place far away from your self-employment. Introduce business hours and turn off your smartphone outside of these times. Being offline is a luxury you should allow yourself on a regular basis.

7. compare yourself less

Do you feel like all the self-employed people around you are more productive or even successful than you are? No wonder, because entrepreneurship seems to be all the rage on social media right now. However, not all that glitters is gold. If comparisons with competitors or rivals don't do you any good, then stop doing it. Keep an eye on the market, but don't stress yourself out by constantly comparing yourself to others.

8. get support

If you're in over your head with the huge mountain of tasks, then it should definitely be a goal of your stress management to enlist support. Whether that comes in the form of a tax advisor or a part-time employee is up to you. In this magazine article you will learn everything about the topic "Self-organisation: Why you need to hand over tasks".

9. Schedule breaks

This doesn't mean coffee breaks, but weekends, holidays and vacations. Even if you love your business, you need time off every now and then to recharge your batteries so that you can get back to being productive. Schedule breaks just as you schedule appointments, meetings, and assignments. By doing so, you prove to yourself that they are non-negotiable and that you should stick to them in order to reduce your stress in the long run.

10. stress management: make yourself aware of the consequences

Time for some straight talk: When stress gets the better of you and you need a Burnout your business comes to a standstill. These words are not meant to scare you, but to show you how important rest and recovery periods are. To ensure that the worst-case scenario never happens, you need to work day in, day out to keep your Reduce stress. We are sure that our 10 tips for more relaxation in business are guaranteed to help you with stress management. Now it's your turn - have fun making it happen.

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