Tina Reimer: "Do what your heart won't let go of."

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Have you ever made decisions with your head, even though your heart and gut instinct wanted something completely different? And do you know how good it feels when you make decisions from the heart and then follow them? Speaker and coach Tina Reimer can tell you a thing or two about it. She shares, "I haven't always consistently listened to my heart. Music was always an important part of my life and I even wanted to study music. But my head was louder than my heart; after all, you can't earn money with music."

Her second great passion has been travelling since her early childhood. Tina Reimer reveals: "I got the wanderlust virus from my mother at an early age. It was clear to me that I wanted to see the world, travel to faraway countries and get to know other cultures." At the age of 17, she met the love of her life, her now husband. Two years later came her career choice. Tina Reimer: "I wanted to choose between my two passions, i.e. music and travelling. And because the head was too loud when it came to music, I decided to travel."

Tina Reimer in a roundabout way

No sooner said than done. Tina Reimer trained as a hotel manager and was convinced that with this training she could work from anywhere and thus discover the world. In the lecture, she explains: "The plan sounded logical at the time. However, I didn't enjoy the training and afterwards I knew it wasn't mine after all." She switched to events and worked as an event manager for 17 years. Looking back, she notes, "The job demanded a lot from me and was very demanding. And as time went on, it took more and more out of me."

I became more and more empty and suffered physical discomfort.

Tina Reimer

Her unfulfilled heart's desire was to travel the world with her husband. And so she got into a kind of downward spiral that got worse year after year. Today Tina Reimer knows: "Our mind is often a nasty advisor. I couldn't sleep through the night anymore and got gastrointestinal problems. My head couldn't find a solution to this huge longing. I became more and more empty and suffered physical discomfort."

Tina Reimer: How she got her Heart turned upside down

But then there it was, the day that was to change everything. Tina Reimer: "Suddenly I knew that it was now time to listen to my heart. And since then I wish that everyone would pay more attention to this voice again. Because in your heart lie your true wishes and desires. You may trust your heart, for it will not leave you alone. Our desires and dreams will not leave us alone. No matter how many times we try to solve them with our heads or put them back in their drawers - they still won't leave us alone."

So you have to follow your heart's desires. But what qualities do you need for that? What can you do to push aside your fears, worries and doubts? How do people who consistently follow their hearts go about it? And why do other people distance themselves so much from themselves that they become sick and unhappy become? Tina Reimer: "I believe we all have a mission on this earth. And that is to be happy, to infect others, and to make the world a better place."

Tina Reimer: "The 4 pillars of health for a fulfilled life"

In her presentation, Tina Reimer identifies the four pillars for a healthy, fulfilled life. They are: Nutrition, exercise, Relaxation and joy. But while the first three points are clear, the fourth is often not considered in connection with health. Yet it is perhaps the most important. Tina Reimer: "We can go to the gym, meditate, or eat healthy every day. If we don't make it fun, we might as well not do it." How much joy do you have in your everyday life? Would there be room for more? The expert's clear appeal is, "Make joy your lodestar!"

Bag of courage & confidence

We all have issues in our minds that we can't let go of and that we are constantly Brooding come. These can be conflict talks, for example, or the job change that you can't get out of your head. Everyone has at least one of these thoughts in their head. How can you break through these thoughts and follow your heart? What do you need to trust your inner voice more?

Tina Reimer: "For one thing, you need courage and confidence. If we pack these two aspects into our bag, we already make our fear a little smaller. And with our bag packed full, we now set off into the rooms of possibilities. On that day I understood that I can live my life in a different way than I thought before. You see, I can make money doing what I do even when I travel. I can combine what I envision in my life: being location independent and on the road, and making money doing what I love."

Hand in hand with the mind

And so can you! What could your life be like if you were doing something you loved? Something you'd much rather be doing than what you're doing right now? Just because you may not currently see an opportunity doesn't mean it doesn't exist. At the same time, you need an encouraging environment that supports and celebrates you. An environment that paves the way for you and strengthens you instead of making you doubt and keeping you down.

Tina Reimer: "What do your heart and soul need? What can you use to charge your personal batteries to the top? What fills your heart? If you find out the answers and manage to have your heart filled, then you can also infect others. Life is not about making others happy. It's about you. Because when your heart is strong, it can go hand in hand with your mind and carry others along too."

Do what your heart won't let go of

So dare, go for the one thing that won't let you go. Have the courage to stop hiding it in a drawer! Tina Reimer: "What can you concretely do tomorrow to get one step closer to this longing? Is it a phone call, an email, a resignation, a clarifying conversation or booking a ticket? What can you do tomorrow, specifically, to really make that one thing that won't let go of you anyway happen?"

Find out and make a promise to yourself to bring this thing to life. Pay new attention to your inner voice and do what your heart won't let go of, so that you can shine and inspire others with this positive energy you can infect. Because if everyone follows this path, the world will quickly become an even more colorful place. We hope you enjoy it very much.

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