Tobias Beck: Improve your life with gratitude lists

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Tobias Beck: Improve your life with gratitude lists

Have you read the first article and are ready to "unbox" your life? Perfect, then you've come to the right place! Continue with important key insights from Tobias Beck's book, "Unbox your Life." and with practical tips and tricks for your personal development. The coach tells you, for example, how you can improve your life with gratitude lists!

Imagine you are on the right track. But suddenly there are setbacks. How do you deal with that? Tobias Beck says: "We live on an adventure planet, not a planet of happiness. Setbacks are tests. Plan them into your life. Be sure they will come."

That sounds a bit threatening. But it's not, when you know that most problems are relatively easy to put into perspective: "Most of the situations we're afraid of never happen. What's more, our brains inflate worry."

Tobias Beck: "Create Your Own Gratitude List."

It's important that you don't stop developing your personality in moments of failure and setbacks: "This is exactly when you need to get up and get a kick in the butt from the outside to get back on track," advises Tobias Beck. Kick from the outside? Exactly, because motivational input makes itself felt directly. Right now you should network with like-minded people or get inspired Talks, such as the GEDANKENtanken speaker nights, visit.

An insider tip from Tobias Beck are also Gratitude Lists: "I have written down everything I am grateful for. In bad moments, I bring it to mind. All of a sudden, the things I think I've taken backwards suddenly become much smaller." Now it's your turn: write down 100 things you're grateful for. These can be things that you take for granted - but not for everyone.

Tobias Beck describes the procedure in more detail: "You have to look with a magnifying glass into all areas of life and find out what you can be grateful for. Change your perspective! At the latest at point 25 or 30 you will start to cry, because you realize how ungrateful you have been so far, although there is already so much beauty."

Tobias Beck: "Control your emotions and visions".

Also, it's important to understand that you are responsible for your emotions! It's up to you to feel good about yourself and when you feel bad Feelings to switch. Tobias Beck: "Turn grief into anger. This in turn turns into power. That's how you can move mountains!" Above all, stop feeling sorry for yourself. Don't take things too seriously and don't define yourself by your problems. Be grateful for what is there.

Another tip from a pro: Find a mentor! This can be a coach, for example, or someone from your private environment who gives you advice from time to time. It also helps to make it clear to yourself that you are different from others. Tobias Beck: "You may have different, bigger visions than those around you. Living this uniqueness is quite exhausting because you always meet resistance."

Whether on the job market, in your circle of acquaintances or friends - uniqueness is not easy, but still worth striving for. Understand that you don't have to ask anyone for permission. Tobias Beck: "Nobody will give you permission. Just do it instead of talking! Tear down your self-constructed walls! That's personal development."


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