What is spirituality? Welcome to the spiritual world!

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What is spirituality? Welcome to the spiritual world!

Tarot cards lay, coffee grounds read and crystal balls interpret: Spirituality still stands in the minds of many people for magic and hocus-pocus. But the spiritual world has nothing to do with superstition, esotericism and oracles. On the contrary, it is based on quantum physics and can be scientifically proven. So you don't have to convert to occultism or conjure up mystical beings, you just have to open yourself up to something new. Speaker, trainer and author Bahar Yilmaz is even firmly convinced that personality development cannot succeed without spirituality.

She reveals, "We are living in an era of spiritual revolution!" We too firmly believe that the inner and outer worlds absolutely belong together. And precisely because that's the case, in this magazine article we'll tell you what spirituality means, why it enriches your life, and why you don't need a crystal ball to access the spiritual world. All you need is a little curiosity and a few minutes to read this article. Are you ready to embark on a new adventure on the path to your best self? Well, go for it!

What is spirituality?

Defining spirituality is not so easy. For how could one explain in a few words a term that stands for something inconceivably great and complex? Nevertheless, we would like to give it a try: Spirituality enables us to get in touch with a deeper dimension of our consciousness. Through the connection to the spiritual world we become one with the universe and develop an understanding of our inconceivable creative power. So spirituality helps us to explore a deeper dimension of our existence.

While we are always reaching our limits in the outer world, the inner world is infinite and full of possibilities. That is why it is such an important part of personal growth. Personal development can therefore only unfold its full potential if we go beyond the limits of our own mind. Because the human mind is limited. Spirituality helps us to expand our consciousness and to connect to a new, holistic level of consciousness.

Learn more about your life mission

You may, of course, answer this question all to yourself. But allow us to ask a counter question: Why should something that is so perfect and answers the great questions of existence not enrich your life? Perhaps you yourself have experienced situations in which you have unconsciously created a connection to the spiritual world. Situations where you couldn't actually perceive anything with your human senses - and yet you had this feeling that somehow there could be more there. Wouldn't it be incredibly enriching to follow this feeling and learn more about yourself, your existence and your purpose in life on this world?

Spirituality helps you find out where you came from, where you are going, and what you can learn in the meantime as a human being in this life. So it's a wonderful way to unlock your full potential. But spirituality can do much more: it is incredibly comforting. Because thanks to it, you understand that all the suffering and pain you may have experienced makes sense. You understand connections and recognize the big picture. The answers are already there. And it is precisely this realization that awakens new Hope and encourages you to live your best life in the here and now!

First steps into spirituality

Phew, that all sounds rather theoretical and not very suitable for everyday life? Don't worry, the first steps into the spiritual world are easier than you think. You've probably already been there many times - for example, just before falling asleep or during a breathing exercise. These situations resemble a little bit the Hypnosis and give our consciousness more space to unfold. Your further journey into spirituality is about letting your body and mind flow independently of your mind. Meditations are particularly valuable for this. If you like, you can also start with yoga or breathing techniques.

So it's not difficult to find an approach. The only prerequisite is: You have to really want it. You have to be willing to believe in a greater power that you can't currently see, smell, hear, or feel. You can only feel it. And that's what it's all about: spirituality is realizing that you are more than your body, your thoughts, or your earthly existence. You are a part of the universe and imperishable! You are here to learn, to laugh, to love and to live your life. earthly happiness find it. And that only works by connecting the inner and outer world. 

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